Facebook Marketing: A Widely Accepted Internet Marketing Strategy

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Facebook StrategiesGuest post by Andy Thompson

What was it about this photoblog’s Facebook Marketing Strategy that has made its founder, Brandon Stanton such a glittering celebrity?

Well, it’s a simple – design your Facebook Marketing Strategy in such a way that its contents endear to the people reading the page.

Each portrait comes with a story and some of which are valuable life lessons to learn, but what really binds all their words is the relevancy and similarity that they have with our lives.

So here’s the key. Your content must be relatable, must know how to touch hearts and must read minds through your Facebook Marketing. Here are golden Facebook Marketing Strategies.

1. Reach out to your targeted audience: This is the golden rule of any kind of content marketing and advertising – recognize your target audience and direct your content towards them. Every product appeases to its distinct audience. A tech freak will love a page on Android or iOS, while a foodie will perhaps like all the posts of Zomato or Masterchef. You can create ads to promote your page and sell it to the people who will show a keen interest on it.

2. Conduct an audit of your Facebook page: Keep reviewing and evolving your Facebook Marketing Strategy. Is your Facebook page appealing enough for a person to look at it? Are your posts interesting enough to grab attention? Are you working as per your users’ interests? Review your Facebook accounts, ads, campaigns, and much more to generate a high click-through rate for your account.

3. Share as much as possible: Promote your content and grow as a community both online and offline by virtually performing the following tasks to widen your product’s umbrella. Furthermore, you may send out an email overhaul using tools like MailChimp to various users, who can promote dialog and conversations. You may link your Facebook account to your blog page and website or place icons on related websites. When you’re offline, try to use the common marketing strategies of business cards or on your walls, or in pamphlets.

5. Schedule your content and post only during peak hours: One of the best features of Facebook is the Insights tool. It’s a perfect complement to a good Facebook Marketing Strategy. With the Insights tool, you get an outlook on the number of people visiting your page, liked your page and logged into your page in the past month. Facebook also has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule your posts that appear on your page whenever you want it. Additionally, getting an insight into the hours when your page receives the maximum traffic helps you place your posts accordingly.

6. Use Facebook ads and plugins: Facebook ads aren’t really expensive and they add gravitas to your Facebook marketing strategy. They can lift your pages by generating more likes, comments and shares, by promoting your events, or by building an audience for your App. Facebook plugins, on the other hand, increase awareness about your page through Like Buttons or Like Boxes on separate websites.

Invest in Facebook as this is a worth investing relationship. Zuckerberg’s child is the most used social networking platform in the world and the best way to connect to it is through Facebook marketing. Since Facebook marketing is a widely acceptable internet marketing strategy, you might want to try it on your business. Good Luck!

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