How To Drive Traffic To Any Page From A Facebook Page

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This is a pretty simple but effective little trick I picked up for free on how to drive traffic to any page from a Facebook page, whether it be an affiliate link, a pay per action link, or your own site.

All you have to do to get a custom tab on your page that redirects people to any page you want is go to Just Redirect, a free app on Facebook, and choose the page you want the app on.

I think it’s free for as many different pages as you want, and you can call the app anything, on a page with whatever name you want, post it on Facebook, and when they click on it, it redirects them to whatever page you want them to go to.

Take a look at this page I made as an example: Writing For Profit On The Net|Make Money Now|Facebook.

This is just a crappy old page I made years ago when I was writing articles on Bukisa, but it redirects you to a You Tube video that I’m trying to promote at the moment.

I have another Just Redirect custom tab on my main Facebook page Social Promotion Services. That one takes you to the home page of this site.

Drive Traffic To Any Page From Facebook

Now once you’ve figured out what sort of page you want to make, and how to get people to click on the redirect tab so they go to the page that makes you money, you will probably want to rename the tab, which you can do by editing the page, and going to apps.

There, you edit the app, and give the tab any name you want. The possibilities are endless, it could be something like free stuff, make money now, save 80%, or whatever you think will work.

It’s a little devious to name the tab something that isn’t really what they are going to get when they get there, but if your goal is just to have them go to the page, then you can use your imagination to think of hundreds of different ways to get them to click on it.

The idea is to make a viral page with tens of thousands of users, and to start with, you’ll probably want to get facebook page likes.

I can get you 250 for ten dollars, and an unlimited amount of them. I can also help you promote your page with my own social connections, help you set up a social media marketing campaign where other people are paid to share or tweet your site, or I get you your own Twitter followers, Google Plus connections, You Tube subscribers, or pretty much anything you want.

Just send me a message at to talk about how to use social media to drive traffic to any page.

Get traffic from your Facebook page to any page.


Buy Facebook Page Likes Cheap

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Buy Facebook LikesThe best place to get Facebook fans cheaply is right here on Professional Social Promotion. For ten dollars, you can get 250 likes to your Facebook page from real people, and there is no limit to the amount you can get.

The benefits of having a lot of likes on your page are many. You can send a message to all of the people who like your page, as individuals, or as a whole.

Any updates you make, like posts to your wall show up in the news feed of every fan you have. If you post viral content, like amazing special offers of free stuff, or something really funny or entertaining, your fans may share it with their friends.

Apart from that, Google pays a lot of attention to how many likes you have, as well as other back links to your Facebook page to determine not only the ranking of your Facebook page on Google, but also all the pages it links to like your actual site.

Cheap Facebook Page Likes

It’s really important to have a big presence on a site like Facebook these days, as people spend four times more time there than any other site including Google, Twitter, and You Tube.

I’ve explained the benefits of having a lot of Facebook page likes in other posts, it’s something you need to have for social proof, SEO and traffic to your posts, so why not buy some now?

I can explain in more detail why you should buy them from me, and why they are real random people, not fake likes which the vast majority of likes dealers sell.

I come from Australia, a fairly rich country, while most other countries in the world aren’t so rich, and not to be racist or anything, but if you’re poor, you won’t have any qualms about selling a lower quality type of electronic product if it makes you twice the profit or more.

There isn’t really any other way I can prove to you that my source is reliable, except to tell you the name of the large social swapping site that I get them from, but if I did that, you could get them directly from there, cut out the middleman, and I’d lose the commission.

You will really just have to take my word for it that these are high quality and reliable followers, and after having bought a few thousand, you will start to notice the traffic to your wall posts and tweets, and it will pay off over the long run.

Apart from the likes, you can buy a lot of other great value social marketing services here on Professional Social Promotion such as social sharing to my huge followers list, You Tube views, SEO services, article writing, or almost anything you could think of.

Just get in touch with me at to talk about buying Facebook likes, or anything else involving traffic generation or marketing for your site. I have five years of experience in all aspects of internet marketing, and I know I can help.

How Do You Get Lots Of Facebook Page Likes?

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How do you get lots of Facebook page likes? Well, you could use Facebook Ads, you could get natural visitors from being on the first page of a Google search, or you could buy Facebook page likes, which helps your ranking on Google and in a Facebook search.

There are many other ways to get traffic to a Facebook page, but if you don’t want to continuously be paying for traffic, you should learn how to get on the first page of Google.

You will want to do a bit of keyword research, perhaps by using the Google Adwords keyword tool, and checking the exact match search volume for different phrases in your niche.

Then, use an SEO tool like SEO Quake, to check the page rank, and amount of back links leading to the first page results on Google for that phrase.

Facebook has a high page rank, but to compete on Google, you will need to have a lot of quality links and text that are relevant to your title, but don’t stuff too many keywords in, try to keep your main keywords as around 3% of the text.

Write a really long info page description, put keyword relevant text in the descriptions of your photos, make an app with a custom iFrame of your site, or any page you want, so long as you host it on your server.

Make a ton of back links from article directories, forums, blog comments, social bookmarking sites, blog posts, and perhaps from relevant pages on Facebook.

Once you have done this important SEO work, it’s time to get Facebook page likes.

Do Facebook page likes help?











How to Get Facebook Page Likes

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have a great service where you can buy Facebook page likes for about five cents each or less.

For ten dollars, you can get over two hundred real people to like your Facebook page, which helps you in a Facebook search, it helps you with SEO, it means you can message those people, and it means that they see all of your posts on your page’s wall in their news feed.

We get these likes from many different sources, like Fiverr, and other micro job sites. It’s very effective, it looks good, and rather than looking for the particular sites and gigs that work the best for getting Facebook page likes, you may as well get us to outsource them for you, and save you the time of finding a reliable likes dealer.

How do you get lots of Facebook page likes cheaply? You buy them right here, on Professional Social Promotion.

We can get you cheap Facebook page likes easily.


Facebook Page Promotion

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Promoting Your Facebook Page

Facebook page promotion is both easy, and hard, depending on what sort of page it is. If you have a Facebook page with a fairly widespread appeal, it may just take off by itself, as people share it with their friends.

If you make one which has a very small amount of competition for that keyword phrase, and a large search volume in a search on both Facebook and Google, then all you need to do is have some understanding of search engine optimization, and get a few Facebook page likes, and it will take off by itself.

For example, you will want to pick a title that people will search for, and have those keywords mentioned in your description, and in the info part, and in the photos, and all through the page.

Social promotion on Facebook can be very hard to do effectively, without appearing like a spammer, but it can be done.






Social Promotion on Facebook

The problem with social promotion on Facebook itself, is you don’t want to appear like you’re spamming your friends too much, or you may get your account suspended.

I usually just post in my news feed once or twice a day, if I think I have something that has a widespread appeal, otherwise it doesn’t look too good.

I use Twitter a lot more, in fact I schedule tweets many times an hour, all through the day, and this gets me a ton of traffic.

I like using StumbleUpon as well, but I still only share a few times a day to my followers on that site.

If you would like to learn more about promotion methods for Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, plus a whole range of different tips on how to be successful online, sign up to the newsletter, or if you would prefer, take a look at the services offered on the home page, and let us do it all for you.

The pages of a book are similar to those of a Facebook page, because you have to read them.