Why Social Promotion?

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Many website owners who have a product to promote spend a dollar a click, or even as much as fifty dollars a click in a Google Adwords campaign, or pay for an expensive SEO campaign, and don’t even think about social promotion.

They get targeted traffic, but the cost of paying for it barely makes the business worthwhile.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have the ability to get up to a hundred times better value for your money, given that your product has a widespread appeal.

One of the best services we have to offer is daily scheduled tweets to our many Twitter followers on one account.

We can handle all of you social marketing needs, as we have a huge followers list on Twitter, and can sell you scheduled tweets to them all daily, for a price that only gets better with time.








How Much Does Social Promotion Cost?

The most it will cost is 10 cents per tweet to every thousand followers we have at the time, so for example, if we had 10,000 followers, it would be one dollar a day, or thirty dollars a month.

The good thing about our service is you can lock in a scheduled tweet every day for one price, and then no matter how many followers we get in the future, that price will stay the same.

Currently, we are getting over two hundred new Twitter followers a day on our main account which is caseyman28, but half of all the money we make will be put back into finding more.

You can use the payment facility to set up a subscription with PayPal, to get a scheduled tweet, at the time of your choosing, (eastern standard American time).

Then, just email us the Twitter message with shortened link, and the time of day you want it scheduled at

If your website doesn’t convert, you can ask to change the time, message, or link, and keep paying the same while we build our followers list.

If the time you want is not available, we will schedule it at the closest possible time, offer a discount, or refund your money.

There are ten spots available in all 24 hours of the day for scheduling, for a total of 240 spots, and tweets to the same URL should happen at least six hours apart.

You get a discount for ordering multiple spots, and the price can go as low as half the normal price if you order twenty scheduled tweets a day, but remember, you can do separate pages on the same domain, or articles pointing to your home page, but not the same URL more than once every six hours.

Contact us at Professional Social Promotion to discuss, as we can create separate products for you to buy including one off orders of tweeting to multiple accounts, Facebook sharing, stumbling, social bookmarking and article writing at a reasonable price.

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