Social Promotion in the 21st Century

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Social Promotion

In the 21st century, social promotion is becoming more and more the best way to reach your potential customers or viewers online.

Let’s you wrote a blog post like this one, and you thought that the title wouldn’t get you on the first page of a Google search on social promotion, or that the whole title would not be a very popular search.

The next best way to get traffic to this post would be by promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and even You Tube.

You could use paid advertising to get people to the site, but when targeted advertising can cost around a dollar per click in many cases, it would probably not be worth it to go through the traditional advertising companies like Google Adwords for a post like this.

In the twenty first century, social promotion is beginning to take over Google as the main way that people reach their customers and viewers quickly and easily.









21st Century Social Promotion

It’s quite simple to get a large Twitter following, by paying a few hundred bucks for seeds on Twiends, and you can use multiple Facebook accounts to gradually add ten people a day who are interested in your niche, and likely to accept your friend requests.

StumbleUpon can be a great site to get easy traffic, if you have the time to make friends who accept shares to their toolbars, and vote them up every day, although you have to return the favor, and vote up the shares they send you from the red numbers on your toolbar, or otherwise they will just unfollow you.

I think You Tube is a great place to do social promotion, although I’m not entirely sure how you get your initial views on You Tube, unless you have a large amount of subscribers who are sent an email when you publish a new video.

Another way to get quick You Tube views is by promoting them on your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, and embedding them in articles so that you can use the same methods to promote.

SEO is important, but if you make one bad mistake, you can be punished really badly, just for doing something small, so focus your efforts on making quality content, and building your social following.

If you prefer, you can get us to use our large list of social connections to do your social promotion for you, (check out the home page), or you can sign up to the newsletter to get quality free internet marketing training, so you can learn to do it all yourself.

In the 21st century, social promotion is playing a larger part in the way people find things than ever before in history.

Social Promotion