She Told Me Now Charges for Social Bookmarking

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She Told Me Charges for Social Bookmarking

The guy at She Told Me is James Colin, and he’s made a change to his site She Told Me, in which everyone now has to pay to post social bookmarking links there.

There was an exemption offered for people who had posted more than seventy times, so I sent him an email, expecting to get an exemption, and the bastard canceled my account, and all the social bookmarking links I had made over two years.

I think that’s a little harsh for what I said to him in the email, you tell me:

Me: This is the first I’ve heard about having to pay to post bookmarks here. I’ve been on the site for a long time, and posted a lot of bookmarks. You probably advertise on them, so I shouldn’t have to pay.

James Colin: So now you want to tell me what I should do? Mind your own business, I owe you nothing. Cheers, James.

James Colin: I’m fed up with people like you who are not happy about the change.

Well I offered free membership for people with more than 70 articles,

you qualify, so why do you feel like talking to me about anything

else, honestly I’m not taking it and you can go elsewhere honestly I

don’t care. I deleted your content so you won’t say I’m stealing any

of this. It’s better this way.

Whatever you feel like replying, you don’t need to, I know it will be

about some insults, what do I care? nothing.



Now I had hundreds or even thousands of social bookmarking links on the site, and I’m sure that they made this guy some money, or contributed to the popularity and page rank of the site, along with everyone else that posted there.

I made back links to the back links I had made, so I literally did SEO work for him, as well as myself at the same time.

In one second, he took away hours of work, and removed permanent back links that had an effect on the ranking of my articles and blogs going back years.

He has a new site called Best Reviewer. I’d advise you to steer clear of it, and don’t pay this bastard a cent, cause he is completely untrustworthy.

If a social bookmarking site like Digg, or StumbleUpon can make millions of dollars from a similar thing, and not have mandatory charges, then why couldn’t he make some money from She Told Me? Cause he’s an idiot, and not a very nice guy.

I really hate the guy at She Told Me, he removed all of the hours of work I had done by canceling my account.