Social Promotion: Promoting Your Site on Social Networks

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Social Promotion

Social Promotion is a fairly simple thing to understand, you reach your customers or potential customers through the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and StumbleUpon, to name just a few.

It’s a good idea to build a large list of social followers and friends to promote your site to, although you can simply pay for someone else to reach these people for you. There are many different options for buying social promotion, and this site is one of the most affordable.

On Professional Social Promotion, you can buy things like Facebook page likes, tweets to tens of thousands of people on different accounts, social sharing, and the management of a social advertising campaign on Facebook Ads, You Tube Ads, or StumbleUpon Ads, among others.

We can also advise you on SEO, make social bookmarking back links and write articles, or outsource article writing and social bookmarking to freelancers overseas. You can check out the affordable social promotion services we have for sale on the home page.

You can get us to do social promotion for you, by sharing with thousands of our followers and friends, or you can learn how to do it yourself for free.









Social Promotion Training

Apart from the social promotion products we sell on the home page, we also offer free internet marketing training, if you sign up to the newsletter. You get free e-books, videos, and tons of informative pages and links to important online resources.

In the training, you will learn everything you need to know about making a successful website, right from the start. Keyword research, buying a domain name and hosting, using WordPress, on-page search engine optimization, back link building, list building, and everything else that is important to learn if you want to have a successful business online.

The first free gift you get is my e-book: A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding Online, and this goes over almost everything I’ve learned over the last few years about how to get traffic from Google, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, StumbleUpon, etc, and then monetize this traffic in the best way possible.

I talk about the mistakes I made in the early days, like not having my own site, and not building a list. I teach you how to get a good opt-in rate on squeeze pages or subscriber forms through offering value, how to build trust with the list, and maintain that trust through only suggesting quality products, while continuing to offer value.

The value you get from being one of my subscribers is that whenever I get something that’s worth sharing, I send it out to my list. I might have a link back to my site where you can read a particular post, or buy one of my services, but the main part of what I am giving you is quality advice, and world-class internet marketing training.

So I hope this article has taught you something about social promotion, and promoting your site on the social networks, if it hasn’t then I talk about it in a dozen other places on this site, and I reserve the best information for the subscribers to the Professional Social Promotion newsletter.

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Social Promotion