5 Must-Implement Strategies in Today’s SEO

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

What used to work for your Web marketing strategies in previous years might be outdated today.

Technology evolves, and with it, the ever-fickle and ever-discerning market. So you need to adapt to such changes for business to thrive.

But what sort of changes do you need to implement — especially when it comes to search engine optimisation, which has the power to boost profits by helping you reach more customers?

Today’s businesses should know, SEO continues to evolve and mastery of its evolution will help you improve results.

Here are just five of the must-implement strategies you need to do with your SEO efforts today:

1. Think mobile
Mobile FunctionalityThis is no longer a measure for the most technologically advanced business, mobile-friendly sites are now essential for businesses.

With 50 percent of all traffic coming from mobile (on Google), you need to make sure that your website is optimised for every mobile device — smartphones and tablets.

Mobile-friendly websites boost their ranking for searchability and improve user engagement.

2. Get to know the Hummingbird

Google HummingbirdSpeaking of Google, its new search algorithm is called Hummingbird because it’s faster and more precise.

It apparently works on “conversational search,” which means it’s going to be more attentive to every word in a query as opposed to just a few specific words.

So pages that best match the meaning of the query will be ranked better than those that merely matched words.

When developing keywords for search engine optimisation, businesses should address informational queries, transactional queries, and navigational queries.

3. Streamline your URL structure
URLs that are too complicated, filled with too many characters, too lengthy, and have no keywords tend to have lower click-through rates on search engine results. If users cannot understand what the link is sending them to, they will not click it.

Also big issues to focus on with your URL are pages with too many outbound links, broken links, 404 errors, and many other performance-inhibiting problems that will negatively impact your search engine ranking.

4. Social media should not be neglected
Most users might click on your social media page before they check out your website. It pays to have social media presence not only because you’ll increase visibility but you’ll also boost your influence on your market.

If you can, try to have a variety of channels, and not just focus on Facebook and Twitter. Remember, you might not be too convinced with Google+ but this network will still get more favour in Google search because it is the search engine brand’s baby.

5. Never ever forget the value of good content
Finally, a good Web marketing agency will focus on quality content because it boosts engagement, creates credibility and influence for the brand, and increases ROI.

When your users or customers find your content — across all channels — useful, unique and interesting, you will bring in the traffic that bolsters your search engine ranking.

About the Author:
Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She works for sites like, an SEO company in Perth, Australia, to boost her knowledge on this industry.