Effective Promotions – Are People Aware of Your Event?

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Least effective promotionsWhen it comes to your huge event, you have to make sure that the event organizers that you engaged have allocated a good portion of the budget for promotions. Are people hearing, reading, or seeing the most important bits of information about the event? When it comes to event management, experts know that promotion is the key to making the affair successful and profitable.

With the technology we have today, promoting your event may seem like such an easy thing to accomplish, but you need to figure out how to work all these tools, especially the social media ones, in order to utilize them for optimum results. The following are some tips for effectively promoting your event.

• Tell your event planner what your preferences are. At the same time, you need to listen to their expert suggestions. At the end of the day, it’s mainly about budget and fitting in as many options in the amount.
• Identify your audience. When you know this bit, everything falls into place. You’ll know which radio stations, TV shows, print media, etc. to advertise in. The social channels will also allow you to target your ad onto your intended audience.
• Deliver a simple message. Simple messages are effective in that they are clear and short. People are busy and don’t want to spend time figuring out what you’re trying to say. You need to keep this consistent across all the tools that you are using to promote your event. Having a catchphrase helps. Online, make sure that you always include a link that will bring clickers to one landing page that will further sell the event to them.
• Be sure to have at least one print ad out there. You can’t assume that social media will take care of all the promotion that you need to get done. To cover all bases, do not discount the traditional channels. A print ad is a very good bet for reaching those who missed your online ads.
• Make your appeal for attendance or participation personal. Insert a sense of uniqueness to your ad so that your audience will feel that that they are being directly addressed. You need to give them a good reason for coming to your event. Make your ad focus on the ways your event will benefit them and not on the features they can expect.
No matter how well your event was thought out and put together, if it wasn’t promoted well, all those efforts will be for naught, so promote hard and promote well to ensure its success.

About the author:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.

Facebook Marketing: A Widely Accepted Internet Marketing Strategy

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Facebook StrategiesGuest post by Andy Thompson

What was it about this photoblog’s Facebook Marketing Strategy that has made its founder, Brandon Stanton such a glittering celebrity?

Well, it’s a simple – design your Facebook Marketing Strategy in such a way that its contents endear to the people reading the page.

Each portrait comes with a story and some of which are valuable life lessons to learn, but what really binds all their words is the relevancy and similarity that they have with our lives.

So here’s the key. Your content must be relatable, must know how to touch hearts and must read minds through your Facebook Marketing. Here are golden Facebook Marketing Strategies.

1. Reach out to your targeted audience: This is the golden rule of any kind of content marketing and advertising – recognize your target audience and direct your content towards them. Every product appeases to its distinct audience. A tech freak will love a page on Android or iOS, while a foodie will perhaps like all the posts of Zomato or Masterchef. You can create ads to promote your page and sell it to the people who will show a keen interest on it.

2. Conduct an audit of your Facebook page: Keep reviewing and evolving your Facebook Marketing Strategy. Is your Facebook page appealing enough for a person to look at it? Are your posts interesting enough to grab attention? Are you working as per your users’ interests? Review your Facebook accounts, ads, campaigns, and much more to generate a high click-through rate for your account.

3. Share as much as possible: Promote your content and grow as a community both online and offline by virtually performing the following tasks to widen your product’s umbrella. Furthermore, you may send out an email overhaul using tools like MailChimp to various users, who can promote dialog and conversations. You may link your Facebook account to your blog page and website or place icons on related websites. When you’re offline, try to use the common marketing strategies of business cards or on your walls, or in pamphlets.

5. Schedule your content and post only during peak hours: One of the best features of Facebook is the Insights tool. It’s a perfect complement to a good Facebook Marketing Strategy. With the Insights tool, you get an outlook on the number of people visiting your page, liked your page and logged into your page in the past month. Facebook also has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule your posts that appear on your page whenever you want it. Additionally, getting an insight into the hours when your page receives the maximum traffic helps you place your posts accordingly.

6. Use Facebook ads and plugins: Facebook ads aren’t really expensive and they add gravitas to your Facebook marketing strategy. They can lift your pages by generating more likes, comments and shares, by promoting your events, or by building an audience for your App. Facebook plugins, on the other hand, increase awareness about your page through Like Buttons or Like Boxes on separate websites.

Invest in Facebook as this is a worth investing relationship. Zuckerberg’s child is the most used social networking platform in the world and the best way to connect to it is through Facebook marketing. Since Facebook marketing is a widely acceptable internet marketing strategy, you might want to try it on your business. Good Luck!

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Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.

Get Maximum Results Out Of Your Creative Advertising Agency

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Advertising for beginners

Advertising for beginners

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Working with a creative advertising agency is not just a matter of footing the bill for a campaign and simply waiting for stellar results. Having this mindset is a quick shortcut to frustration.

Rather than viewing this relationship merely as a client-service provider one, you can get more out of an advertising agency by viewing this as a collaboration.

If your business organisation is still at the initial stage of working with an advertising agency, here are a few tips that will allow you to reap the maximum amount of benefits from your advertising partner.

Trust the Experts

You entrust your doctor with your health and you entrust your books to the accountant. In the same manner, you should view your advertising agency as a specialist in the field who works with your best interests in mind. One common mistake that many businesses initially make is to have a firm idea in mind which may not necessarily work. Your advertising agency and its personnel have the knowledge, skills and experience and it is worthwhile to trust their judgment, especially on technical matters.

Have a Clear Objective

Despite their expertise, advertising agencies are neither miracle workers nor seers. They cannot produce your expected results if your objectives are vague. In short, specify which problem you have at hand that you want them to work on.

Agree on a Strategy

One quick way to get yourself frustrated is to let your agency begin with a campaign without first agreeing on which strategies to implement. As a rule of thumb, your agency should brief you on which specific strategies can be best used to achieve the goal you have set. At this stage, you should bring your inputs to the table and highlight which strategies you agree to use. Should the agency commence with the campaign and use tactics that have not been previously agreed upon, you have the right to ask them to start over again. However, if you agreed to something, you’ll only be causing disruption to the campaign.

Equip Your Agency

Your advertising agency can provide better results if they know your product or service by heart. Let their personnel meet with your research and development team. Show them your prototypes. Advertising ideas that truly stand out come from ad men who sincerely understand what it is they are trying to promote.

Be Constructive

Another major pitfall clients make is to order too many revisions, delaying the whole campaign further. The key to avoiding this is to have a clear goal which will anchor the whole campaign. Should you have any criticisms, make it constructive and do not make it deviate completely from the established goal.

Author Bio:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing on sites like: She actually shares what she learned through writing/blogging.

Best Marketing Strategies For Facebook

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Facebook marketing strategy

Guest post by Seo Land

Using Facebook to effectively grow an ecommerce business can be a struggle for many new sites. Often businesses create a Facebook page for their business but fail to see any results from it.

Effective social media marketing can be achieved via Facebook but there is more work involved than just simply creating a page.

Firstly, there is little point in setting up a Facebook page if your customers are not on the site. If they are using it then setting up a page can be a starting point for creating posts that your customers will want to share.

  •  Ensure that you are creating Facebook content that engages your customer’s interest. Provide information about your brand and your products. Ensure that you speak to your customers via Facebook in their own language.
  • Make your posts outside of normal business hours. The majority of Facebook activity takes place in your customer’s leisure hours. If you post during business hours they may have to scroll down their friend page in order to see your update, as a result it may become lost. By making the post during the evening it will appear fresh and part of the current feed.
  • Offering coupons, giveaways or promote contests. This will encourage the sharing on of your content to your customers friends and in turn increase awareness of your brand
  • Facebook offers the option for your post to be featured as a promoted post. This means that it will appear at the top of your users news feeds, drawing greater attention an increasing its chances of being shared onwards. Using this method on this social media platform, users don’t actually realise that they are clicking on a paid add.
  • Use Facebook polls to obtain customer views about your products. Not only can this generate useful information about how your products are viewed, but in addition when a poll is voted on, it will show up in a user’s friends feed, further broadcasting your brand and increasing awareness.
  • If you are having a sale or a time limited promotion then make use of Facebook to increase awareness of this.
  • Take account of your product market. If you are selling luxury goods then you are unlikely to achieve many sales directly through Facebook or any other social media marketing tool. However it is an excellent vehicle for promoting brand awareness, sop focus your posts on achieving this objective.
  • Share posts made by other pages on your own page. By doing so, a reciprocal arrangement can be set up whereby everyone can benefit from the increased publicity generated by the increased reach of posts.
  • Make effective use of videos and images. Just as the product images on your site should be the best that you have available, make sure that the images you use on your Facebook page are clear and professional. The same goes for video content – ensure that it is of high quality and provides the viewer with something that the will want to share with their friends, for example new information or effective use of humour.
  •  Make it clear what reaction you want to a post. If you want users to click ‘like’ then tell them this and give them an incentive to do so, for example a discount or another benefit of some kind.

About The Author

Seoland is an internet marketing expert that sells social media marketing services along with many other things on their site.