Twitter Followers For Less Than A Cent Each!

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Looking to buy Twitter followers for less than a cent each? You can do it right here on Professional Social Promotion.

The Twitter followers come from Twiends, and if I’m not doing it myself, I’m outsourcing it to a trusted friend.

The process involves following about 2,000 people on Twiends over a few days, and then afterwards, getting rid of those you are following who aren’t following back using Tweepi.

This takes about two or three hours, and it costs ten US dollars. I am working from Australia, and so for me, that’s working for about a fifth of the minimum wage, but I can afford to do it because it’s not my primary source of income.

You may possibly find someone in India who can do it for less, but this is a lot better than the price most people sell Twitter followers for.

On Twiends, they charge you about five times as much for the same amount of seeds required to get over a thousand Twitter followers.

How To Buy One Cent Twitter Followers

It’s quite simple to place an order, you go to the payment page, which is called Get Twitter Followers Cheap, pay the ten dollars through the PayPal button, and then send me an email at with your username and password so I can log in to Twiends.

You may want to join first, and set up your account with the right country, who you offer seeds to, and verify your email address.

Please do that through my referral link, (shown above), as this will get me a few followers on my account.

That’s pretty much it, I’m offering to work for peanuts, and get you Twitter followers for less than a cent each, which will almost surely give you a return on investment if your site has some sort of appeal to regular people.

Less than a cent each to buy Twitter followers.

Buy Cheap Twitter Followers

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It’s really easy to buy cheap Twitter followers, you just click on the link I just gave you, which will take you to the payment page, where you can buy Twitter followers for one cent each, or less.

I am selling 1,000 followers for ten dollars, but that’s a minimum, which I will probably go over, so you’re paying less than a cent per Twitter follower on your account, which is less than you will pay on any big social media marketing site.

All you have to do is give me your log-in details, (username and password), by sending me a message at and pay the ten dollars through the PayPal button, and I will get that done for you in about ten days.

Is it a good idea to to buy Twitter followers? Well, put it this way, if you spend two hundred bucks, you can have as many as I have, or more, and I get hundreds of unique views a day to this site from Twitter, and am making a sale of ten dollars or more once every couple of days, and I’ve only been doing it about six months.

The best place to buy cheap Twitter followers is right here.








How Do I Get The Twitter Followers So Cheap?

This is probably the cheapest price you will find for Twitter followers anywhere online, and it’s a fair question to ask, why I’m offering this amazing deal.

The followers come from Twiends, it takes about five hours to follow enough people there to get the amount of seeds required to get one thousand followers.

Also, the people who aren’t following back will be un-followed using Tweepi, or at least enough to finish the order.

I do this at such a low price because I just like clicking a button on my iPad while I watch TV, so it’s not really that much of a hard job for me to do, and if I need to, I know a reliable person to outsource some of the work to.

You don’t have to worry about my tweets showing up on your account, but if you are, you can change the password before you give it to me, and then change it back afterwards.

I would suggest you get these cheap Twitter followers now, before I decide to put the price up, or before I get so swamped with orders, I have to take down the page. This is the best price you will find anywhere online, believe me.

Really cheap Twitter followers for sale.


How To Get Thousands of Twitter Followers Quickly

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How to get thousands of Twitter followersThis post will teach you how to get thousands of Twitter followers quickly. I will be explaining how you can do it for free, and also how you can get Twitter followers cheap.

To save time, just click on that link, and buy them from as low as one cent each right now. Pay ten dollars, and get 1,000 Twitter followers guaranteed on a new account, a bit more if you’ve already got your first thousand.

Otherwise, you might want to know how I will get them, and what your ten dollars is buying you.

I get almost all of my thousands of Twitter followers from Twiends. I also use a couple of other big social swapping sites to add a few slightly lower quality cheap Twitter followers to help the numbers so I can click the button on Twiends for longer without un-following anyone.

Anyway, it’s a pretty simple process, you log in with your Twitter username and password, (which I will ask you for to do the order), and start following people, or buy points which I would suggest you do as well.

Twitter have started cracking down on people following and un-following in large numbers, and if you don’t know the limits, you will get your account suspended in less than an hour.

It takes about ten or fifteen minutes to get enough seeds to get maybe two hundred followers, and then you have to leave it until the next day to follow more, as you don’t want to risk getting your Twitter account suspended by being too aggressive, and that’s just one of the ways you could screw up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The next day, you do the same thing, although if you have reached your limit of the amount of people you can follow, you will have to un-follow people using a tool like Tweepi.

Buy Thousands of Twitter Followers Cheap

So anyway, you can see that it takes around two or three hours of work to get one thousand Twitter followers using Twiends and un-following using Tweepi, even when adding cheap followers through other similar sites, and that costs me money.

You can pay for seeds on the site, but that costs about two cents per seed, and you need at least two seeds to get a follower, so if you buy your Twitter followers here, you get them for about the same price as you would paying for seeds, but you don’t have to do any work at all, except tweeting, which I can also be paid to do for you.

A thousand followers should be delivered within a month, and there is no real limit on the amount you can buy, but if you want things to move quickly, it’s best if you give me about five hundred dollars so I can buy the largest amount of points.

Then, I’ll manage the following for you, clicking the button over and over again to earn the extra points needed to get a bit over 10,000 followers.

I say that I can get you followers for less than five cents each in other posts, which I sometimes can, but I don’t want to under-deliver on my promise.

My email is, and that’s the same as my Pay Pal email address, which you can use to send payments of large amounts at the one time.

You also need to contact me via that email address to give me the username and password of your Twitter account, so I can log into the social swapping sites via Twitter.

There’s no risk, or the risk is that you might get suspended if I follow more than the allowed amount in a day which very rarely happens, but there is an easy way to fix that.

If for some reason you do find that your account is suspended, fill out the appeal form with a simple message saying you’re sorry you made a mistake, you won’t do it again.

Then, they will send you an email, reply to that email to prove you’re human, and 99% of the time, they will give you your account back.

Get In Contact

That’s how you get thousands of Twitter followers quickly, take a look around the site for more great tips, and get in touch to talk to me about the best way to promote your site through social media, SEO, or paid advertising.

I have four years solid experience in all aspects of internet marketing, and I can help you with pretty much everything, not just social media marketing, and not just Twitter followers.

Check out the contact page for details on how to contact me, and a handy contact form with a captcha plugin, I’m sure you can work it out.

Buy Twitter Followers For One Cent Each!

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You can buy Twitter followers right here on Professional Social Promotion for only one cent each! The followers come from Twiends, You Like Hits, and sites like that.

You simply go to the payment page, which is Get Twitter Followers Cheap, pay the ten dollars through the Buy Now PayPal button, and send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion with your Twitter log-in details.

If you are following too many people, I may need to un-follow some of the people you are following using Tweepi, so there is about the same number of people following you as you are following.

To get one thousand Twitter followers takes hours (and days), like this, and you would have to pay around four times as much to pay for that amount of seeds on Twiends, so it’s probably the best value you will get on any social media marketing site.

Buying Twitter followers is easy, and it works.








Is It Good To Buy Twitter Followers?

I recently saw a post by someone who suggested that it was not a good idea to buy Twitter followers, as they were just business people looking to promote their own sites, and were just following in exchange for a follow back.

In response I say that 99.99% of people on Twitter are not all that interested in following your tweets, unless you are a celebrity.

If you have a niche with a fairly widespread appeal to the general population, then some of the random bought followers will click on your message.

I get over two hundred unique views a day to this site from my tens of thousands of followers, and I have made more than a handful of sales so far, and it’s still early days.

Buying followers simply lets you get the volume you need so that you find the people who are looking at their dashboard, and are interested enough to buy.

It might be one in a hundred, or one in a thousand of the Twitter followers you buy that become a customer, but there’s a good chance they may become a repeat customer, as you can keep sending out tweets to them.

So buy Twitter followers for one cent each here on Professional Social Promotion, by visiting the payment page: Get Twitter Followers Cheap.

Get cheap Twitter followers right here.