Increase Facebook Likes

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This post will give you some ways to increase Facebook likes, on your page, or even on  your website or blog posts.

The first thing to understand is that a like has little to no real value on it’s own, it can be useful for SEO, or perhaps for social proof, so you look popular on Facebook.

Increase Facebook likes

If you are hoping to get likes to get an ongoing source of traffic to your wall posts, it’s probably a better idea to buy Twitter followers instead, because they see all of the updates from everyone they follow equally, Twitter followers are cheaper to buy, and you can post a lot more frequently on Twitter without being thrown out of the site for spamming.

The SEO benefit of likes is that your Facebook page has a better chance of competing on Google for the keyword phrase in the title if you have an exact match username, and cross links within Facebook.

What I mean by that is that if you gave your page the title of Increase Likes, you would then have to try to get the exact match URL of

The links coming from the profiles of the people that like your page are do follow within Facebook, and often have a high page rank.

It’s not that hard to get a Facebook page up to a PR 6 if you know what you’re doing, and with some regular updates, lots of page tabs, and high quality back links, you can compete on Google for medium competition searches.

How To Increase Facebook Likes

The easiest way to get random likes is to buy them here at Professional Social Promotion from the payment page: Facebook Page Likes.

At the moment, I can get you over 700 likes in 24 hours from real accounts for ten dollars. After that, I may not be able to get quite so many for the ten dollars, perhaps going down to 250 for ten dollars, over a period of a week.

I go with the service providers who are getting the Facebook likes through reliable methods, like sharing with their friends and fans, and have a limit on the amount they can offer, which means that the accounts aren’t computer generated.

I can also get Facebook likes through sites that allow you to swap a like for a like, such as You Like Hits, but that takes quite a long time, or a lot of effort, so if I got to that point, I would be charging more for the service.

I’m not sure why you want to increase the amount of Facebook likes you have, and you may want them on something else, like your website, or a photo, in which case I may be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

To talk about how to increase Facebook likes, or to talk about the best social media marketing strategy for your site, send me a message at