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Internet marketing guest postsFinding the best, relevant sites to submit your guest posts to can be a hard task to accomplish. I try to make it easy for anyone wanting to submit a guest post to my site, but there are some rules to follow.

I’ve listed them already on the guest posts page that leads off the home page of this site, but I will list them again here, as the title of that page is social media marketing guest posts, and this is a different keyword phrase that I’m competing for on Google, hopefully.

I am of course trying to get on the first page of a Google search on internet marketing guest posts, because I’m looking for people who want to submit a guest post specifically related to internet marketing, leaning towards the area of social media marketing.

I do not want to link out to a site that sells dog food for example, because it is too off the topic, and that would damage my rankings.

The post has to be original, over or at least close to 400 words, not to be published again anywhere else, and it has to be written in perfect or very good English, so it reads well.

I will not publish anything too commercial, nor anything that looks too much like something written by someone you outsourced to for two dollars that looks like it was made only for a back link.

These blog posts do appear on the first page of Google, so try to do some keyword research on the title, and pick something with exact match monthly worldwide search volume, that will get some traffic, and that will lead to click throughs if you put the link to your site into the post in the right way.

You may want to make back links to the post once it’s published, or if it’s published, and I ask that you let me know your linking strategy, because I don’t want any spam links pointed at my site, and this will also hurt you in the link chain, so ask me for advice, and I’ll help you build a solid link pyramid for good SEO.

My site is better than a site like Ezine, or Hub Pages, because it’s specifically relevant to the topic of your site, so long as your site is legitimately related to internet marketing in some way.

How To Submit A Guest Post On Internet Marketing

It’s really quite simple, my email is in the sidebar, it’s

Make sure that you have spent a good amount of time on the post, being sure that it meets the guidelines, and is what I am looking to publish.

My preferred format is plain HTML in an email, no file attachments, just the HTML that you would get from writing it out in your WordPress post maker, and then pressing text, so that you see the basic code.

This makes it easy for me to look at it, copy and paste it into my WordPress post edit page, and then if it meets the requirements, I’ll publish it, and maybe also share it with my social connections.

I’m hoping this could be not just a one time thing, but perhaps an ongoing thing, if you can produce quality, relevant, original content for my site, in exchange for a high quality back link to help the SEO of your site.

Internet marketing guest posts are always accepted here, but don’t bother submitting if you think you would be rejected at any of the other major publishing sites, or if you can’t put a sentence together. I’m tough, but fair in my submission requirements.

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