Traffic From Social Sites

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How to Get Traffic From Social Sites

Most of the traffic I have gotten on this site has come from social sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and maybe Facebook, (a little).

Google has not sent me nearly as much traffic as I would have liked, although I guess you have to expect that with a site that’s less than a couple of months old.

I’m going to have to publish a lot of posts like this one before I get on the first page of Google for a number of specific searches.

Let me just go through the traffic stats on Professional Social Promotion for the first month, so you can see what I mean.

The actual amount of hits is 19,779, with 2,196 unique visitors. I have built it up to around 200 unique visitors a day mostly from Twitter, so long as I make sure I’m tweeting a lot.

It’s important to change the messages you tweet every now and then if you want to get more hits from the same people again.

So this isn’t the exact numbers, as my Counterize plugin isn’t very good at giving referrer stats, but I’ll give you some statistics of the sites that have given me a lot of traffic.

This post goes over the traffic statistics on my site, and which sites they came from, including ones that you probably have never heard of.










Traffic Statistics on my Site

The largest referrer according to the inaccurate Counterize traffic statistics is Social Whale. I never submitted anything to the site, but they like to show which sites are getting tweeted a lot. I got 153 hits from them.

The next one is Twitter, and it says 105, but the actual number is closer to 15,000 actual hits. is the next one, and it says I have gotten 97 hits from them, I don’t know if that’s a URL shortener I’ve used, or if it keeps track of clicks on shortened URLs.

Next is a StumbleUpon link, a long one, probably from when I bought ten bucks worth of hits from StumbleUpon Ads. That one says 84.

Then it’s Google, with 78 hits, with 74 hits, HubPages with 58 hits, and Twitter again with 48, (obviously not very reliable traffic stats).

Next, it’s four long StumbleUpon URLs, probably my followers, voting my pages up from their toolbars, then it’s the Warrior Forum with 40 hits, with 30 hits, (another site I’ve never visited before), and then about six more StumbleUpon long URLs. got me 10 hits, and there’s a couple of other sites I’ve never heard of, but the rest is mostly hits from the Warrior Forum, and StumbleUpon.

To give you an actual breakdown of my traffic stats from social sites, I have to guess, but I’d say 50% Twitter, 20% StumbleUpon, 10% Google, 10% Things I’ve written on articles and forums, You Tube videos etc, and 10% random sites that picked up on my social site activity.

So in summary, at least 80% of my traffic is directly from social sites, or related to social sites. If you are having trouble getting traffic from Google, you might want to talk to us about cheap social promotion of your site, as that’s what we do.

We can get you traffic cheaper, that’s our motto, and you can talk to me about getting real visitors to your site from social sites at, or sign up to the newsletter, to get free internet marketing training, so you can do it all yourself.

Can social sites get you more traffic than Google? I definitely think they can, and I can show you my traffic statistics to prove it.

Cheap Traffic Guaranteed

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Can Cheap Traffic be Guaranteed?

Cheap traffic is not necessarily targeted traffic, but if you have the right sort of site, you can be guaranteed with traffic for around five cents a view or less.

The less you pay for the traffic, the less targeted it is going to be, unless you find someone with access to a huge site in your niche, giving away a prominent spot on the home page for peanuts, which doesn’t happen hardly ever.

If you have a site with widespread appeal, social promotion may be the answer, because you can find people who are willing to tweet on sites like Sponsored Tweets for two cents a click, or whatever you decide to offer.

I have a similar service on Professional Social Promotion, where I do the same myself to my followers, although I don’t charge per click, but per tweet, which may vary in value depending on the widespread appeal of your site.

I also have access to many other types of sites like that where you can buy and even swap social shares for a very low price, and if you pay me to put together a social marketing campaign for you, I can do it easily.

It may not work at all if your site is something that doesn’t interest people much. For example, if your site was targeted to a very specific niche of an affordable internet provider, it might take you a hundred thousand tweets to millions of people before you got a thousand clicks, and one sale.

But let’s just analyze those figures quickly. A thousand clicks at three cents a click through a site like Sponsored Tweets might be $30, and the income generated by a signup to an internet provider long term would probably be a hundred times that, if they stuck with the service.

Is there any way to guarantee that people get cheap traffic to their site?





So can I Guarantee Cheap Traffic?

If you are willing to contact me, and let me work out a social promotion campaign for your business, I can guarantee cheap traffic from social sites, and if you would prefer to get extremely targeted views in a niche, I can make you a You Tube video competing for the right Google search, get heaps of views on it, making it rank well.

I can make you a Facebook page, and get heaps of likes for it, making it rank well. I can write you an article, make lots of back links to it, and make it rank well, or I can even manage a targeted Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign, getting you truly targeted traffic, at a larger cost per click of course.

When you consider that advertising on the big advertising companies like the two I just mentioned can cost you anywhere from fifty cents to fifty dollars a click, you can understand why the social promotion campaign option is becoming a lot more popular these days.

Get in contact with me at, and if you have say a hundred bucks to play with, or even ten, I can organize a campaign to get you cheap traffic guaranteed, ten cents a view at an absolute maximum, that may result in sales, if your site has a good conversion rate on traffic.

How can I guarantee that I can get you really cheap traffic? Simple, it's all out there available for anyone to see on other sites, and I know where to look.