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Discover your Profession at Social Networks

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Guest post by Christopher Meloni

Job seekers and career builders please pay attention! If you want to enhance your chances of being recruited by the best companies, you should connect with the network of related social sites.

It would prove to be a vital source of aide to the aspiring candidates, who are looking for an opportunity to amplify their career and job prospects.

Social Media Is Not Just For Being Social

Many people possess the belief that Facebook and Twitter are just a delightful pastime. This belief needs to be changed, as now the social networks are proving to be a gateway for building job opportunities.

There are employers, who use these sites as one crucial mode of hunting for candidates. Many aspiring applicants have sent their applications by hunting down the company pages on the social sites.

One important aspect of job hunting is the amount of contacts that you have built in your LinkedIn or Facebook. Nowadays, an ample amount of job hunters are relying on their social network accounts for getting their desired jobs.

If we refer to the statistics, 60 percent of the individuals use these medium to find services and products, 58% of population looks for coupons and promotions, 48% use it for career networking, and the remaining 28 % explore for their job related aspect.

Maximize your Connections

The road to finding your expected job is to increase your number of contacts. Various websites provides safe and amicable environment to the user and helps him to reach the real and reliable people for broadening his job opportunities. According to a survey, the person with more than 150 contacts can maximize his chances of finding work.

Signify your Presence

You have to build your presence on the professional sites like LinkedIn, which is one crucial opening for finding work opportunities. Ample of professionals are using such sites for developing their contacts and business circles.

Employment groups are formed on these sites, which are either job related or field based. Such groups prove to be a salient benefit to the job aspirants for gathering the crucial information, and for the company recruiters it becomes the background of finding a potential candidate.


You have to decide your career path. Explore the future prospects of your development and decide where you want to be in the next four or five years.

If you are using the websites like LinkedIn make sure that you include your phone number, address and your email signature in your bio-data.

  • Link your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter account to your professional network.
  • Keep updating your profiles that would make the recruiters aware of your presence.
  • Do check your Email and Social network Profiles at regular intervals.
  • Reply to the recruiters as soon as possible when they contact you for further information.
  • Mobilize your emails and Facebook profile by using your smart phone.

About The Author

Christopher is a professional blogger. Here, he provides us with the information of using the social networking sites like Zorpia for job search and career opportunities.

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