Planning A Professional SEO Campaign

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SEO Campaign

Guest post by Fadi Azba

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is not a one-time thing. It is an ongoing effort that requires immense attention and hands-on level of involvement.

The entire process begins with careful planning. In order to have a successful SEO campaign, you need to have a good set of SEO plans as well.

Keyword Research

One of the very first things you need to do when you are starting an SEO campaign is figuring out the keywords you will be targeting.

Whether you are using the best SEO services in the country or you want to do your own SEO campaign, targeting the right keywords will help improve the final results greatly.

You can start by finding main keywords to base your SEO campaign on. Once the main keywords are determined, you can start finding derivatives and add location information to the campaign.

For example, targeting keywords such as “home renovation” means you can also target a more specific set of keywords like “home renovation service Alberta”.

It is important to target local keywords, particularly if your main market segments are area-specific. Paired with a country-specific domain name (i.e. .ca or .us) and a country-specific data centre, you can really boost your SEO campaign greatly.

Formulating Your Strategy

The next step is to actually formulate your SEO strategy. First, determine the kind of SEO tools you want to use. Don’t forget to incorporate social media into your efforts; sites such as Twitter and Facebook are great sources of direct traffic and backlinks.

You should also set targets and aim to achieve them. This is especially important if you are working with an SEO agency. Be realistic; you can’t always be at the top of the search results, but you can appear on the first page of the search results almost consistently.

Prepare great content to support your SEO campaign. You can write guest posts, post articles on other SEO intensive websites and update your own Articles section regularly for maximum SEO performance.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. There are a lot of freelancers and SEO agencies that can help you produce great content at affordable rates.

Implement Your Strategy Consistently

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, SEO is about consistency. You cannot expect to be at the top of search results without updating your site regularly, or posting new content on sites with good SEO performance. You also need to maintain good social media presence throughout the campaign.

This is where having an experienced SEO agency can really help. You don’t have to spend as much time maintaining the campaign and can instead focus on improving your site.

Coupled with the fact that today’s best SEO services are very affordable, and you have the perfect solution for running an optimal campaign.

With a good SEO plan in hand, you will have no trouble achieving the objectives you are aiming for. Don’t forget to evaluate your SEO campaign regularly and make changes to the plan as needed. Keep up with the market and stay ahead of the SEO game.

About The Author
Fadi Azba is an experienced entrepreneur and the founder of BlueHat Marketing, a leading Canadian digital marketing firm. Throughout his years of cutting-edge work in the digital marketing, web design and tech start-up fields, he has successfully developed multiple business ventures and become an authority on search engine marketing and optimization.

Social Marketing Campaign

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How do you develop the right social marketing campaign for your business or site? There are a range of different things to consider, such as whether your site has a widespread appeal to a large percentage of the general population, whether they have already heard of your product or brand, or whether you need to create awareness of it where there was none before.

You may have a local business, that only targets consumers in your local city or country, and you may need to target people within a certain age group, or people who are actively searching for that product on Google.

You should also consider the profit margin you make when you sell a product, and the return on investment (and time), of any social marketing campaign you decide to do.

First, I will start with the most obvious social site to set up a social marketing campaign on: Facebook, although it may not work for everyone.

Using Facebook is the most obvious way to set up a social marketing campaign.








How to Start a Social Marketing Campaign on Facebook

Facebook is not an easy site to conquer, unless you have the money to pay for Facebook Ads. The main problem with Facebook Ads is that if you send people to your Facebook page, it needs to be set up in such a way that it turns visitors into customers straight away, as they may simply like the page, and then never return there, or to your site.

The only benefit with sending people to your Facebook page rather than your actual website is that you can send a message to the people who like your page, contact them individually, and any posts you make to the wall will show up in their news feeds.

The numbers required for this to work successfully are in the tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, and unless you can get a low cost per click by having an incredibly good click through rate, you may not make a profit at all.

You can buy Facebook page likes for around five cents each or less right here on this site, although they are not specifically targeted to your niche, and it is only through sheer volume that you will be able to make sales.

There is one more benefit to having likes, and that is that they give you a boost in your ranking on Google, so long as you make quality back links to your page from outside of Facebook as well, and have keyword relevant content and quality outbound links on the page for good SEO.

Personally, I think that the majority of people should not spend all that much time on making a Facebook page, the main focus should be on your actual website, and there are better ways to develop a social marketing campaign to get traffic to that.

The best way to do social marketing in my opinion is Twitter.








Social Marketing Campaign For Twitter

If your customers are worldwide, and you have a product that appeals to a large percentage of them, then Twitter may be the way to go, as you can increase your followers faster through sites like Twiends, You Like Hits, or any number of other social media tools, which are cheaper than buying Facebook page likes, or even free, if you work at it.

The benefit of having general Twitter followers is that you can use them to promote anything at all, and you can schedule tweets on sites like Twaitter 24 hours a day.

I have been working for the past year and a half for hours a day building up my Twitter following on different accounts, and so far, I’m getting almost 500 unique views to this site every day, by writing new blog posts like this, with helpful information, and tweeting different links on different accounts non stop.

I can tell you how I do all of that (if you want to do it yourself), more clearly in my newsletter, which contains free internet marketing training on everything to do with making a successful site, from beginning to end, but I would suggest that your time would be better spent by buying my services to tweet your site to the tens of thousands of followers on my accounts.

Why work every day for a year, just to get the same amount of traffic you could buy here for as little as a dollar a day, with our scheduled tweeting service. This is really the best value service on the site, where you sign up for four scheduled tweets a day (or more), every day at a certain time, and you keep paying the same, while the followers list continues to grow at a rapid rate.

To give you an idea of how well this works, lets use 50,000 Twitter followers as an example, (although I have more than that). If one out of a hundred people click on your link, (over a month), and then one in fifty of those 500 people buy your product, that’s ten sales.

How much is ten sales worth to you? Well, if you had a recurring billing product from Clickbank, and a good sales page for it, then one sale could be worth as much as $1,000 or more.

If you know how to make sales pages that convert, and you have a product that sells to average people, with a high profit margin, you can see how this service will almost surely pay off very nicely, so long as you know what you’re spending, and what you’re making.

As I said, the value gets better over time, as I am putting almost all of my efforts into increasing my Twitter followers, and you can change the message every now and then, to test out different sales pages or squeeze pages for different products and niches.

You can also get me to set up a wide ranging social marketing campaign using StumbleUpon, micro job sites, Fiverr gigs, and all sorts of cheap alternatives to regular advertising agencies, saving you a lot of money, and increasing your ROI substantially.

Get in contact with me at to discuss setting up a highly profitable social marketing campaign for your business.

This is the best site to use to set up a profitable social marketing campaign.