Buy Facebook Page Likes Cheap

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Buy Facebook LikesThe best place to get Facebook fans cheaply is right here on Professional Social Promotion. For ten dollars, you can get 250 likes to your Facebook page from real people, and there is no limit to the amount you can get.

The benefits of having a lot of likes on your page are many. You can send a message to all of the people who like your page, as individuals, or as a whole.

Any updates you make, like posts to your wall show up in the news feed of every fan you have. If you post viral content, like amazing special offers of free stuff, or something really funny or entertaining, your fans may share it with their friends.

Apart from that, Google pays a lot of attention to how many likes you have, as well as other back links to your Facebook page to determine not only the ranking of your Facebook page on Google, but also all the pages it links to like your actual site.

Cheap Facebook Page Likes

It’s really important to have a big presence on a site like Facebook these days, as people spend four times more time there than any other site including Google, Twitter, and You Tube.

I’ve explained the benefits of having a lot of Facebook page likes in other posts, it’s something you need to have for social proof, SEO and traffic to your posts, so why not buy some now?

I can explain in more detail why you should buy them from me, and why they are real random people, not fake likes which the vast majority of likes dealers sell.

I come from Australia, a fairly rich country, while most other countries in the world aren’t so rich, and not to be racist or anything, but if you’re poor, you won’t have any qualms about selling a lower quality type of electronic product if it makes you twice the profit or more.

There isn’t really any other way I can prove to you that my source is reliable, except to tell you the name of the large social swapping site that I get them from, but if I did that, you could get them directly from there, cut out the middleman, and I’d lose the commission.

You will really just have to take my word for it that these are high quality and reliable followers, and after having bought a few thousand, you will start to notice the traffic to your wall posts and tweets, and it will pay off over the long run.

Apart from the likes, you can buy a lot of other great value social marketing services here on Professional Social Promotion such as social sharing to my huge followers list, You Tube views, SEO services, article writing, or almost anything you could think of.

Just get in touch with me at to talk about buying Facebook likes, or anything else involving traffic generation or marketing for your site. I have five years of experience in all aspects of internet marketing, and I know I can help.

Cheap Social Traffic

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Social trafficIf you are looking for cheap social traffic, then you’ve come to the right place, as that is what Professional Social Promotion does best.

I can share your site with all of my social connections, or get other people to tweet and share your site, and if it has widespread appeal, you will get a lot of traffic, and really cheap.

How cheap? Well, the best option is to pay for tens of thousands of your own followers, which means you then have the ability to tweet to them whenever you want.

You can pay people to like a post on your Facebook page, share the link to your site in their news feed on Facebook, you can get them to tweet your message, view your You Tube video, or a whole range of different things.

There are many options, SEO advice and content production, web design and paid posting to your account for you, and what it adds up to is cheap traffic for your site, especially when you compare it to the amount that you would usually pay on Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads.

Talk to me About Cheap Social Traffic

I’m Rowan Casey, the founder of Professional Social Promotion, and you can get in contact with me at if you want to have a social media marketing campaign set up for you.

The benefit of having lots of people tweet and share your site and having lots of followers and fans of your own to share to is not just the huge amount of cheap targeted traffic it brings to your site.

These signals are also recognised by Google, and will surely have a positive effect on your rankings.

A Facebook page or You Tube video can easily outrank a new domain created at the same time, with the same amount of back links, just by having good engagement signals, like a large amount of likes.

Cheap social traffic from the right sources can be just what you need to turn your business around, so long as your product has a widespread appeal to the general population.

Even if it doesn’t, you can still get good results through choosing titles for your pages and profiles that have exact match search volume, and then using standard SEO techniques to rank them well on Google.

If you have any questions about the process, or want to find out more about any of the services I’ve discussed on this page, get in touch via the contact page, or the email address in the sidebar.

Cheap Clicks From Twitter

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Cheap Clicks!

Professional Social Promotion can get you really cheap clicks from Twitter, StumbleUpon, and even Facebook to some degree.

We have our own social following, but also access to a number of different sites where you can set an amount that you offer for people to tweet your message, and then you only pay when they get a click for you.

There are so many different sites that offer cheap advertising on Twitter, it’s a wonder that Twitter don’t advertise on their own site themselves, or perhaps they run some of these associated applications, or get a commission.

Basically, if you have the time and money to let us set up a social promotion campaign for you, we can pretty much guarantee that you will pay somewhere in the vicinity of five cents a click, or even less.

Professional Social Promotion can get you cheap clicks from Twitter!









Did you say Cheap Clicks?

I want you to consider for a moment the cost of advertising on Facebook Ads, and the time it takes to do split testing, and change your ads, and target the exact demographic, while still paying over fifty cents per click for an ad there, and that’s considered good!

At Professional Social Promotion, we’ll get you under ten cents a click guaranteed, so long as you stick around long enough for us to set you up with a campaign on multiple sites like Scheduled Tweets, Webeserve, Microworkers, StumbleUpon Ads, Fiverr, and a list of sites that is too long to mention here.

We’ll manage these social promotion campaigns, split test them for price, and although we can’t do conversion tracking, they will mostly be coming from Twitter, and many different people’s accounts, and you can see the referring sites on your Google Analytics account, or your dashboard traffic statistics.

One example of how this can have benefits even larger than the views themselves, is with a You Tube video. You Tube videos are ranked mostly by the number of views they have, so if you get a thousand views on a You Tube video, you may very well find it on the first page of Google for that title, so long as there isn’t massive competition.

Google loves videos, and a really entertaining video can go viral, and get millions of views, just from a few social shares, as they share it with their friends, and so on.

If you want to get some of these cheap clicks from Twitter, get in touch with me at, and send me the link to your site, and I’ll have a look at it and we’ll discuss putting together a social promotion campaign.

Also, check out the home page to have a look at our affordable social promotion services, and sign up to the newsletter if you want to learn how to get cheap clicks yourself.

Get cheap clicks right here on Professional Social Promotion, as we have access to the most affordable traffic generating methods online.

Cheap Traffic Guaranteed

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Can Cheap Traffic be Guaranteed?

Cheap traffic is not necessarily targeted traffic, but if you have the right sort of site, you can be guaranteed with traffic for around five cents a view or less.

The less you pay for the traffic, the less targeted it is going to be, unless you find someone with access to a huge site in your niche, giving away a prominent spot on the home page for peanuts, which doesn’t happen hardly ever.

If you have a site with widespread appeal, social promotion may be the answer, because you can find people who are willing to tweet on sites like Sponsored Tweets for two cents a click, or whatever you decide to offer.

I have a similar service on Professional Social Promotion, where I do the same myself to my followers, although I don’t charge per click, but per tweet, which may vary in value depending on the widespread appeal of your site.

I also have access to many other types of sites like that where you can buy and even swap social shares for a very low price, and if you pay me to put together a social marketing campaign for you, I can do it easily.

It may not work at all if your site is something that doesn’t interest people much. For example, if your site was targeted to a very specific niche of an affordable internet provider, it might take you a hundred thousand tweets to millions of people before you got a thousand clicks, and one sale.

But let’s just analyze those figures quickly. A thousand clicks at three cents a click through a site like Sponsored Tweets might be $30, and the income generated by a signup to an internet provider long term would probably be a hundred times that, if they stuck with the service.

Is there any way to guarantee that people get cheap traffic to their site?





So can I Guarantee Cheap Traffic?

If you are willing to contact me, and let me work out a social promotion campaign for your business, I can guarantee cheap traffic from social sites, and if you would prefer to get extremely targeted views in a niche, I can make you a You Tube video competing for the right Google search, get heaps of views on it, making it rank well.

I can make you a Facebook page, and get heaps of likes for it, making it rank well. I can write you an article, make lots of back links to it, and make it rank well, or I can even manage a targeted Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign, getting you truly targeted traffic, at a larger cost per click of course.

When you consider that advertising on the big advertising companies like the two I just mentioned can cost you anywhere from fifty cents to fifty dollars a click, you can understand why the social promotion campaign option is becoming a lot more popular these days.

Get in contact with me at, and if you have say a hundred bucks to play with, or even ten, I can organize a campaign to get you cheap traffic guaranteed, ten cents a view at an absolute maximum, that may result in sales, if your site has a good conversion rate on traffic.

How can I guarantee that I can get you really cheap traffic? Simple, it's all out there available for anyone to see on other sites, and I know where to look.