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Social Promotion

Facebook is a huge site, the second most visited site in the world, next to Google, and people tend to stay on there longer, doing more things, whereas on Google, they just search for something every now and then, when they need it.

The problem with Facebook as a promotion method is that people don’t generally use Facebook as a search engine, but more as a social tool to talk to their friends, and play games.

You can make a Facebook page, but if you want to drive a lot of traffic to it, you have to get found in a Google search, or you have to find a way to promote your Facebook page.

Some people use Facebook Ads to get traffic to their fan page, but this can be expensive. The least expensive alternative is social promotion, as you can get people to see your page for a few cents a click by paying for tweets to thousands of people for example.

You can also buy Facebook page likes, and write articles about your page, to improve it’s ranking in Google, and drive more traffic to it.

Ranking Your Facebook Page






Ranking Your Facebook Fan Page

You should know a fair bit about on-page optimization, such as having your main keywords as about 3% of the text, and do some keyword research before you even start, to make sure that you can compete in Google for the title of the page.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we can make you a Facebook page, optimize it for Google, get it indexed, make back links to it, and get it a ton of likes, so long as you can make it worth my time.

This site is basically a way for me to offer my services doing anything and everything, using the knowledge and experience I’ve learned over the last few years working online.

There are social promotion services listed, but if you want me to do something for you, anything at all, send me an email at and we can negotiate a price.

I don’t work for peanuts, as I’m highly qualified to do many things involving site promotion and SEO, but I do give you good value for money.

Check out my Facebook page: Social Promotion Services. I made it yesterday, and it already has 305 likes. Not too bad, but I’m going to get more obviously.

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