Internet Marketing Mistakes

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There are many internet marketing mistakes people make while learning how to make money online. Here I will share with you just a few.

I won’t do it as a top ten, because there is no way to determine which of these mistakes are the worst mistakes, it all comes down to how much money you lose on it, if it doesn’t work.

That’s why the first in my list of internet marketing mistakes is putting all your eggs in one basket.

Worst Internet Marketing Mistakes

Putting all your efforts into only one way of making money online is a potential disaster, as anything can go wrong with any method of internet marketing, at any time.

Whether it’s someone who only focuses on SEO, and then realizes that the latest algorithm change on Google means that all their link building every day for years was in vein, or whether it’s someone who focuses on building lots of Twitter followers, only to have their account suspended cause they didn’t read the rules carefully enough.

It’s a big mistake to put all of your eggs in one basket in internet marketing, and could ultimately mean that all your hard work goes down the drain in an instant.

I have been caught out in that way a number of times during my online career. I join someone else’s site, think it’s great, then all of a sudden, they change their policy, or you get in trouble for doing the wrong thing. It’s a really good idea to spread your efforts all over the place, and using every different method.

It doesn’t really matter if you make your own sites, or if you use someone else’s, the main thing is that it builds up a residual income, or ongoing work that is easy to do.

I started out writing articles on other people’s sites. I’m still making a dollar a day from Factoidz, and a tiny amount from the other article writing sites I tried.

I made twelve dollars one day on Bukisa, and then they cancelled the referral program. It’s probably better to make your own professional website, once you learn a bit about SEO and how to make money online.

My Internet Marketing Credentials

I have no formal training in internet marketing. I just started trying to make money as soon as I got the internet on.

The first year, I made a dollar a day on average. The second year, it might have been five dollars a day at most. My third year, (or now), I’m making maybe twenty dollars a day from selling things like Twitter followers and Facebook page likes.

Again, these things do work, my Facebook page is a page rank 6 on Google, and I have gotten most of the traffic to my site from Twitter, but you will want to diversify, and try out every different method, and put most of your efforts into the ones that work the best, not all of your efforts.

These are the internet marketing mistakes that cause many people to give up, but if you diversify your efforts, and are consistent over many years, you should be able to retire within ten years, or work for an hour a day for a huge income. This isn’t at all unreasonable, as ten years is a long time.

If you have made some internet marketing mistakes yourself, or you’re trying to avoid mistakes, and figure out the right things to do for your site, send me a message to talk about it at:

What are the biggest internet marketing mistakes?

Internet Marketing Services

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Professional Social Promotion offers internet marketing services of all kinds that are cheap and effective.

No matter what your site is about, and whether it requires targeted visitors, or has a widespread appeal, I can suggest a solution to help you make good money from it.

Some of the things I can do for you is help you get your own social connections such as Twitter followers and Facebook page likes.

The social sharing service costs ten dollars, and is a thorough sharing of your site to all of my tens of thousands of social connections on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and more.

You can try out a more basic version of this on my Fiverr gig: I will share your site with my Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon followers for $5.

If you are thinking you want a larger social media marketing campaign, I can do that for you as well, by using micro job sites like Microworkers and others, where people are paid a few cents to tweet and share your site with their connections.

Best Internet Marketing Services Online

You may be requiring a more targeted campaign involving SEO, and pay per click advertising. If so, I can advise you on those things as well, and a large part of SEO does involve social signals, so in that case, you would probably be best served by ordering pretty much all the services on the site, or talking with me about the best way to get you rankings, or a good ROI on PPC.

That means return on investment by the way, and that is the goal of anything I do for people. To give them a good return on their investment on my internet marketing services so they become a repeat customer, and buy my services again.

I can tell you honestly whether or not I think I can make you a good profit, or whether you may need to change the design and copy of your site. I can advise you on the right keyword density, the title, the description, and the call to action.

I can help you figure out how to build a big list, and what to say to the people in your list once they sign up. By the way, I talk about a lot of these things in my free e-book: A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding Online, which you can get by signing up to the newsletter.

I believe that my social media marketing and internet marketing services are top-of-the-line, and you should get in touch with me now to talk about your site by sending me an email at

These are the best internet marketing services online.