Societal Marketing

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Societal marketing should not be confused with social marketing, as they are two completely different things.

Societal marketing is a concept where a company focuses on the wants and needs of the consumer, giving them everything they desire, and this in turn promotes a good image, and reputation for the brand.

For example, a company may show that they have good environmental policies, by reducing their carbon footprint, going green, and ending practices which cause pollution. They may give away money to a charity, for example Mc Donald’s has the Ronald Mc Donald House.

This approach of societal marketing can work even with a small brand, if they simply give their customers what they want for free, encouraging a word of mouth campaign to spread, particularly online.

Social marketing is different from societal marketing.









Social Marketing Versus Societal Marketing

Social marketing on the other hand, is quite different from societal marketing, and for the most part, it means the promotion of your product or service on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Having a strong presence on the social networks does not however mean that you can’t do societal marketing at the same time, for example, you could have a special promotion where people can like your Facebook page, and you will give a dollar away to a charity.

This sort of thing can be very productive, as once a person likes your page, they will see your posts in their news feed on Facebook, and if you post interesting content, they may buy something, or switch to your brand.

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Societal marketing and social marketing can work together quite well, although it is usually only when a company is making a huge profit that they start trying to give back to their customers in a big way.

The benefits of societal marketing and social marketing.

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