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I’m Rowan Casey from Australia, a social media marketing expert, and I am offering my services on this site.

I can get you Twitter followers in your own country, Facebook page likes, share your site with my large list of social connections, or use micro job sites and alternative advertising agencies to get the word out about your site in a huge way.

For example, I can set up a campaign on a site like Microworkers, where people are paid to tweet, like, view, post, or anything you want them to do.

It costs at least ten cents per micro job on that site, but there are many others where you can get cheaper tweets shares, stumbles, likes, Google Plus ones, or whatever you want.

I can write articles, or do SEO work as well, but my mainly, I’m a social media marketing expert.

Why You Should Buy My Social Media Marketing Services

There are many so called experts out there, but I am not just trying to make a sale, but give you a good return on investment so you become a repeat customer.

I will take a look at your site, and advise you on whether it would benefit from one sort of social media marketing or another, or whether it requires changes, or an SEO or pay per click advertising campaign instead.

I have had many years experience in learning to make money online myself, and if that is your goal, I can advise you on the best way to do it.

I work at a similar rate as someone in India, because I own my house, and this is not my primary source of income.

I am not particularly concerned with money, and will work to help you succeed in your business, even if it means losing a sale.

My job as a social media marketing expert is to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement where we both make money on an ongoing basis. I get paid to get you social connections and social signals, and you get paid from the customers that brings to your site.

To talk to me about your site, and how I can help you with it as a social media marketing expert, send me an email at

My expertise is in social marketing.

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