Get Maximum Results Out Of Your Creative Advertising Agency

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Advertising for beginners

Advertising for beginners

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Working with a creative advertising agency is not just a matter of footing the bill for a campaign and simply waiting for stellar results. Having this mindset is a quick shortcut to frustration.

Rather than viewing this relationship merely as a client-service provider one, you can get more out of an advertising agency by viewing this as a collaboration.

If your business organisation is still at the initial stage of working with an advertising agency, here are a few tips that will allow you to reap the maximum amount of benefits from your advertising partner.

Trust the Experts

You entrust your doctor with your health and you entrust your books to the accountant. In the same manner, you should view your advertising agency as a specialist in the field who works with your best interests in mind. One common mistake that many businesses initially make is to have a firm idea in mind which may not necessarily work. Your advertising agency and its personnel have the knowledge, skills and experience and it is worthwhile to trust their judgment, especially on technical matters.

Have a Clear Objective

Despite their expertise, advertising agencies are neither miracle workers nor seers. They cannot produce your expected results if your objectives are vague. In short, specify which problem you have at hand that you want them to work on.

Agree on a Strategy

One quick way to get yourself frustrated is to let your agency begin with a campaign without first agreeing on which strategies to implement. As a rule of thumb, your agency should brief you on which specific strategies can be best used to achieve the goal you have set. At this stage, you should bring your inputs to the table and highlight which strategies you agree to use. Should the agency commence with the campaign and use tactics that have not been previously agreed upon, you have the right to ask them to start over again. However, if you agreed to something, you’ll only be causing disruption to the campaign.

Equip Your Agency

Your advertising agency can provide better results if they know your product or service by heart. Let their personnel meet with your research and development team. Show them your prototypes. Advertising ideas that truly stand out come from ad men who sincerely understand what it is they are trying to promote.

Be Constructive

Another major pitfall clients make is to order too many revisions, delaying the whole campaign further. The key to avoiding this is to have a clear goal which will anchor the whole campaign. Should you have any criticisms, make it constructive and do not make it deviate completely from the established goal.

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