Swapping Social Connections

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Are you trying to find the best sites for swapping social connections? This post will give you the best ones that I’ve come across, and tell you how to use them.

You Like Hits is one of the best and most popular sites for adding followers and likes, although it keeps saying that they may be ending the Facebook like option.Best Sites For Swapping Social Connections

Apart from Facebook page likes, (which I can get you cheap by the way), they also let you get Twitter followers, (which I sell as well), tweets, Google Plus followers, Google Plus Ones, You Tube views, You Tube subscribers, You Tube likes, Digg followers, Stumble Upon followers,  My Space friends, Linked In shares, Pinterest followers, Soundcloud followers and website hits.

The idea is pretty simple, you do any of these things for the amount of points people offer you, and then you offer those points for the social connections and actions that you want in return.

There are literally thousands of sites like this, following in the success of sites like Twiends, which now only offers Twitter followers, but not all of them have a large amount of people on the site.

I like using Twiends to get Twitter followers, and I can get you them for one cent each, but I need your username and password to log in.

I can also get Twitter followers on Add Me Fast without using a password, and I often use this site to boost the numbers of followers to keep the follower/following ratio in balance.

I also sometimes use Tweepi to unfollow those not following back, who you have been following for the longest time.

As you can see, getting tens of thousands of social connections can be quite time consuming, or it can cost a lot of money if you buy points on these sites.

I offer my services as a social media marketing manager at a very affordable price, and I can get you pretty much anything you want, share your site with my social connections, get other people to share it, or I can help you with SEO and pay per click advertising.

To get some more information about what I can do for your business or website, send me a message at or go to the home page and check out the services I offer in the sidebar.

How To Market A Product On Social Media

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This is a basic lesson on how to market a product on social media, and by that I’m talking about the major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube, Stumble Upon, etc.

To start with, you have to figure out who your target audience is. If you have a product with a widespread appeal, that can be bought by anyone in the world, then you in a good position to benefit from all different types of social media marketing.
How to market a product on social media

For example, you can buy random followers and likes and increase your social connections through the services I offer on this site, (see the home page). I can share your site with my large list of social connections if you want things to happen quickly, for example through my best selling Fiverr gig, where I will share your site with all of my tens of thousands of social connections.

Check out my profile page rowanman28 on Fiverr to see what sorts of things I offer there. I also offer a social sharing service on this site, which is slightly better value, and more extensive. I have about 20,000 Twitter followers, 2,000 Facebook friends, 2,000 Google Plus followers, 250 StumbleUpon followers, Linked In groups, Pinterest followers, etc.

By seeing how much traffic you can get from my connections on social media, you can then decide if it is worth getting tens of thousands of random connections on your own accounts.

If you have a more specific audience for a product, then the first place to start would be with SEO. Trying to compete on Google for a keyword phrase that people might be searching for when looking for your product.

This can be a lot more complicated, as the algorithms Google use change all the time, and you might be better off using pay per click advertising instead.

A blog like this can be a good way to keep the website fresh, and to help the ranking of all of the pages on the site, but all of these things take a lot of time, knowledge, and sometimes money as well.

That’s why I offer my services to help out with all aspects of internet marketing, particularly on social media, because it takes a lot more work to market a product online than one person can do effectively on their own.

Outsourcing is a very important part of internet marketing, and I know how to get a good price on paying people to write content, getting people to share with their friends and followers, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Send me a message at to talk about the different options for marketing your product online, and what I can do to help.

Which Types Of Businesses Benefit The Most From Social Media Marketing?

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There are many different types of social media marketing that can be used in different online marketing strategies for business.

Some choose to use pay per click advertising for example on Facebook Ads, to grow a list of targeted social connections, or they get people to follow them or like their page from their website, or even through offline advertising.

Social media marketing for businesses

Some big companies spend millions on television advertisements for the simple goal of getting likes on their Facebook page.

How effective is this really? Due to the fact that there are no real conversion statistics available through Facebook, nobody can be completely certain about whether a thousand targeted likes equals a car sale, or for someone to switch brands of beer, but studies do show that getting your product in front of people does bring brand awareness.

There is another way to get likes and followers, and that is by getting random social connections. These people like your page, or follow you to get a like or follow in return, and you can get tens of thousands of these sort of connections for a very low price.

The type of business that would benefit from this type of social media marketing is one that has a very widespread appeal.

What I usually do for people is use social swapping sites to get real random likes and followers which quickly build your following up to the tens of thousands.

The general demographic of these random connections is people who are interested in internet marketing, SEO, or things to do with having a website, or making money, because that’s pretty much what they’re all trying to do.

They are just random people, and they can see your tweets and posts if they are looking at their dashboard at the time.

Some people say that these random followers don’t work, and you are better off going through the extremely tedious process of trying to follow people who share your particular interests, in the hope that they follow you back.

In reality, if random followers aren’t going to work, it’s unlikely that the time you would have to spend doing that would pay off either.

The benefit of following someone who tweets about gaming as opposed to an average person is small, as a fairly large percentage of the general population of people on social swapping sites would like video games too.

Will Social Connections Work For Your Business?

The types of businesses that would benefit from random followers are those that have a demographic of customers that are not isolated to particular city, and a small percentage of people in that city, but who have a product with a widespread appeal.

I specialize in getting these sort of random connections on any social network including Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, You Tube, Digg, Stumble Upon, etc, and I can get you almost anything you want at a reasonable price.

Send me a message at to talk about how I can manage your social media marketing campaign by getting you a large amount of random social connections at an affordable price.

I also do other things such as internet marketing coaching, SEO advice, content production, web design for social media pages, video production, voiceovers, music, pretty much anything.

Best Social Media Marketing Company

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Looking for the best social media marketing company online? Well this site is a good place to start. Professional Social Promotion is not really a big company, but a small business run by me, Rowan Casey from Australia.

What I can do is use micro job sites where people are paid to do things such as tweet, like, share, Google Plus, Digg or stumble your site until it gets all the exposure and social signals that you are looking for, and my commission for managing a social media marketing campaign is very affordable.

I can get you Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, manage a pay per click or pay per view advertising campaign, pretty much whatever you’re looking for, and I can advise you on the best way to get a return on your investment through social marketing and alternative advertising methods.

It’s not a matter of speed, and you want real people and a natural progression of links showing up on social media sites in order to send the right signals to Google so you rank well in the search results.

Social signals play as important a role in SEO today as high page rank back links used to, and Google themselves are the ones saying that. The benefit it has to your rankings is only a bonus, as if people find your site interesting enough to share it with their friends, it can go viral.

Best Social Marketing Practice

It depends on what your site is, whether you have a widespread appeal, or a targeted audience as to what the best way is to run a social marketing campaign.

Even if your site needs very targeted viewers, you can get them through social sites, sometimes extremely targeted, if you pay for it. I’ll give you an example.

Plenty of Fish is a free dating site with millions of members. You can target your ads to someone who is a certain age, in a certain city, a certain sex, and who is a few pounds, or very overweight.

Similar thing with Facebook Ads, although if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up paying more than you make back.

Google is an obvious place to try to get customers, but there is always going to be stiff competition on Google, and as I said before, it requires a natural link profile including social signals to rank in a Google search.

So what I would often suggest is that you show up in all of the places that you would if a lot of people really liked your site. What does that mean?

They would blog about it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, on Google Plus, the link might appear on Yahoo Answers, on forums, you get the idea. My social media marketing services also get you traffic for a lot less than you would usually pay on Google Adwords.

The thing to do is get in contact with me to talk about your site, cause while I do have some PayPal buttons set up for some simple services, I want to set up a campaign for you that provides a good return on your investment, by giving you the right advice.

Contact me at to discuss the best way of doing social media marketing for your site.

This is the best place to buy social media marketing services.