Do You Need To Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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Do you really need to have a social media marketing strategy for your business? The answer is almost certainly yes, unless you are putting all of your time into pay per click advertising, and making a large and consistent profit from it.

Social media marketing and social signals is an integral part of SEO and rankings on Google.

If you aren’t being shared on Facebook and Twitter, but you have tons of back links from high PR sites, your link profile doesn’t look natural, because if someone was going to link to you from their blog or home page, it would make sense that people would also share your site to their social connections as well.

Back links from Facebook are counted in Google Analytics, and even though they’re no follow, the right type of sharing can really boost your rankings.

It’s the same story with Twitter, except it’s probably even better with Twitter because there are a whole bunch of sites like Social Whale, and Tweet Me Me, that list the sites that are “trending” on Twitter.

So it’s not just the back links from Twitter and Facebook, these can actually lead automatically to other high quality do follow back links, if you get enough shares.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Basically it takes a lot of effort to maintain a social media marketing campaign across multiple sites like You Tube, Linked In, Digg, Stumble Upon, and many others as well as Facebook and Twitter.

But that’s where I come in, because I am a social media marketing manager, and I can help you manage your social media strategy, for a very affordable price.

For example, I can get you one thousand Twitter followers for ten dollars, about six hundred Facebook page likes for ten dollars, and you could also pay me to tweet your site a certain amount a day, or whatever you want really.

I work for a very affordable price, about ten dollars an hour, or even less, and you need to outsource some of the work required in maintaining your social media presence in order to have enough time to do the important things on your site.

So do you need to have a social media marketing strategy? Yes you do, and I can help you work out a way to make a good return on investment on a social media marketing campaign, no matter what your site is about. Send me a message at to discuss your business.