How To Market A Product On Social Media

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This is a basic lesson on how to market a product on social media, and by that I’m talking about the major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube, Stumble Upon, etc.

To start with, you have to figure out who your target audience is. If you have a product with a widespread appeal, that can be bought by anyone in the world, then you in a good position to benefit from all different types of social media marketing.
How to market a product on social media

For example, you can buy random followers and likes and increase your social connections through the services I offer on this site, (see the home page). I can share your site with my large list of social connections if you want things to happen quickly, for example through my best selling Fiverr gig, where I will share your site with all of my tens of thousands of social connections.

Check out my profile page rowanman28 on Fiverr to see what sorts of things I offer there. I also offer a social sharing service on this site, which is slightly better value, and more extensive. I have about 20,000 Twitter followers, 2,000 Facebook friends, 2,000 Google Plus followers, 250 StumbleUpon followers, Linked In groups, Pinterest followers, etc.

By seeing how much traffic you can get from my connections on social media, you can then decide if it is worth getting tens of thousands of random connections on your own accounts.

If you have a more specific audience for a product, then the first place to start would be with SEO. Trying to compete on Google for a keyword phrase that people might be searching for when looking for your product.

This can be a lot more complicated, as the algorithms Google use change all the time, and you might be better off using pay per click advertising instead.

A blog like this can be a good way to keep the website fresh, and to help the ranking of all of the pages on the site, but all of these things take a lot of time, knowledge, and sometimes money as well.

That’s why I offer my services to help out with all aspects of internet marketing, particularly on social media, because it takes a lot more work to market a product online than one person can do effectively on their own.

Outsourcing is a very important part of internet marketing, and I know how to get a good price on paying people to write content, getting people to share with their friends and followers, and pretty much anything you can think of.

Send me a message at to talk about the different options for marketing your product online, and what I can do to help.

Best Social Media Marketing Company

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Looking for the best social media marketing company online? Well this site is a good place to start. Professional Social Promotion is not really a big company, but a small business run by me, Rowan Casey from Australia.

What I can do is use micro job sites where people are paid to do things such as tweet, like, share, Google Plus, Digg or stumble your site until it gets all the exposure and social signals that you are looking for, and my commission for managing a social media marketing campaign is very affordable.

I can get you Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, manage a pay per click or pay per view advertising campaign, pretty much whatever you’re looking for, and I can advise you on the best way to get a return on your investment through social marketing and alternative advertising methods.

It’s not a matter of speed, and you want real people and a natural progression of links showing up on social media sites in order to send the right signals to Google so you rank well in the search results.

Social signals play as important a role in SEO today as high page rank back links used to, and Google themselves are the ones saying that. The benefit it has to your rankings is only a bonus, as if people find your site interesting enough to share it with their friends, it can go viral.

Best Social Marketing Practice

It depends on what your site is, whether you have a widespread appeal, or a targeted audience as to what the best way is to run a social marketing campaign.

Even if your site needs very targeted viewers, you can get them through social sites, sometimes extremely targeted, if you pay for it. I’ll give you an example.

Plenty of Fish is a free dating site with millions of members. You can target your ads to someone who is a certain age, in a certain city, a certain sex, and who is a few pounds, or very overweight.

Similar thing with Facebook Ads, although if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up paying more than you make back.

Google is an obvious place to try to get customers, but there is always going to be stiff competition on Google, and as I said before, it requires a natural link profile including social signals to rank in a Google search.

So what I would often suggest is that you show up in all of the places that you would if a lot of people really liked your site. What does that mean?

They would blog about it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, on Google Plus, the link might appear on Yahoo Answers, on forums, you get the idea. My social media marketing services also get you traffic for a lot less than you would usually pay on Google Adwords.

The thing to do is get in contact with me to talk about your site, cause while I do have some PayPal buttons set up for some simple services, I want to set up a campaign for you that provides a good return on your investment, by giving you the right advice.

Contact me at to discuss the best way of doing social media marketing for your site.

This is the best place to buy social media marketing services.

Professional Social Media Marketing

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Professional Social Promotion offers social media marketing services such as Facebook page likes, social sharing, scheduled tweeting to our followers, article writing, SEO services and more.

If you want anything done to do with social media marketing, this is the place, as we offer the best value products and services to do with traffic generation of all kinds, in a professional way.

Any size order is fine, and you don’t need to pick from a set list of prices, just get in contact, (, and talk about what you would like done, and we can negotiate a price.

It’s not just social media marketing services that we offer, but a whole range of affordable traffic generating methods of all kinds. We can outsource to micro job sites, alternative advertising agencies, independent contractors, and a whole range of different things that can get you targeted visitors to your site for as low as one cent per click.

This may not always be the case, as social promotion of a product requires that it has a widespread appeal to the general population, but I guarantee that we can help you in some way, whether it’s in giving advice on on-page optimization and sales pitch, improving your ranking on Google, or driving traffic to your site through social marketing and advertising.

Social marketing professionals.







Professional Social Marketing Services

So what can you expect when you order one of the social media marketing services or SEO services on the home page? You can expect that you will get what you pay for, or even more.

If you want something really inexpensive to start with, you can check out my Fiverr gigs, for a cheap share to tens of thousands of Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and StumbleUpon followers, etc.

There is better value offered on this site though, as the more you pay, the more time and effort you get for your money, and Fiverr takes a 20% commission on orders made through them.

Again, send me a message at to talk about your site, and how to get heaps of traffic to it at an affordable price, through our professional social media marketing services.

These images are from Professional Social Promotion.

Does Social Media Marketing Work?

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The question of the day is: does social media marketing work? The answer is elusive. In some cases it works very well, and in others it doesn’t.

The goal is to spend a certain amount of time to make a certain amount of money. If you are spending hours working on getting Facebook page likes and you are not seeing a huge profit from the time you spend there, then you should forget about it, and move on to a more profitable way to spend your time.

You should remember that even though links from Facebook are no follow, they still count in your rankings on Google, as part of your overall link profile.

Personally, I have had a lot more luck with getting traffic from my Twitter followers, and that’s not just because it’s easier to get huge numbers of followers quickly, but also because it just works better for me.

Here is a You Tube video I came across recently that explains in depth whether you should or shouldn’t be spending your time on social media marketing, and whether it will work for you.

So Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Put it this way, if you spend hours a day on building your social connections, you may have the numbers to make a sale.

An alternative to working all day long on your Facebook and Twitter accounts is buying social promotion services, such as the ones offered here on this site.

Here you can buy Facebook page likes, schedule tweets to our thousands of followers, get a You Tube video made, buy cheap views for it, have articles written, buy back links for SEO, in fact almost anything you want done, you can get here on Professional Social Promotion.

When you consider that you might pay a dollar for what would take you over an hour to do yourself, it’s a very affordable service, that produces real results.

Does social media marketing work? Yes it does, you just have to specialize in it, and spend hours a day working on it, or hire the services of a social media marketing expert.

I am an expert at social media marketing.