Hiring Online Marketing Experts

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Internet Marketing ExpertIf you have a website or business, or even a hobby, you need to have a strong online presence or you will get left behind.

There are countless internet marketing experts out there, offering their services ranging from web design, SEO, social media marketing and the management of a pay per click advertising campaign but some of them are a lot better than others.

The truth of the matter is that many complete beginners go straight into the internet marketing service providing business without even knowing the first thing about how it works.

I talked to a guy who hired an “SEO” company from India for a hundred a month or something ridiculous like that.

He thought it was a great deal because he was getting articles sent to him that were published on high PR blogs.

The problem was, page rank means nothing, the articles were just completely plagiarised from existing content online, straight copied and pasted, and the links either had no effect at all, or were actively punished by Google’s new algorithms.

Things have changed a lot in SEO in the past few years, but many of these shady offshore SEO “experts” are still using the exact same dodgy techniques and if they work at all, they don’t work for very long.

I do a bit of SEO stuff myself, and I have five years experience at it, but what I generally do is just give people advice, I tell them what to do, and suggest that they do the work themselves, because I haven’t got the time to write, (unless you’re paying fifty dollars an article), and you don’t want to outsource writing to just anyone, it has to be good.

The whole thing about SEO is that quality is more important these days than ever before, and another thing that seems to be working is authority, especially the authority that comes with a huge social media site.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Social media pages are easier to rank for a phrase on Google than any other type of website, plus you can get instant traffic easily by buying Twitter followers and tweeting something interesting, and that’s why I mostly focus on that.

The reason is quite simple, Facebook and You Tube already have all the authority they need to rank highly, as does Google Plus, because Google own two of those sites, and they’re huge.

They’ve determined that that’s what people want to see in their search results, they want the video results and they want to see the Facebook page of a brand name or celebrity coming up highly in the search.

Social media is where people are online, there’s no two ways about it, and that’s why you may find it easier to rank a Facebook page for a search and have it connected to your website than to just rank your website.

Just buying tons of likes for example can give you enough juice to easily rank a Facebook page for a low competition search, especially if you use all the best SEO link building techniques, (see professional SEO tips for more details).

Get In Contact To Talk About Hiring Me

I have multiple Facebook pages and You Tube videos that are ranking very highly in multiple Google searches and also searches on Facebook and You Tube, and that’s why I keep getting orders, because I keep making these pages and videos and blog posts and building them all together so that it gets found.

I have five years of experience doing all of that, traffic building on the largest sites in the world. I know how it works, and at the very least, I can offer you some great advice on what your best course of action should be and get you quality likes and followers.

My services include pretty much anything if you can afford to pay enough money, but my advice is to send me an email with a bit about your site and what you’ve done so far, and I’ll give you some free advice on what you might want to do next, and then give you the prices for my services.


Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

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SEO Expert

Should you trust an SEO expert when they say they can get you on the first page of a Google search guaranteed?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer, no you shouldn’t trust anyone who says that getting on the first page of a Google search can be guaranteed, because Google updates their search algorithms on an almost daily basis to combat these back link merchants, and the spam they produce.

SEO should be handled by learning how to do it yourself, if you’re serious about it. You cannot just click a button, and magically show Google all the signs they are looking for.

Google wants quality, and relevance, and perhaps the authority of a site that has other quality, relevant, trusted sites linking to it.

There is no way I would ever put my site in the hands of an SEO company, because there is no guarantee it would do any good at all.







Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

In a previous post, I talked about the dangers of grey-hat SEO, which includes everything slightly shifty, including buying links of any kind.

There is a whole industry built around the notion that you can fool Google by buying tons of back links, or high page rank back links, when Google itself says that if they catch you buying links, you may be de-indexed.

The best way to do SEO on your site is to gradually write quality, relevant articles about it on other sites, and regularly put quality SEO content on your own site.

Google will simply banish your site into the nether regions of the thousandth page of the SERPs, or de-index your site altogether if you use some of the spam blasting software that used to work in the old days, particularly if your site is new.

So should you trust an SEO expert? Yes, to some degree, if they advise you about on-page optimization, and how to manually submit your site to places like article directories, press release sites, and social bookmarking sites. I can advise you on these things in the free internet marketing training you get when you sign up to the newsletter.

I am an SEO expert that you can trust, and if I wasn't, then how the hell are you reading this?