How To Get More Twitter Followers

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How do you get more Twitter followers in a way that will produce real results, in terms of traffic to your site?How To Get More Twitter Followers

That is the reason why most people would want to get tens of thousands of Twitter followers, and I have found that the followers I get from Twiends are the best, and it’s real easy to do.

You simply sign up for a Twiends account, or sign in via Twitter and start clicking the button.

That’s where I come in, if you are looking for a hand in doing all of this. I can click the button for you, for only a few US dollars an hour.

I need your Twitter username and password in order to log into Twiends via your account, and I simply start following people, and within a few days, you have one thousand extra followers for as low as ten dollars.

The other thing I do is log into Tweepi via your account, and un-follow those people who you have been following for a long time who aren’t following back. This is important to do in order to maintain the following/follower balance.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Twitter Followers?

As I was saying before, it’s free to get a Twiends account and start following people for points, but that takes a long time, and so that’s why I offer to do the work for people.

It costs one cent per follower through me if you want the followers coming in at a gradual rate, like 1,000 per week.

I highly recommend that people pay two or three cents per follower, and pay in bulk, so I can buy them some points as well on Twiends, which speeds up the whole process.

You might say: why wouldn’t you just buy the followers directly from Twiends? The reason is that it costs more to do it that way than it does by earning the points, as they charge about four or five cents per follower, if you buy a seeds package.

To get followers at the best price, you also need to follow people, and you will also find that you need to follow people in order to keep a larger percentage of them following you back.

For example, as I mentioned before, I need to un-follow those not following you back if you are not buying points, because you are only allowed to follow a certain amount of people more than are following you back.

There are limits involved, and more than a few things that you should know about the whole process, or you may end up getting an account suspended.

That’s why I suggest that if people want to buy Twitter followers, they get them through me, at a cheaper price than directly from Twiends, and with invaluable advice to go along with it.

I don’t just handle getting people Twitter followers, I know how to get things done, and I have four years of internet marketing experience, and am an SEO as well as SMO expert. Send me a message to talk about it, my email is in the sidebar.