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What is Social Branding?

Social branding is having an online presence for your company, product or service on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or perhaps on You Tube.

It’s about having a recognizable logo, or it could be your own face, something that people recognize, and have a good association with, and that hopefully they see all the time.

As far as my social branding technique, I have my domain name, the name of my site, and perhaps the little thumbnail photo that appears when people share my site on Facebook.

I wouldn’t call myself a large company, what I do is social promotion, where I share a client’s site to my social followers, and work as a middleman to share their site on other people’s accounts.

Social promotion is the way of the future, because there are people all around the world in countries like India, and the Philippines, who spend all day long getting Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, so that they can get money from micro job sites that offer them a couple of cents per click on the things they share.

Social Branding is basically as simple as having your site seen with a specific logo or image many times, by many different people on social sites.









Let Me Help You With Social Branding

I can make you a Facebook page, a You Tube video, write articles, make back links, and share your site with not only my large list of social connections, but by working as a middleman to these micro job sites, I can share your site with millions of people at a very affordable rate.

I can guarantee to get you less than ten cents a click, perhaps six or seven cents, as that covers my time as well as the cost of the shares and clicks from micro job sites.

If you want a quick share, I can get you a hundred views within a week for ten bucks, depending on whether your site has a widespread appeal, and whether it meets the guidelines of some of the sites I have access to.

Now just compare that to the one dollar or more you pay per click for an ad on Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads, and I think you will agree that my site offers the most affordable social branding solutions.

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