Strategies on Using the Power of Season-Themed Marketing

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Every season includes very special occasions and all businesses should look upon these occasions as a goldmine for their marketing campaigns. Season-themed marketing is very powerful as it capitalizes on the dominant positive emotions people have about certain occasions. And once you appeal to your market’s “feelings,” it definitely won’t be difficult swaying them to act to the advantage of your business.

Content Marketing TrainingAccording to specialists in SEO, season-themed content, ads and other marketing materials are very effective in generating traffic and creating conversions; however, it’s important to learn the best ways of incorporating them into a marketing campaign. For a bit of social media and content marketing training to correctly utilize season-themed content and ads, here are four smart tips.

• Social media training, experts say, involves placing your ads in social media and making sure that you use images that align with the season or occasion completely. An example would be this coming Easter; while you may not be selling anything Easter-related, using popular Easter icons like decorated Easter eggs in a basket, the Easter Bunny, and pastel colours will get your target market “in the mood for consumption.” Displaying the same excitement will make your message more relatable, especially if you present it on social media.
• Create season-themed events online. These are easy to make and carry out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure that they’re not only for fun but also for your audiences’ gain. For example, during Christmas, hold a virtual game like “Where’s Waldo,” but instead of Waldo, have your audience look for Santa or the Grinch. Create a valuable enough prize for the first five commenters that provide the correct answers. This will generate a lot of traffic for a particular time period, as well as increase engagement and maintain interest in your business so conversions can be made in the future.
• Create time-bound offers and make the day of the holiday the deadline. This will create urgency among your followers, especially if you’re selling a product or service. Most people always have this mind-set that they must not miss out on something “limited.” This will work to your business’s advantage if you wish to boost traffic and conversions.
• The last one is to use season-themed icons to represent savings opportunities and other advantages. Be creative with this because you can apply this in literally all types of marketing content; use them for contests, the images for your giveaway, and promo or discount codes.

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Facebook Marketing Strategies For Your Small Business

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Guest post by Linknami.

Facebook marketing has become very important today. The education and business sectors are availing the web platform to market their classes, events and other activities to plenty of users in the online field.Marketing Strategies For Small Business

Intelligent professionals are obtaining remarkable outcomes by choosing the best Facebook marketing strategy.

You can also carry your event marketing to extreme heights after knowing some tricks to market the events on Facebook. First you want to build the events page on the site, but there are many other things you should do as well, it is best to talk to an expert.

You should make sure including the appropriate keywords to the pages to achieve better rankings on different search engines. Incorporate the firm’s logo and perfect pictures in conjunction with the company specifications.

After you have posted the articles on the event page, begin sending mails to friends asking them to visit and like the page.

Facebook Marketing Strategies

It is also good to fill the event page with quality information. Post content which is actually interesting and beneficial for them. You must always remember that there are opportunities for the visitors discussing the article with their friends only when the contents are interesting.

When you are hosting fundraising programs frequently in support with the several types of social causes, it will be best to write regarding the last events as well as images of different meaningful moments to attract the visitors.

Make sure that the posing the personalized articles will not be effective. You should keep in mind that your goal must be to share the quality articles with the friends on facebook and not compelling them to sign up or purchase any tickets for the events.

Say your friends to tell their comments on the page hence that the other interested visitors may also have the chance to get a look on the event page and follow the updates.

You can also ask some questions associated to the seminar or meeting which are going to take place in few days. Write the replies on the business blog and then submit the link of the answers on the page.

It will be an excellent method to engage the readers and followers and raise the visitors to the website and blog. You must become a member to the appropriate community for event planner. By this method, you can understand what other people are considering or performing and create a good relationship with the field professionals in the course of time.

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Use services like Linknami to find social influencers and topic experts and let them post messages about your products and services.

To retain and to maintain the trend of optimizing the participation of the events, it is essential to keep your eye and check the engagement level of the users with the website and event page.

The ROI and the attendance level will exactly based up on the fans interest on the programs and events, number of likes, conversion rate etc with unsubscribing to the page.

When Facebook Ads are designed perfectly, these ads can actually bring a great improvement to the goal of the advertising program. It is easy to build and offer certain good choices to aim the visitors. Facebook marketing offers lot of advantage to the business owners.