The Most Efficient Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

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Instagram Followers

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

The use of social media is among the efficient ways on how you can increase your online presence.

Although Twitter and Facebook prove to be among the best most efficient social media platforms that can be used, there are indeed other reasons for you to engage your current and possible clients into photo sharing.

Instagram is indeed among these efficient photo sharing media platforms you can trust. Among the main reasons why you must engage into photo sharing is that you can actually get as much as 25% more engagement on such social media platform as opposed to its more popular counterparts.

When it comes to using Instagram, there is a need for you to establish a massive audience who will be able to follow your business or brand. Indeed, there are plenty of strategies you can use in order to boost your Instagram followers.

These strategies will include using the proper hashtags as well as filters, publishing images or content on the right time and day, and understanding the browsing habits of possible customers.

Remember though that is you adhere with such strategies, it will not automatically mean that you can grow you Instagram followers in an instant. These techniques will certain require patience. Also, it will not necessarily mean translate to a huge increase in the number of your followers.

The Best Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Indeed, most experts say that there is a far better, most efficient way of increasing the number of your followers in Instagram. That is, to buy followers. Is it really possible? Yes, of course.

But the main concern is that is it worth investing for? Believe it or not, you must be aware that the total number of your current followers will greatly influence the decision of a certain Instagram user regarding whether he or she will follow your account. It is a fact that you are most likely to be followed in this social media platform if you are a celebrity or popular. And in the world of media, be reminded that you become popular if you have lots of followers.

Having plenty of followers in your Instagram account will in fact benefit you a lot, most especially if you own a business. This will help increase awareness of your brand.

Another way of increasing your income if you increase your followers is that you can make use of your account for shout-outs where you can promote the services, products, as well as Instagram accounts of other people for a certain fee.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics regarding internet marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms. She visits sites like  She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet and social media marketing through writing.

Why You Should Not Buy Google Plus Followers

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This is an article I submitted for publication on Ezine Articles, and they rejected it, like they have done with almost 90% of the articles I’ve submitted over the years there.Buy Google Plus Followers

It’s about why you should not buy Google Plus followers, and it was written after I had my Google Plus account suspended. I managed to get it back since then, but I was a little annoyed when I wrote this.

I’ve actually only submitted about ten articles on that site, so it’s more like 60% of the articles I’ve submitted there that they’ve rejected, but you get the point, it’s hard to get around the quality control, even with a high quality article like this:

So this is meant to be an explanation of why you should not buy Google Plus followers. I sell Google Plus followers, or that’s the keyword I go by when explaining my range of social media marketing services that I do for people, on that site.

Google Plus suspended my account, and did not give a reason, just referred me to the rules of content and conduct, and that was it, over a year’s hard work down the drain, with no comeback.

The rules of the site say that you cannot post a link to a site that sells or makes money from the sale of alcohol, firearms, tobacco, medical equiment, pharmecueticals, pornography, or anything they deem to be slightly unpleasant.

Basically, they can suspend anyone, for any reason, at any time they feel like it, and they don’t care one iota about your feelings on the subject.

That was all I could work out that I was doing wrong in the rules, which conveniently include that you aren’t allowed to do anything at all, or they’ll get rid of you just because they don’t like your face.

I definitely wasn’t spamming, or if I’m a spammer, then so is everyone on the site. I used sites that allowed you to promote your social profile to get followers, (that’s legal talk for buy or swap social followers), and that is allowed in the terms of service of those sites, and there is no legal case to try to prevent that.

I have no idea what I did wrong, if I knew, if it was something I could avoid next time, or fix now, I would do it, but they never even told me what it was, or gave me a chance to fix it.

Now, I am sick of being censored, being treated like a spammer, a criminal, a lower breed of human being that is not allowed to post and publish things online.

Google Plus Is A Waste Of Time

I’m not denying that it has some of the elements of Facebook and Twitter, but when you combine those two elements, you get your account suspended, unlike either of the other huge social media sites, which very rarely suspend you for anything.

I run a business, I have products and services to sell, but I am not a spam robot, nor am I trying to annoy or scam anybody, in any way.

I am sick of this idea of quality control extending to the point that I will probably not even get this article published on this site because I use the word “I” in it.

This is an utterly ridiculous state of affairs, where a person has their life dictated to them by the people upstairs running the online world, which is where most people live these days.

They aren’t even partially connected to the government, and they think they can tell us how to think, how to act, it’s like they have self-appointed themselves the high council on the proper putting together of words on the internet.

I’m not going to start swearing, I’m not going to start swearing. Don’t get the electric collar, I’ll be good, I promise!

After Having Time To Think About Google Plus

This is me writing some more today, a couple of weeks later, after getting my Google Plus account back.

It turned out that I had another account with the same name on Google Plus, and I deleted that one.

I haven’t had any more problems since then on the site, although I am still extremely wary of using it.

I wrote an article about how to add the Google Plus author tags, which may be something that Google decides to insist upon for higher rankings.

I don’t like that, but it may be important if you are claiming authorship to have a large amount of verified followers with photos. The best way to get these is through following people and hoping they follow you back.

I can do possibly that for you if they let me log in from another country, and if you are happy to give me the log in details of your Google Plus account, I work fairly cheap.

The other method is not as good, but it definitely works, getting them from social swapping sites, which is where I get most of the things I sell like Facebook likes, Twitter followers, You Tube views, tweets, shares, and many other things.

With the importance that might be placed in coming years on your Google Plus account, it’s important that you don’t get yourself into trouble and get your account suspended, as it can happen for many reasons and is hard to get back.

Your Google account is linked to You Tube, Blogger, and all the various other Google products, but the followers I sell are safe, they stick, and they are real people, even if some of the accounts don’t have photos.

If you are interested in discussing me getting you some followers on Google Plus, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, social sharing, guest posts, video production, etc, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar.

Buying Twitter Followers

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I’m talking about buying Twitter followers today, and by that I mean me using social swapping sites to encourage people to follow you by following them, or by buying points on these sites.

Buying Twitter Followers

Twitter has been my number one source of traffic for this site, and I get my thousands of followers from these sites.

I offer the service of working on these sites pressing the button on your account or mine, to increase your social followers on Twitter, and also Facebook, Google Plus, You Tube, etc.

You can find the payment page on the home page of this site, or you can get to another great page that has the same buttons by clicking on this link: Buy Twitter Followers.

That’s a link to my new site which has all the same services for sale on it, but it’s just a bit more professional than this site which I set up years ago now.

Prices For Twitter Followers

If you have a fairly new account, I can add a few hundred followers for ten dollars, and after that it may get a bit more expensive, as it gets harder to do, due to the limits of Twitter, and the limits of the sites like Twiends.

Once you get to following 2,000 people, you have to un-follow some, buy points, or get followers through free daily points on these sites in order to maintain the balance.

Once you have 2,000 following you back, you can follow an extra 10%, so 200 people, before you need to get the balance right again.

I can help you manage your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your You Tube account, or pretty much anything if you make it worth my while.

Why You Should Hire Me

I work reasonably cheap, and have over five years experience in social media marketing, as well as paid advertising and SEO. I can help you with all aspects of internet marketing.

As I said, buying real random Twitter followers can really increase the traffic to your site, so long as your site has widespread appeal, and so long as you get a reasonable amount, which would be at least ten thousand, otherwise it’s not really worth your time.

The thing about getting random followers is they are also following thousands of people, so you have to get a large amount of them, and tweet regularly to them, as much as you can be bothered doing, (the limit being ten times an hour, and you can’t repeat the exact same tweet).

If you get maybe twenty thousand followers for a thousand dollars off me, and tweet things that would interest people generally along with a link, people will click on it, if it really seems worth clicking on.

Send me a message at to talk about buying Twitter followers, or about the best way to get traffic to your website, or how to handle a social media marketing campaign. I’m pretty sure I can help.

Buy Cheap Twitter Followers

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It’s really easy to buy cheap Twitter followers, you just click on the link I just gave you, which will take you to the payment page, where you can buy Twitter followers for one cent each, or less.

I am selling 1,000 followers for ten dollars, but that’s a minimum, which I will probably go over, so you’re paying less than a cent per Twitter follower on your account, which is less than you will pay on any big social media marketing site.

All you have to do is give me your log-in details, (username and password), by sending me a message at and pay the ten dollars through the PayPal button, and I will get that done for you in about ten days.

Is it a good idea to to buy Twitter followers? Well, put it this way, if you spend two hundred bucks, you can have as many as I have, or more, and I get hundreds of unique views a day to this site from Twitter, and am making a sale of ten dollars or more once every couple of days, and I’ve only been doing it about six months.

The best place to buy cheap Twitter followers is right here.








How Do I Get The Twitter Followers So Cheap?

This is probably the cheapest price you will find for Twitter followers anywhere online, and it’s a fair question to ask, why I’m offering this amazing deal.

The followers come from Twiends, it takes about five hours to follow enough people there to get the amount of seeds required to get one thousand followers.

Also, the people who aren’t following back will be un-followed using Tweepi, or at least enough to finish the order.

I do this at such a low price because I just like clicking a button on my iPad while I watch TV, so it’s not really that much of a hard job for me to do, and if I need to, I know a reliable person to outsource some of the work to.

You don’t have to worry about my tweets showing up on your account, but if you are, you can change the password before you give it to me, and then change it back afterwards.

I would suggest you get these cheap Twitter followers now, before I decide to put the price up, or before I get so swamped with orders, I have to take down the page. This is the best price you will find anywhere online, believe me.

Really cheap Twitter followers for sale.