What is Social Marketing?

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What exactly is social marketing, how do you do it, and does it work? The quick answer is, social marketing is selling a product or service through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, I will explain how you do it here, and it does work.

First, I’ll talk a little about Facebook, and what I like to do on Facebook to get traffic. My most successful social marketing techniques on Facebook are making pages, and perhaps using Facebook Ads.

I don’t like how expensive Facebook Ads usually is, and I haven’t found a product to sell that makes it worth the two dollars a click they expect you to pay to start with.

You can get it down lower than that if you have a good click through rate, but it’s not always easy to tell how to do that.

I’ve talked about how you make a successful Facebook page in a lot of other posts, but it comes down to SEO, and Facebook page likes.

This cloud has nothing at all to do with social marketing.








SEO and Social Marketing

You need to learn the basics of search engine optimization if you want to be on the first page of Google, and then you get a lot of likes, which further helps your ranking, and gives you a new opportunity for social marketing.

When people like your page, you can send a message to all of them at once, or as individuals, and whenever you post something on the wall of your page, it shows up in the news feeds of all of those people.

Now you can get 5,000 friends on Facebook, and try to make sure that they share your interests, but when they click the like button, they have shown that they have a real interest in your page in particular, which makes it easier to do social marketing effectively.

Some pages have millions of likes, and you can buy them for as little as five cents each, or even less. Click here if you want to get Facebook page likes.

So what is social marketing? It’s a little bit of everything, like I get most of my traffic from Twitter, and if you want to see how I do that, check out Social Media Marketing Tips.

What the hell is social marketing?

Social Network Promotion

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Social network promotion is quite easy to do, it’s just a matter of how you do it, and there are many options available.

My favorite method for social promotion at the moment is tweeting to my tens of thousands of followers on Twitter, and this is how I get 90% of the traffic for my new site, while is slowly working it’s way up the first page of a Google search on social promotion.

My second favorite social network for promotion is StumbleUpon, simply because I understand how it works, I have a lot of followers who vote up my stuff, and if I make a page that has widespread appeal and can be placed in a popular category like humor, bizarre, recipes, photography, art, etc, I know it will get a lot of views from one simple share.

Facebook would have to be my third favorite social network, because you can’t make friends very quickly, and it’s not easy to make a viral page or group, so you usually need to use Facebook Ads, buy Facebook page likes, or make a ton of back links to your fan page, so it does well in a Google search.

SEO is good on social promotion sites.








Social Network Promotion Through SEO

While Facebook is the largest social networking site, and people spend four times longer on that site than any other site in the world, Google is still the number one way to drive traffic to your site, if you can do it.

I’m trying to compete for a Google search on social promotion at the moment, and I’ve written articles on HubPages, Squidoo, Factoidz, Associated Content, Ezine, Go Articles, Gather, Articlesbase, Bukisa, Knol, Blogger, Typepad,, Posterous, Tumblr, done forum posts, and on and on, and then made a few social bookmarking back links to those articles and blog posts to get them indexed.

Sound easy? Well it is a bit easier if you choose a more specific search, and because Facebook and You Tube already have a high page rank, you can compete on Google if you do the right things. Here’s one of my You Tube videos: Social Promotion.

You will want to get as many back links as you can within the sites as well, for example on You Tube, you should comment on high page rank channels and videos, as well as make back links from other sites to your channel and videos, and you have to publish new videos regularly as well, to get a high page rank, and thus a good ranking on Google.

The problem with all of this, is it takes months, and months, and hours and hours, if you are trying to rank for a high competition keyword. It’s great to do, if you have the patience and knowledge, (for more tips on SEO, sign up to the newsletter), but if you don’t want to wait, you might want to pay for social promotion services instead.

Professional Social Promotion, (this site), offers a range of cheap social promotion services such as over two hundred Facebook page likes for ten dollars, scheduled tweeting for a dollar a day to tens of thousands of our followers that will likely generate dozens of views a day.

The other services are listed on the home page, for example you could order one of my popular Fiverr gigs, or get me to write an article for you. Basically I’m offering my services doing any kind of social network promotion, marketing, advertising or SEO work at an affordable price, and I’m pretty good at it.

If you would like me to help you with anything at all, whether it’s social promotion, advice on setting up a cheap advertising campaign, SEO, making you a Facebook page or a You Tube video, showing you how to make a website, or whatever, just contact me at and I’ll do my best to help, or alternatively get free internet marketing training and social network promotion tips by signing up to the newsletter.

Advertising and promotion on social networking sites.

Social Media Promotion

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What is social media promotion, and how do you do it effectively to promote your site, and make sales?

Obviously the biggest social networking site online is Facebook, and there are two main ways of using the site to get traffic.

You can try the free methods like making a page or a group, and optimizing it with SEO, so that people find it in a Google search.

Alternatively, you can pay for an advertising campaign with Facebook Ads, which may be very expensive, if you can’t get a good click through rate.

Generally, there are better methods to get cheap and free traffic to your site from social media promotion, unless you’re one of the lucky ones on Facebook.

Learn about the methods that work in social media promotion.








My Favorite Social Media Promotion Methods

Personally, I’ve had a lot more luck with doing social promotion on Twitter. I have over 50,000 Twitter followers, and I can send out almost anything, and immediately get traffic.

As there is no keywords involved in getting people to click on a tweet, I can construct a message to send out that is exactly what I want them to read, to entice them to click, as if I was paying for pay per click ads.

By the way, I am selling this service, along with a whole range of social media promotion services at a very affordable price on the home page.

Facebook and You Tube either require a pretty good knowledge of search engine optimization or a lot of money, and a good knowledge of pay per click advertising if you want to have much success with those sites.

I can show you how to get ten times better value with the social media promotion services I offer, or if you don’t want to pay for social promotion, sign up to the newsletter in the sidebar and learn to do it all yourself for free.

Social media promotion techniques

The Benefits of Social Promotion

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What are the benefits of social promotion or social media optimization as compared to SEO?

For me, SEO doesn’t really work anymore, or it doesn’t work in the same way that it used to in the past.

People are still going on about making do follow back links, when the latest algorithms in Google made it almost impossible to get a high quality back link that really works.

Google doesn’t like you buying back links, they don’t like you spamming back links, they want to see a gradual, natural looking range of links, that don’t look like you bought them, or made them yourself.

Apart from that, they like to see high quality content, and regular publishing on your site.

I find that back linking is useless, you are better off focusing your efforts on making quality content on your own site, and increasing your social connections so you can drive traffic to anything you decide to do.

The Benefits of social promotion are that you can promote anything, instantly.









The Benefits of Social Promotion

Now don’t get me wrong, I still care about Google, as I get some traffic to the specific titles of these blog posts, but I no longer care about the back linking aspect of SEO, unless I can get those back links naturally by other people linking to me because I have high quality, informative content.

I get most of my traffic from Twitter, and that is what I spend hours a day doing, which for me is a lot more effective than blog commenting, or any of the other SEO techniques which don’t really work anymore.

I make You Tube videos and Facebook pages, but for me, they are also based on SEO, as you need to be found on a Google search to get any real traffic to them.

So that’s what I do, and the major benefit of that is that I can sell access to my social promotion services to you, if you want.

I spend hours a day doing this, but you can buy a subscription to daily scheduled tweeting to my followers on the home page for only a dollar a day, (or a wide range of other services), saving you a lot of time in doing it all yourself.

Those are the benefits of social promotion for me, a list of people that you can promote anything to.

The benefits of social promotion are clear.