How To Get Traffic From Social Media

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This post will explain how to get traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter,  and all the other ones.

I’ve been building my social connections, and knowledge of social media marketing for a number of years now, and while I don’t know everything, I’ve learned enough to say I’m a social media marketing expert.

How to get traffic from social media

One thing I’ve learned is not to put all your eggs in one basket. If you just concentrate on Facebook, you will only make a lot of money if you manage to make a large return on investment on a Facebook Ads campaign.

In fact, if you are trying to get traffic from Facebook in large numbers, that is really the only real way to do it, apart from SEO and viral marketing.

Let me explain what I mean. Facebook Ads can get you traffic from a lot of people by placing ads in front of them.

Google can get you traffic from a lot of people by placing your link in front of a lot of people if you can get your Facebook page to the top of a popular Google search, and that is possible.

Viral marketing is the only other real way to get a lot of traffic from Facebook, and it requires your page being so entertaining that people want to share it with their friends, or it having some sort of offer which they only get if they share the page with their friends.

I saw a scam page that was offering a hundred dollar Target gift voucher, and all you had to do to get it was like the page, then share it with your friends, and then answer a short survey.

It turned out that you couldn’t get the gift voucher no matter how hard you tried, and you had just shared the page with all of your friends for nothing.

I think it was advertising the survey site, which was a pretty sneaky, or downright nasty way to get likes on a page.

Nevertheless, it worked very well, and you can offer something for free by making it conditional of the purchase of another item, which they only see in the fine print after they like and share the page.

Get Traffic From Social Media Sites

Personally, I barely bother with trying to get traffic from Facebook, as I haven’t found that it is as effective as other sites.

I have dozens of pages, thousands of likes, and I maintain the pages and post links on them, but mainly to get back links to what I’m doing.

A lot of the pages are first on the first page of Google, for example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services.

It’s actually beating the home page of this site for the same search, although that’s not a keyword phrase with a particularly large monthly search volume.

I get most of my traffic from Twitter, Linked In groups, Stumble Upon, You Tube, Google Plus, Yahoo Answers, and the Warrior Forum.

As you can see, pretty much every other social media site other than Facebook actually gives me more traffic, although I have to admit I spend more time particularly on Twitter, trying to increase my followers.

The reason is simple, I just have to click a button on Twiends, and I can get a hundred followers a day, where I can’t really do that to the same extent on Facebook, and the Edgerank algorithms make it hard to compete on people’s news feeds.

Some people say you have to get targeted likes on a page, and engage your fans, but personally, I say you have to make a Facebook welcome page that says everything you want to say straight up, and then drive traffic to it through cheap clicks on Facebook Ads.

If you would like some help increasing your social connections, or you want to find out more about how to get traffic from social media, send me a message at to discuss your business.