Online Internet Marketing Training

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Online internet marketing training

has made millionaires out of paupers, it’s not just hype, you can go to a place like the Warrior Forum to talk directly to people who have made enough from their efforts online, that they need never have to work again.

The key to understanding the internet, is first learning how to get traffic, how to capture that traffic, build trust with these people by offering great value, and showing integrity, and then converting these people into sales, and return customers.

It’s not all that hard to learn a bit of keyword research and SEO, and get some traffic, but if the keywords you’ve chosen aren’t buyer keywords, and you aren’t signing people up to a list which could have them buying products over and over again, then you are doing something wrong.

I started out by writing articles on other people’s sites, and built my way up to having my own site, which has thousands of views every day.

I owe a lot of that to some lists that I signed up to, which gave me free e-books and internet marketing training which taught me the secrets of how to maximize the profits you make for your efforts online.

These squeeze pages may seem ultra-commercial, but they often give away so much for free, that you’d be silly to disregard them, as it only takes one second to unsubscribe from a list, if you don’t like what they are sending you.

How did I become an expert at social marketing? From writing many articles and blogs over many years.










The Benefit of Online Internet Marketing Training

After getting over a million views online from writing articles, and making barely anything from it, I realized that if I had a list of just ten thousand people who might be interested in buying a specific category of products, then that would be all that was needed to quit my job.

Many people don’t understand the importance of building a list, and focus on only SEO, when 90% of the traffic they get (or more), is slipping away, without ever buying anything, or even clicking on an ad.

There is a hesitation to ask for people’s email address, as it seems like a commercial, “guru” technique, perhaps even an invasion of privacy.

I say to these people who hesitate to be commercial: “How much money are you making?” If you had just a one percent opt-in rate on a targeted list, and had been doing that from the day you started online, plus figured out how to prep the list for sales, how many million would you have now?

Personally, I believe that if I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have the time to write this article, as I’d be too busy riding around on my jet ski on a tropical island somewhere.

Sign up to as many lists as you can, (look at the sidebar), see what they offer, what wisdom they can give you, and get online internet marketing training for free, which will show you how to rise to the top of the game.

Learn internet marketing training online for free by signing up to the course offered by Professional Social Promotion.

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