What is the Best Way to Get Facebook Fans?

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Facebook fans, or page likes are a great way to grow a list of leads for your business. You can message them as a group, talk to them individually, and they see the posts to the wall of your page in their news feed.

There are many ways to get Facebook fans, you can use a site like You Like Hits, where you can swap Twitter follows for likes, or Digg follows for StumbleUpon follows, and more, but that takes a long time, and if you want a lot of Facebook fans quickly, you may want to buy them.

There are a number of ways you can do this, such as Facebook Ads, or you can use Google Adwords to advertise your Facebook page, but both of those methods are really expensive.

You can buy likes here, but I just do small orders, so if you’re after a big order, you may want to try a big site like Buy Real Facebook Fans.

I know they deliver, cause I’ve used them myself, and while I also use other methods like Fiverr gigs to get Facebook page likes, sometimes you just want a ton of them really fast.

Facebook fans are great to have.







The Best Way to Use Your Facebook Fans

What can you do once you have Facebook page fans? You can send a message to them, or you can contact them individually, which is worth doing if you have a product with a large profit margin.

You should update to the wall of your page constantly, (without spamming), because if you have thousands of fans, and they’re seeing your posts in their news feed, then if they’re any good, and they’re interested, they will click.

That’s the benefit of Facebook fans, you get targeted people who are interested in what you have to say, and then you can talk to them.

The other benefit of course is SEO, because it provides quite a fair bit of link juice when that many do follow links lead to your page, even if it isn’t relevant back links.

Google definitely ranks pages higher that have a lot of likes, although you should also be making back links to your page from as many different sites outside of Facebook that you can.

Search engine optimization can go a long way on a Facebook page, because it’s already a PR10 site, and if you learn a bit about that, do it consistently, and buy some likes, you should be able to compete on Google for your title, getting you a whole lot more Facebook fans for free.

Check out the best way to get fans on Facebook.

How Do You Get Lots Of Facebook Page Likes?

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How do you get lots of Facebook page likes? Well, you could use Facebook Ads, you could get natural visitors from being on the first page of a Google search, or you could buy Facebook page likes, which helps your ranking on Google and in a Facebook search.

There are many other ways to get traffic to a Facebook page, but if you don’t want to continuously be paying for traffic, you should learn how to get on the first page of Google.

You will want to do a bit of keyword research, perhaps by using the Google Adwords keyword tool, and checking the exact match search volume for different phrases in your niche.

Then, use an SEO tool like SEO Quake, to check the page rank, and amount of back links leading to the first page results on Google for that phrase.

Facebook has a high page rank, but to compete on Google, you will need to have a lot of quality links and text that are relevant to your title, but don’t stuff too many keywords in, try to keep your main keywords as around 3% of the text.

Write a really long info page description, put keyword relevant text in the descriptions of your photos, make an app with a custom iFrame of your site, or any page you want, so long as you host it on your server.

Make a ton of back links from article directories, forums, blog comments, social bookmarking sites, blog posts, and perhaps from relevant pages on Facebook.

Once you have done this important SEO work, it’s time to get Facebook page likes.

Do Facebook page likes help?











How to Get Facebook Page Likes

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we have a great service where you can buy Facebook page likes for about five cents each or less.

For ten dollars, you can get over two hundred real people to like your Facebook page, which helps you in a Facebook search, it helps you with SEO, it means you can message those people, and it means that they see all of your posts on your page’s wall in their news feed.

We get these likes from many different sources, like Fiverr, and other micro job sites. It’s very effective, it looks good, and rather than looking for the particular sites and gigs that work the best for getting Facebook page likes, you may as well get us to outsource them for you, and save you the time of finding a reliable likes dealer.

How do you get lots of Facebook page likes cheaply? You buy them right here, on Professional Social Promotion.

We can get you cheap Facebook page likes easily.


Social Promotion on Facebook

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Social Promotion

Facebook is a huge site, the second most visited site in the world, next to Google, and people tend to stay on there longer, doing more things, whereas on Google, they just search for something every now and then, when they need it.

The problem with Facebook as a promotion method is that people don’t generally use Facebook as a search engine, but more as a social tool to talk to their friends, and play games.

You can make a Facebook page, but if you want to drive a lot of traffic to it, you have to get found in a Google search, or you have to find a way to promote your Facebook page.

Some people use Facebook Ads to get traffic to their fan page, but this can be expensive. The least expensive alternative is social promotion, as you can get people to see your page for a few cents a click by paying for tweets to thousands of people for example.

You can also buy Facebook page likes, and write articles about your page, to improve it’s ranking in Google, and drive more traffic to it.

Ranking Your Facebook Page






Ranking Your Facebook Fan Page

You should know a fair bit about on-page optimization, such as having your main keywords as about 3% of the text, and do some keyword research before you even start, to make sure that you can compete in Google for the title of the page.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we can make you a Facebook page, optimize it for Google, get it indexed, make back links to it, and get it a ton of likes, so long as you can make it worth my time.

This site is basically a way for me to offer my services doing anything and everything, using the knowledge and experience I’ve learned over the last few years working online.

There are social promotion services listed, but if you want me to do something for you, anything at all, send me an email at and we can negotiate a price.

I don’t work for peanuts, as I’m highly qualified to do many things involving site promotion and SEO, but I do give you good value for money.

Check out my Facebook page: Social Promotion Services. I made it yesterday, and it already has 305 likes. Not too bad, but I’m going to get more obviously.

Learn more about social promotion on Facebook.

Facebook Page Promotion

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Promoting Your Facebook Page

Facebook page promotion is both easy, and hard, depending on what sort of page it is. If you have a Facebook page with a fairly widespread appeal, it may just take off by itself, as people share it with their friends.

If you make one which has a very small amount of competition for that keyword phrase, and a large search volume in a search on both Facebook and Google, then all you need to do is have some understanding of search engine optimization, and get a few Facebook page likes, and it will take off by itself.

For example, you will want to pick a title that people will search for, and have those keywords mentioned in your description, and in the info part, and in the photos, and all through the page.

Social promotion on Facebook can be very hard to do effectively, without appearing like a spammer, but it can be done.






Social Promotion on Facebook

The problem with social promotion on Facebook itself, is you don’t want to appear like you’re spamming your friends too much, or you may get your account suspended.

I usually just post in my news feed once or twice a day, if I think I have something that has a widespread appeal, otherwise it doesn’t look too good.

I use Twitter a lot more, in fact I schedule tweets many times an hour, all through the day, and this gets me a ton of traffic.

I like using StumbleUpon as well, but I still only share a few times a day to my followers on that site.

If you would like to learn more about promotion methods for Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, plus a whole range of different tips on how to be successful online, sign up to the newsletter, or if you would prefer, take a look at the services offered on the home page, and let us do it all for you.

The pages of a book are similar to those of a Facebook page, because you have to read them.