Sites That Help You Add Social Connections

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You have probably already heard me talking about Twiends and You Like Hits, but I just recently found another site that helps you add social connections called Add Socials.

There you can swap Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, You Tube views, and website hits, and it works really well, probably better than You Like Hits for the speed at which you can add social connections.

I mainly use it to get Twitter followers, as that’s what I’ve been concentrating on the most. I take a look at a website for ten seconds, and that can get me as many as seven Twitter followers, cause people can offer an unlimited amount of points for different things, and often it’s 14 or more.

The benefit of a site like this is obvious, you can just click a button all day, and get a huge amount of social connections, without having to worry about the following or like limits on Twitter and Facebook.

I get a bit stuck on Twiends sometimes, as I’ve almost reached the point where I can’t get anymore points, cause I get to the people that are offering zero seeds.

I also use the site to get Facebook page likes, and the same thing applies, you can choose to watch a You Tube video, follow someone on Twitter, like a Facebook page, or view a website to get points, and they can be used for all of those things, just choose the amount you want to offer.

Add Social Connections

I offer a number of services on this site where you can buy cheap Twitter followers and Facebook page likes, among other things. If you would rather not spend all day doing it yourself, just check out the home page if you would like to buy some social connections, or social promotion of your site to my friends and followers.

Add Socials is a great site for making social connections.

While some people may say that these sites work a little like a traffic exchange, and people are only following and liking your page because they want the same in return, that doesn’t mean that these social connections do not result in sales.

It’s the sheer volume of people that you can get through sites like this that makes it work. Once you have 100,000 Twitter followers, it doesn’t matter where you got them from, that’s almost 0.1% of all the people on Twitter.

These sites that help you add social connections do work, and if you want to make it happen faster, or with less work for yourself, just send me a message at to talk about increasing the social presence of your business.

Add Socials can help you to increase your social connections on Twitter and Facebook.