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I wouldn’t really consider this site a social marketing agency, more of a small business site offering social marketing services, but I can do all of the same things as any big business, by outsourcing if I need to.Social marketing agency

Some of the services offered here on Professional Social Promotion are Facebook page likes for less than five cents each, Twitter followers for one cent each, social sharing to my StumbleUpon followers, Facebook friends, Google Plus followers, as well as my huge Twitter following, and I can also do pretty much anything else you ask me to do.

You can check out the home page to see a full list of the services offered here, although that is really only a guide. I can do almost anything you want for an affordable price because I know where to find it, if I can’t do it myself.

If you want to customize an order of a specific amount of one thing or another, I can do that as well. I can make you a video, make you some original music, do a basic Facebook page, help you with high quality back links or content.

Basically, I do everything here except web design, and as you can see from the header, the motto of the site is affordable social media marketing services, so anything vaguely related to that, I can probably do.

If you need help setting up an advertising campaign that can get you five cent clicks, I can probably do that, using alternative advertising sites, and micro job sites, where people are paid to tweet, share, like, and even sign up to your mailing list.

Rather than a social marketing agency, this is just a place where you get in touch, talk about what you want done, pay a small fee, and it gets done quickly, and at an affordable price. It’s a pretty simple concept.


Are We  A Social Marketing Agency?

Well, we implies a big business, and I am actually just one guy, (Rowan Casey from Australia), but if you said to me that you wanted 10,000 Facebook page likes, I could do that for you, if you put up the money, and gave me something for my time.

If you said you wanted to get on the first page of Google, I could help you make that happen, with the right SEO services, and perhaps doing small jobs myself, such as manual blog commenting or article writing.

If you want something really cheap and easy, check out my Fiverr gigs, where I have a 100% positive rating, and offer great value for only $5.

So no, I’m not a social marketing agency in the sense that I’m only one man, but I do feel that I can compete for that search worldwide, and get a little traffic to this blog by giving this blog post that title.

I do think that I can do all of the same things by outsourcing to the best social marketing agencies, micro job sites, and alternative advertising agencies out there.

If you were looking for a social marketing agency to help you with the promotion of your business on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, then I can help you do that, and at a very affordable price. Just send me a message at to talk about what I can do for you.


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