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This is my internet marketing strategy, and I know it works to some degree, although it may not work in all aspects all the time, particularly trying to compete on Google for this title, but even if it doesn’t, I know I will get traffic from many other places.

I follow a routine every day, (or I try to), a bunch of different things I do, which make up my internet marketing strategy, and I will explain them here.

To start with, I will tell you about my SEO strategy, although it’s all linked together as I will explain.

I write a blog post of about three hundred words or more, related to the subject matter of my site, which is broadly related to internet marketing, but mostly social media marketing.

I make sure that each blog post has a few cross links to important pages on my site. I make back links through social media and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, and then I might continue with a bit of blog commenting.

I usually do a Google search on my keyword, or related keywords like this: internet marketing “yourname@yourkeywords”.

This brings up results of pages that are relevant, and also have the Comment Luv plugin, with Keyword Luv, which allows you to put your keywords in the comment, and have a link back to your site from the link text of your keywords, often it’s a do follow link too.

There is software you can get to automate this process, but I find that if you want it to look natural, you have to actually do it in a natural way, otherwise you can get carried away with making too many back links too quickly.

Twitter is a big part of my internet marketing strategy.Facebook has got to be a part of any internet marketing strategy.





Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is probably the most important part of my internet marketing strategy, and it probably should be yours too.

If you are really good at doing keyword research, and can find a profitable niche that is not packed with competition, you may be able to compete on Google, although you would also have to be lucky.

Alternatively, if you can just buy thousands of Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, or social sharing by lots of different people to their friends cheaply, then you get not only paid traffic at a few cents a click, but also back links that Google pays attention to.

It’s not just the back links that come from these sites, but when you get shared a lot on Facebook or tweeted a lot, you also get listed in hundreds of different social directories like Social Whale, Favit, Tweet Me Me, and all of these are good back links as well.

So a lot of my internet marketing strategy, and how I spend most of my time involves getting social connections, and sharing links with them. That’s also the main type of service I provide on this site.

I might make a You Tube video once a day, or every other day, and if it’s good, I might get it a few hundred views to try to kick it off. I noticed that a couple of my videos I made a few months back had thousands of views.

I sell views, subscribers, likes, followers, Google plus connections, pretty much anything you want. I can make you a custom Facebook page, help you make a good video, advise you on SEO, pay per click advertising, pretty much any aspect of internet marketing.

Anyway, that’s my internet marketing strategy, the routine I try to stick to every day, and I think that it will work in getting a few thousand people to read this post. Send me a message at to talk about your site, and your internet marketing strategy.


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