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Internet marketing guest post submission guidelinesI’m always looking for high quality internet marketing related guest posts to publish here on Professional Social Promotion.

This site is mostly about social media marketing, but it’s also about all aspects of internet marketing as well, like SEO, traffic generation, list building, advertising, and all of that stuff that you need to know to run a successful website.

A guest post on this site makes a great back link to your site, so long as it’s over 400 words, written in good English, linking out to a related site, from a relevant post that people will want to read.

I don’t want to publish advertisements, so it has to be about a topic, perhaps answering a common question that people might have, such as “how to create high quality back links post panda”.

Regardless of whether that title has any real exact match volume, or whether there is a lot of competition for that phrase, it’s something that people are searching fairly hard for, and they might continue reading the pages on the Google results onto the second or third page, if they’re serious about finding the answer to their question.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Guest Post

To write something that will help the ranking of your site, (and mine as well), you should do some keyword research to find a title that has some exact match search volume, related to the topic of the page you want to link to.

There’s not much point in asking me to publish a post that links to a travel site, as it’s not relevant, and I won’t publish it anyway.

All you have to do is answer the question effectively, and maybe include the keyword phrase or variations of it a few times throughout the text, making sure not to stuff too many keywords in.

Basically, it has to read well, and be entertaining for my readers, giving them quality information that isn’t just the same old thing, but perhaps what you have learned from your experience as an internet marketer.

I can put a photo in for you, or you might have a You Tube video that you want to embed as well, and you can send those links or files and the text of the guest post to

I might ask you to edit it, or ask that you allow me to edit it, but if it’s reasonably good, and will benefit my site by publishing it, then I will publish it, as I need to constantly update the site with fresh content related to marketing and social media.

You might want to get in touch with me first, to talk about what you’re going to write about, if you haven’t written the post yet.

Guest posts are not to be published anywhere else, or have been published previously, and I also want you to let me know what sort of back links you’re going to make to the page, as I don’t want a lot of spam links pointing at any page of my site, and many SEO techniques are outdated since the latest algorithm changes.

For more information on the guest post submission guidelines, take a look at the main guest post page, as that explains it all, and take a look at the services I offer while you’re there, or just send me a message if you have any questions.

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