Does Social Marketing Work?

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Social marketing and promotion has been around for as long as there were social sites to market on.

Offline, people have been selling things to friends of friends since the invention of money.

The real question here is how do you make social marketing work for you, given that you are trying to sell something?

It’s fairly simple to answer that, either you pay to advertise through Facebook Ads, or you find someone who can get you a better price for the same amount of targeted traffic, or you spend years building your own social connections, and online presence.

First let me say that starting a Facebook Ads campaign with no idea of what you’re doing is like throwing money away.

For the average person, who doesn’t have a lot of money to waste, or a huge social followers list, the best way is to outsource the work.

Sites like Fiverr, Webeserve, and Microworkers can get you cheap tweets, likes, diggs, shares, and stumbles.

How much traffic this gets you depends on a lot of factors, such as what type of gig you order on which site, and how much widespread appeal your site has to ordinary people.

How to do Social Marketing Effectively?

I talk more about this in other pages on this site, so take a look around, but if you are interested in hiring someone to organize a social campaign, or just do a quick share, then talk to me first.

I’m Rowan Casey from Australia, also known as rowanman28, and I’m a highly rated seller on Fiverr, and also know a lot of great gigs to buy on that site for cheap, targeted traffic.

I have tens of thousands of social followers on Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon, and I can guarantee I will get you good value for money in terms of real people viewing your site.

If social promotion isn’t the best thing for your site, I can also help with SEO, or setting up a profitable pay per click campaign.

Just send me a message at, and tell me about your site, so we can discuss how to make it successful.

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