Is it Easy to Make a Hosted WordPress Site?

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Making a Hosted WordPress Site

It is a lot easier than most people think to buy a domain name and hosting, and set up your own proper website.

When I first started out online, I wrote articles on sites owned by other people, and the problem with this, is you don’t really have any control over what they do with your stuff.

They may have clauses written into the fine print of the terms and conditions, which say that they own the right to use all of your material, even if they suspend your account, and aren’t paying you anymore.

For example, Blogger is a huge site, owned by Google, but you can have your Blogger account suspended at any time, for any reason, and lose all of the hard work you’ve done.

The best way in my opinion to do anything online is to get hosting from a reputable place like Host Gator, (where you can also buy a domain name), and install WordPress on your own domain, which is yours, no matter what happens.

Installing WordPress on Your Domain

If you did what I just suggested, you can quite easily get in touch with the 24 hour chat support team at Host Gator to tell you exactly how to install WordPress on your domain, it’s pretty simple to set it up via their control panel, through an FTP client like Fantastico.

Otherwise, you may want to download and install the WordPress software on the root directory of your site, or in a folder you create on your server, using an FTP client software like Filezilla.

To be honest, I was just happy to have someone talk me through it all, and I’m going to leave all of that hard stuff until a bit later.

I think that if you’re a beginner, just go through Host Gator, talk to them, and get your WordPress admin panel, and then you’re ready to go.

It’s very easy to make a hosted WordPress site, and if you want to learn more about the specific things you should do once you have your WordPress site, (like installing the all in one SEO plug-in), then sign up to the newsletter, and I’ll teach you everything I’ve learned about making a successful hosted website on WordPress.

It's quite easy to make a good hosted website on WordPress, so long as you follow the advice I offer.