Is There An Easy Solution In Internet Marketing?

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The Easy Solution To MarketingI run into people all the time or sites that claim to offer an easy solution to getting tons of traffic to your site through better Google rankings or some other amazing way of generating leads.

The way to look at most of that internet marketing sales copy is that 99% of it has less than 1% truth to it, and 1% of it has 99% truth to it.

The reason is, some people are just raised to tell the truth, and they actually have something worth selling you, and aren’t just making up bogus claims.

It’s not unusual to see photos of marketers making ten thousand dollars a week through Clickbank, and those screenshots are real, but what they don’t tell you is that they are spending thousands of dollars worth of advertising to get those figures.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, I haven’t made anything from Clickbank personally, but I haven’t really tried that hard.

What Worked For Me

I did get my first check from Amazon for a hundred dollars, after three years of being signed up as an affiliate, and that felt good.

What was encouraging was that I made almost all the money in the last couple of months. I worked out a way of making Facebook pages for random Amazon products so that people who were searching on Facebook for that exact thing could find what they were looking for and buy it.

It’s not really a new or interesting idea, and it didn’t really last too long, as you have to keep updating the pages with fresh content now, or Facebook will just stop showing the pages in a search.

Still, when I was doing it, I was easily making a couple of dollars a day, and that was from only making a couple of dozen pages with titles like Buy Amazon Gift Cards.

I made the pages, bought a few hundred likes for each of the pages, and that was it. That was enough for it to rank for the random search I was aiming it at, and so whenever somebody searches for a phrase like JC Penney gift cards on Facebook, odds are they will get my page.

I really didn’t put a lot of work into it, it’s a really simple formula, and there are an almost endless amount of potential products to sell on Amazon.

If you’re interested in doing that, and you’re happy to buy the likes for the pages from me, (I’m one of the most trustworthy and reliable likes dealers online), then I can show you how to do that, it’s real easy, and you will be able to start making money straight away.

You can do the same thing by making an Amazon review site based around a niche, but it takes longer to get it to rank and to make money.

If you have any questions about that, or how to make money generally online, or do SEO, or you want to buy some likes or Twitter followers or get me to make you a You Tube video or some original music, or you want to know how to set up a website, or anything like that, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar.

Submit A Guest Post On Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing guest post submission guidelinesI’m always looking for high quality internet marketing related guest posts to publish here on Professional Social Promotion.

This site is mostly about social media marketing, but it’s also about all aspects of internet marketing as well, like SEO, traffic generation, list building, advertising, and all of that stuff that you need to know to run a successful website.

A guest post on this site makes a great back link to your site, so long as it’s over 400 words, written in good English, linking out to a related site, from a relevant post that people will want to read.

I don’t want to publish advertisements, so it has to be about a topic, perhaps answering a common question that people might have, such as “how to create high quality back links post panda”.

Regardless of whether that title has any real exact match volume, or whether there is a lot of competition for that phrase, it’s something that people are searching fairly hard for, and they might continue reading the pages on the Google results onto the second or third page, if they’re serious about finding the answer to their question.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Guest Post

To write something that will help the ranking of your site, (and mine as well), you should do some keyword research to find a title that has some exact match search volume, related to the topic of the page you want to link to.

There’s not much point in asking me to publish a post that links to a travel site, as it’s not relevant, and I won’t publish it anyway.

All you have to do is answer the question effectively, and maybe include the keyword phrase or variations of it a few times throughout the text, making sure not to stuff too many keywords in.

Basically, it has to read well, and be entertaining for my readers, giving them quality information that isn’t just the same old thing, but perhaps what you have learned from your experience as an internet marketer.

I can put a photo in for you, or you might have a You Tube video that you want to embed as well, and you can send those links or files and the text of the guest post to

I might ask you to edit it, or ask that you allow me to edit it, but if it’s reasonably good, and will benefit my site by publishing it, then I will publish it, as I need to constantly update the site with fresh content related to marketing and social media.

You might want to get in touch with me first, to talk about what you’re going to write about, if you haven’t written the post yet.

Guest posts are not to be published anywhere else, or have been published previously, and I also want you to let me know what sort of back links you’re going to make to the page, as I don’t want a lot of spam links pointing at any page of my site, and many SEO techniques are outdated since the latest algorithm changes.

For more information on the guest post submission guidelines, take a look at the main guest post page, as that explains it all, and take a look at the services I offer while you’re there, or just send me a message if you have any questions.

Internet Marketing Strategy

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This is my internet marketing strategy, and I know it works to some degree, although it may not work in all aspects all the time, particularly trying to compete on Google for this title, but even if it doesn’t, I know I will get traffic from many other places.

I follow a routine every day, (or I try to), a bunch of different things I do, which make up my internet marketing strategy, and I will explain them here.

To start with, I will tell you about my SEO strategy, although it’s all linked together as I will explain.

I write a blog post of about three hundred words or more, related to the subject matter of my site, which is broadly related to internet marketing, but mostly social media marketing.

I make sure that each blog post has a few cross links to important pages on my site. I make back links through social media and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, and then I might continue with a bit of blog commenting.

I usually do a Google search on my keyword, or related keywords like this: internet marketing “yourname@yourkeywords”.

This brings up results of pages that are relevant, and also have the Comment Luv plugin, with Keyword Luv, which allows you to put your keywords in the comment, and have a link back to your site from the link text of your keywords, often it’s a do follow link too.

There is software you can get to automate this process, but I find that if you want it to look natural, you have to actually do it in a natural way, otherwise you can get carried away with making too many back links too quickly.

Twitter is a big part of my internet marketing strategy.Facebook has got to be a part of any internet marketing strategy.





Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is probably the most important part of my internet marketing strategy, and it probably should be yours too.

If you are really good at doing keyword research, and can find a profitable niche that is not packed with competition, you may be able to compete on Google, although you would also have to be lucky.

Alternatively, if you can just buy thousands of Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, or social sharing by lots of different people to their friends cheaply, then you get not only paid traffic at a few cents a click, but also back links that Google pays attention to.

It’s not just the back links that come from these sites, but when you get shared a lot on Facebook or tweeted a lot, you also get listed in hundreds of different social directories like Social Whale, Favit, Tweet Me Me, and all of these are good back links as well.

So a lot of my internet marketing strategy, and how I spend most of my time involves getting social connections, and sharing links with them. That’s also the main type of service I provide on this site.

I might make a You Tube video once a day, or every other day, and if it’s good, I might get it a few hundred views to try to kick it off. I noticed that a couple of my videos I made a few months back had thousands of views.

I sell views, subscribers, likes, followers, Google plus connections, pretty much anything you want. I can make you a custom Facebook page, help you make a good video, advise you on SEO, pay per click advertising, pretty much any aspect of internet marketing.

Anyway, that’s my internet marketing strategy, the routine I try to stick to every day, and I think that it will work in getting a few thousand people to read this post. Send me a message at to talk about your site, and your internet marketing strategy.


Internet Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Internet Marketing TipsI often get asked to give people advice, and if you want to know almost everything I have to share about the best ways to do things online, take a look in the social media marketing articles in the top menu.

I wil also continue to write more specific free internet marketing tips for beginners in these blog posts.

Here are some helpful internet marketing strategies, some tips for beginners, things that it took me many years to learn.

To start with, you will want to learn a bit about SEO, or search engine optimization. This is important because Google is still the best way to get targeted traffic to your site.

There is a lot of competition on Google, but you can still rank for a phrase if you try hard enough, and know what you’re doing.

To start with, you will probably want to get your own self-hosted WordPress website, and I give you tips on how to do that in an article I wrote long ago when I first built this site called Building a Professional Website.

Those social marketing articles at the top of your screen have all the important information on them, they are the place to go to learn how to set up a successful online business from start to finish, according to me.

I have five years experience now doing internet marketing, SEO, and social media marketing online, so again, take a look at those, and they will teach you just about everything you need to know.

Otherwise, send me a message and ask me something if it’s not in there. I’ll be happy to help, and I can give you coaching for the time it takes me to answer your questions, like I charge about ten US dollars an hour give or take.

You need to do a bit of keyword research to make sure you can compete, get an exact match domain name for the title of your home page, make sure there is good cross linking within the site, and continually update your site with relevant pages that are long, and have your main keywords (for the title of the page), as about 3% of the text.

You should consistently build back links from a variety of different places to your home page, and all the different pages on your site, but don’t get carried away with it.

There is a lot of work involved in the whole process, particularly when it comes to social media marketing.

Social Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social media marketing is becoming an increasingly important part of internet marketing, so you probably need to have a Facebook page, get lots of likes for it, get some Twitter followers, learn how to use Google Plus, Linked In, and perhaps Stumble Upon and You Tube as well.

Social media sites can get you more traffic in some cases than you could ever get from Google, even if you are using Google Adwords.

A Facebook Ads campaign can be expensive, but if you’re willing to pay the money, it can get you traffic a lot faster than Google because people spend four times more time on Facebook than any other site.

You have to put in a fair amount of effort to maintain your social profiles, build back links, write blog posts, and all of that, but that’s why I’m offering my services on this site.

I can pretty much do all of these things for you, for the right price. I can make you a simple You Tube video, write an article about your site, or almost anything you want.

There are a lot more helpful internet marketing tips for beginners scattered around the site, but if you have a specific question about something, send me an email at and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

I can actually help you get anything you want, as the caption under my photo in the sidebar says.

That’s what I do, if I can’t do the work myself, I can find someone who can do it for you. I’m an all-purpose internet marketing assistant, specialising in social media marketing, and I can help you do whatever it is you want or need to do online.