Should You Focus On SEO?

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Is SEO really the most important thing to focus on, when getting traffic for your business?

I can answer that quicky: yes if you’re an SEO expert, constantly up to date with the latest algorithm changes in Google, and no if you’re not.

What happens when you focus too much on SEO and Google? You narrow your focus to only making sites about keywords with low competition.

Instead of picking a name for your site like make money now, you pick a niche that has much lower search volumes, so you have some chance of getting on the first page of Google.

Google is the number one driver of traffic, but it’s not the only way, and with almost every other traffic driving method, you’re better off picking a niche with widespread appeal.

If you focus on SEO alone, you may not even get any traffic at all, but if you focus on other traffic building methods, you are guaranteed to get viewers.







Alternatives to SEO

The number two most visited site in the world is Facebook, and when you pay for an ad on Facebook Ads, it makes no difference what your keyword is, just the targeting, and click through rate.

You can make a Facebook page, and pay to get likes for it, or pay people to share it with their friends.

There are countlesss micro job sites where you can pay people a few cents to tweet, share, like, digg and stumble your site, and this gets you traffic much cheaper.

What we do here at Professional Social Promotion is offer these social promotion services through our own social connections to start with, but if you want more than that, we can also manage a social marketing campaign for you by outsourcing cheap clicks through micro job sites like Microworkers.

If you would prefer to handle it yourself, just sign up to the newsletter to get free internet marketing training, teaching you everything that we do, but why bother, when we do it for you, at an affordable price?

I hope I answered the question, I don’t think you should focus on SEO by itself, as it takes years to learn properly, and sometimes it costs a lot of money too, if you hire an SEO company.

Many people tend to focus only on SEO, when they really should be taking a look at the countless other methods of generating traffic for a site.