Does Social Bookmarking Work Anymore For SEO?

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As far as I can tell, social bookmarking for SEO purposes has very little if any beneficial effect on your ranking.

While there are still elements of the old algorithms in Google, which pass page rank on from one site to another, page rank isn’t what gets you on the first page.

Google wants to show quality, relevant sites to their users, and unless you can get an authority link, from the home page of a government site, Wikipedia, or an authority site in your niche, it won’t have all that much benefit.

Does making back links from social bookmarking sites still have any SEO benefit? Maybe not.








Do Back Links Work Anymore For SEO?

Back links are still important, I’m not saying don’t make any, like Ehow is a good site to write an article on, as it’s one of the only “content farms” not penalized too badly by Google in the Panda update, but it’s more important that these links seem natural.

It does seem natural that you would make back links to your site on your computer, and if it was truly worthwhile, that other people of all kinds would make back links to your site from varying link text, no follow as well as do follow, but gradually, over time.

I used to notice the change in my rankngs almost instantly when I built dozens of social bookmarking links, but it’s just not like that anymore.

Links from forums, blog comments, (especially irrelevant ones), are just not worth doing anymore, unless you have exeptionally good software that finds quality places to link from, and submits to them gradually, on an ongoing basis.

There is no magic bullet software anymore, not that I’ve come across anyway, and that’s what Google was aiming to combat with the latest change in algorithms.

Your best chance to get on the first page of Google is to publish quality content on your site regularly, choose more specific titles, and slow down your back linking efforts, or switch your focus to looking for authority links.

Perhaps you could get in touch with webmasters in your niche, or hire individuals to write quality articles and blog posts.

Anyway, social bookmarking doesn’t really work anymore for SEO, you have to be smarter than that to fool Google these days.

Since the Panda algorithm update, social bookmarking links don't work as well for SEO.

Traffic From Social Sites

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How to Get Traffic From Social Sites

Most of the traffic I have gotten on this site has come from social sites like Twitter, StumbleUpon, and maybe Facebook, (a little).

Google has not sent me nearly as much traffic as I would have liked, although I guess you have to expect that with a site that’s less than a couple of months old.

I’m going to have to publish a lot of posts like this one before I get on the first page of Google for a number of specific searches.

Let me just go through the traffic stats on Professional Social Promotion for the first month, so you can see what I mean.

The actual amount of hits is 19,779, with 2,196 unique visitors. I have built it up to around 200 unique visitors a day mostly from Twitter, so long as I make sure I’m tweeting a lot.

It’s important to change the messages you tweet every now and then if you want to get more hits from the same people again.

So this isn’t the exact numbers, as my Counterize plugin isn’t very good at giving referrer stats, but I’ll give you some statistics of the sites that have given me a lot of traffic.

This post goes over the traffic statistics on my site, and which sites they came from, including ones that you probably have never heard of.










Traffic Statistics on my Site

The largest referrer according to the inaccurate Counterize traffic statistics is Social Whale. I never submitted anything to the site, but they like to show which sites are getting tweeted a lot. I got 153 hits from them.

The next one is Twitter, and it says 105, but the actual number is closer to 15,000 actual hits. is the next one, and it says I have gotten 97 hits from them, I don’t know if that’s a URL shortener I’ve used, or if it keeps track of clicks on shortened URLs.

Next is a StumbleUpon link, a long one, probably from when I bought ten bucks worth of hits from StumbleUpon Ads. That one says 84.

Then it’s Google, with 78 hits, with 74 hits, HubPages with 58 hits, and Twitter again with 48, (obviously not very reliable traffic stats).

Next, it’s four long StumbleUpon URLs, probably my followers, voting my pages up from their toolbars, then it’s the Warrior Forum with 40 hits, with 30 hits, (another site I’ve never visited before), and then about six more StumbleUpon long URLs. got me 10 hits, and there’s a couple of other sites I’ve never heard of, but the rest is mostly hits from the Warrior Forum, and StumbleUpon.

To give you an actual breakdown of my traffic stats from social sites, I have to guess, but I’d say 50% Twitter, 20% StumbleUpon, 10% Google, 10% Things I’ve written on articles and forums, You Tube videos etc, and 10% random sites that picked up on my social site activity.

So in summary, at least 80% of my traffic is directly from social sites, or related to social sites. If you are having trouble getting traffic from Google, you might want to talk to us about cheap social promotion of your site, as that’s what we do.

We can get you traffic cheaper, that’s our motto, and you can talk to me about getting real visitors to your site from social sites at, or sign up to the newsletter, to get free internet marketing training, so you can do it all yourself.

Can social sites get you more traffic than Google? I definitely think they can, and I can show you my traffic statistics to prove it.

Social Media Optimization

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Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization or SMO is about preparing your product, sales pitch, and pages for the social networking sites, and reaching the right people on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, MySpace, StumbleUpon, etc, in large numbers.

The first thing you need is a good product, so let’s say you have something with widespread appeal, like a weight loss product. Not what I would pick, but it does have a large audience worldwide.

You have to think of a way to make it fun, and not seem like spam when people see it. People know the difference between an ad, and a friend sharing something because they liked it, or thought it was worthwhile.

Now in my opinion, the best way to go would be to make a viral You Tube video, incredibly funny, not mainly as an ad, but as a funny video.

SMO is about understanding what ordinary people like to share with their friends on social media sites like Facebook.





Social Media Optimization of a Product

Have a really fat person eating, with chicken juices running down their chin, and make a joke, like they explode, and fat goes everywhere, then have the ad at the end.

This is how you make a video that people will share with each other because they like it, and then it can go viral, and get millions of hits on You Tube, and you have a link in the description.

A good example of this is a viral video ad for Old Spice, which I just posted on my blog Video Mobster. It’s had over 30 million views, and rising every day. I called it Smells Like Old Spice.

A very good example of how much more people pay attention to your product if you have something interesting with it.

Maybe it didn’t increase sales of Old Spice that much, but if  0.01% of the people who saw it bought a bottle of Old Spice, then that’s almost a million dollars right there.

Maybe they bought two, or switched brands permanently, so you can see how effective this type of viral ad can be.

Social Media Optimization is either about reaching people on social networks cheaply, (which is what we do here at Professional Social Promotion, get in touch via the home page), or reaching them effectively, so that the video or ad you’re sharing goes viral.

The benefits of social media optimization are clear, you get your site seen by lots of people on the social networking sites, where they are most at home.



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Social is a word that describes the interactions between people in a friendly way, you might describe someone as being social if they have a lot of friends, and go out a lot.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have a lot of friends, on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Not only that, but we have access to social accounts all around the world, where you can get traffic to your site for a few cents a click, which is the cheapest possible advertising you could possibly do.

Why did I call this blog post social? Perhaps you may think that it is a hard keyword to compete with in Google, but according to the keyword tool, there is not much competition at all for this exact word.

Anyway, I’m not talking about search engine optimization, I’m talking about social media optimization, or SMO.

Social Media Optimization is the distribution of your site or link across many different social media accounts.









Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a new concept, which is about the distribution of your site across social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, to name just a few.

The amount of traffic this can generate is comparable to Google, as there are just as many regular visitors to Facebook as there are to Google, and the people who have control over what appears in their news feeds come from all over the world.

For example, there are people in India and the Philippines who spend all day getting Twitter followers, making friends on Facebook, and StumbleUpon, so they can get paid for getting traffic to a site.

We have access to many different sites where you can get cheap social traffic, and we work as a middleman to set you up with the most affordable and effective social marketing campaign possible. Get in contact via the home page.

Get promotion for your site on social sites like Facebook and Twitter on the best and most affordable traffic generation site Professional Social Promotion.