Professional Website Promotion

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This page will teach you some professional website promotion methods that will help you get a large amount of visitors to your site for a minimal amount of money or effort.

For me, there are four main groups of website promotion: SEO, (getting traffic from Google), paid advertising, (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc), social promotion, (tweeting, stumbling, You Tube videos, viral sharing), and email marketing.

You could also include a number of different offline advertising and promotion methods like TV, radio and newspaper advertising, but for this post, I will just stick to the online website promotion methods.

I cannot go into all of these methods in great detail here, but I will give you a brief understanding of the concepts of each type of internet marketing method, and give you links if you want to find out more about one thing or another.

Professional SEO Methods

I go into SEO or search engine optimization in more detail in my free e-book, which you can get by signing up to the Professional Social Promotion newsletter, but just briefly, you have to pick a title with low competition and high search volume, make it look good with subheadings and photos, mention the keywords a reasonable amount in the text, (longer is better), and then make back links to it from every relevant page you can find, from relevant, but varying link text. Take a look at the SEO services offered here on Professional Social Promotion.

Professional Pay Per Click Advertising Techniques

Many people simply assume that Google Adwords is the best advertising agency to choose, simply because they have the widest reach across the internet.

If you want to reach millions of people, and you have millions of dollars to do it, then that may be the case, although it also has the highest amount of competition, and so it is usually the most expensive way to advertise.

Facebook Ads are not all that much cheaper, it may work if you can get a good click through rate, although usually you have to start at a whopping two dollars a click just to test it out.

If you’re interested in getting a much lower cost per click, get in contact with me at, and I’ll organize a really cheap PPC advertising campaign for you on alternative advertising sites, probably for around five cents a click to start with.

Professional Social Promotion

This is obviously the name of this site, and we specialize in social promotion services such as Facebook page likes, scheduled tweeting, social sharing, and Fiverr gigs.

If you have something specific in mind, just get in contact, and discuss what you want done, and I’m pretty sure we can do it for you. Social promotion is our specialty, and if we haven’t got the numbers of social connections to do something, it’s quite easy to outsource it to a micro job site, or another social marketing agency.

As for email marketing, we can offer advice on how to set up an enticing squeeze page, and what to put in your auto-responder, how to build trust by offering value, and turn your traffic into repeat customers, but for that information, you will have to sign up to the free internet marketing training provided in the newsletter. The form is up on the right side of the screen there.

You will learn professional website promotion techniques, but more importantly, you will learn everything about building a successful site, from keyword research to market research to find the right product, website design, SEO, list building and much more. Sign up, and you will see what I mean.

Professional techniques for website promotion.


Professional Internet Marketing Tips

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Here are a few professional internet marketing tips that will help your site to do well, or show you how to make a site that does well.

Everybody usually starts with SEO, and while I do think that is very important, it can also be very time consuming, and boring.

I teach you how to do that in my free internet marketing training course, you can read my e-book to get some tips on how to do keyword research and SEO.

My favorite method of internet marketing that works almost immediately, and requires practically no skill is social promotion.

Internet marketing involves many things, like social promotion.










Internet Marketing Tips: Social Promotion

Social promotion or social marketing means getting your site in front of people on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

My favorite site is Twitter, because it’s so easy to do. You just get a Twitter account, sign up to Twiends, and follow people to get seeds, which are good for followers of your own.

You have to unfollow the people who aren’t following back, but wait a while, and then use Tweepi to do this.

Go to the last page of the flush tool, and un-follow about a hundred a day or so, after first following a hundred a day, and leaving about a week before you do that.

Then, you can set up scheduled tweets on Twaitter, remembering not to tweet the same thing more than once every six hours, and not more than ten tweets an hour.

Set this up properly, and do it consistently, and you may have a lot more success with this sort of internet marketing than you would with Google.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t do SEO for your site as well, but it takes a lot more work before you even start to see any results in most cases.

There is a lot of work to do in making a successful site, and if you want help with any aspect of it, get in contact with me via the home page, or if you’re happy to do it all yourself, sign up to the Professional Social Promotion newsletter to get my e-book, and a whole lot more professional internet marketing tips.

Social promotion and internet marketing go hand in hand.

Professional Social Marketing Services

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Social Marketing Services

Professional Social Promotion provides a great range of professional social marketing services including getting hundreds of Facebook page likes, sharing on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and a whole range of different social bookmarking sites.

We can make you a You Tube video, write articles with good SEO, help you set up an advertising campaign, or do a combination of all of these things to promote your site on the largest and most visited sites online.

Apart from the paid services like scheduled tweeting, and social sharing, you can also learn to do all of the same things yourself, by signing up to the newsletter. Here, you get world-class internet marketing training on all aspects of building a professional website, getting the keyword density and on-page optimization right, and learning how to do social marketing effectively.

The series of e-books and training videos you get when you subscribe teach you how to build a list of targeted subscribers, how to build trust by offering value, and sell quality products, which provide solutions to the problems and needs they have, so they become repeat customers.

List building is recognized as one of the most important things you can do if you want to become successful online. If you prefer, you can build a list of people on social networks, but it’s not until you actually have their email addresses, and have them looking out for your emails for the value you offer, that you have any real success.

So Should You Buy or do Your Own Social Marketing?

It took me two years of working every day to get the amount of social followers I have on a number of different sites. It may take you just as long, although the things I’ve learned over that time may be able to save you some time, if you want to try to build up the connections and knowledge needed to do your own social marketing.

However, if you don’t have the money to buy the social marketing services available on this site, I will teach you everything I know about how to do You Tube marketing, make Facebook pages, build your social lists at a rate of hundreds of people a day, and how to convert the traffic you get from these connections into sales of a product or service, over and over again.

I would suggest that no matter whether you plan to buy one of the services on the home page or not, you should still sign up to the newsletter to learn everything I know about SEO, social marketing, and how to make money online. Get in touch with me at to talk about it.

This page is a wealth of information on how to build a professional website using WordPress.

Uploading a Professional Squeeze Page to Your Site

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I can’t speak with any great authority on how to make squeeze pages, because I’ve only just learned how to make them and upload them to my site myself, using Filezilla, but I’ll tell you how I did that, and show you how to get a good one happening for free.

Let’s say you saw a squeeze page you liked, you could just use Firefox to save the html file, by going File-Save Page As, then choose to save it as an html file. Then, you can open it in a text editor, I got given a great one free from Aptana.

So you find the html file on your computer, in your downloads folder, and right click, and choose to open it with Aptana. Here, you can edit the source code directly, and remove the code that shows their auto-responder, and add yours, plus change all the text around to make it good for your site.

If you don’t have an auto-responder, I just use the WP Auto-responder plugin on WordPress, but you can use Aweber, or whatever. If you don’t have WordPress, you may have a different website builder, or you may be just beginning in your efforts online, and you should sign up to the list on the right side of the screen to get my free e-book: A Beginner’s Guide to Success Online, and many more helpful free gifts to come.

You may prefer to do this instead. Go to this site, and get a free WordPress sales page template, then delete the footer in the theme editor, or perhaps just change the text to something that you want there.

I only offer value at this point in building my list, as I want to build trust, not sell products at this stage. Contained within my 9 page report is tons of useful information on making a website, making a squeeze page, building a list, getting traffic, and all sorts of those things.

What do I get out of it? I have an affiliate link to Host Gator, and a link back to this site, where you can buy my services such as article writing, SEO, social promotion, etc. Anyway, here’s a link to a squeeze page that I uploaded to my server directly with Filezilla, you can copy and edit the html of the page, add your auto-responder code, and different wording, and use it yourself to build a list. Do give it a different title, and don’t leave it all as is, as that’s “plagiarism”, and it doesn’t help my chances in the search engines.

I’ll be adding more like this soon, which you can also use by copying the html file and editing it, and you simply must sign up to my list to get a better explanation of the whole process, if you have any problems understanding what I mean, as it’s all explained in my series of e-books. Soon, you too will be uploading a professional squeeze page to your site.

Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Site

This is my first attempt at a squeeze page, and I don’t think it looks all that great, tell me what you think. It does seem to do the job alright, but it’s a little old school or something.

Great Free E-books on Internet Marketing

This one looks a bit better. I had trouble editing the html for some reason, probably because it was made on Microsoft Front Page software, and I have a Mac, and use Open Office. I found it hard to add a photo, so I just did a text link to my site instead. I think it’s a pretty professional squeeze page.

Free Internet Marketing E-book Series

This is my third one, which I made on Open Office, I figured out how to add my photo, and my auto-responder, and change the source code so it has a title, description, and keywords, and I’m going to use this as a template to continue making squeeze pages like this, with different content.

Professional Internet Marketing Training

Here’s another one. I’m going to make a list on this page of the squeeze pages I make from now on, just for my own reference. Uploading a professional squeeze page to your site is easy.

Just find the public html folder, create a new directory, and call it what you want it to be. For more info on how to do all of that, sign up to the list, and read my e-book.

Free Guide to Internet Marketing

This one I did by typing it all out in html on Aptana. Take a look at the source code, and you will see how simple it is to make a professional squeeze page, and upload it to your site. I did the You Tube video on iMovie, and I had trouble embedding it on Open Office, so I just did basic html, a title, description, meta tags, plus h1, bold, and center tags plus the embed code for the video, and my auto-responder.

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

I just used the same template here, and changed the title, description, and content. Great free internet marketing training, in a pretty professional looking squeeze page, if I do say so myself, and I do.

What Does It Take To Succeed Online?
Very similar to the other ones before it, but I switched the postition of the video, and added a photo, and a link to the home page of this site.

Can You Really Make Money Online?

A pretty simple regurgitation of the squeeze pages I did before it, with a different title, description, and keyword tags. On the next one, I think I’ll add a bit more stuff.

The only real way to sell affiliate products through social promotion is by making a professional website as a landing page.