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Ensuring The Security Of Your Website With Trust Seals

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Website security

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Hacking is the term used in order to describe the act of gaining unauthorized access to a certain computer network, system or website. This can actually cause damage to a computer network or to a website.

Those participating in such actions are referred as hackers. Some of the motive for hacking will include material benefit, for enjoyment of taking on a challenge, or to get a protest noticed.

Because of the increase in the growth of Internet usage along with eCommerce, hackers today have more opportunities than ever in exploiting website owners, casual surfers, and businesses.

Thus, website owners must take special attention as not just is the security of their businesses at stake but likewise the security of their loyal clients and visitors. In turn, this can make your business to lose clients; thereby decreasing your profits which might lead to bankruptcy.

Benefits Of Online Security
In terms of keeping your site safe and secure at all times, know that there are companies that can help you. With their services, you can be capable of backing-up your website fully and likewise restore it once you detect any kind of malware present in your site. It is very crucial for you to keep all your data such as the details of your clients along with other content safe always.

Selecting A Web Hosting Company
It is very important for you to know that the selection of the web hosting firm must also be considered with regards to what security features they provide. Such company must provide firewall, anti-virus software, anti-spam, and others in order to ensure that your site is protected.

Most importantly, the site trust seal must also be obtained. The confidential information must be translated into codes so as to maintain its confidentiality and secrecy.
Apart from that, the company you have chosen must also determine if your SSL certificate has expired or still running and if the domain name has expired or not. Also, such company must scan your site for trojans, backdoors, and malware. Commercial websites must be scanned on a daily basis.
It can also help if you post the guarantee that no private information of your clients will be shared with any 3rd-party. Doing this will indeed increase the confidence of visitors and clients in your website. Also, this will imply that you are very committed towards ensuring online security.
Indeed, with the increasing number of savvy online shoppers, it is best for online ventures to guarantee the safety and security of their website. Be reminded that customers that find your site trustworthy and safe are more likely to complete a purchase, and most importantly, return in the future.

Author Bio:
Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies and tech related information. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing by reading related books and visiting sites like She shares her insights through writing/blogging.

7 Web Design Trends In 2013

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Guest post by Chris Miller

Designing websites properlyDo you fear that your current website is becoming a basket case, unable to compete with the websites of your competitors?

A good design and robust functionalities are two aspects paramount for a website, and you just cannot afford to do away with either.

If you fear that the design of the website is soon turning obsolete, and you feel it’s about time you revamped it, we present you here with the top 7 latest design ideas of achieving the same.

Find out below the top 7 trends in the field of website design, which has taken the industry like a storm and are here to stay:

  1. Responsive design of websites – This is one trend which has actually taken the industry like a storm and has turned some serious heads in the field of website design. The concept is primarily simple. You design one website optimized for different devices, namely, the laptops, the desktops, the smart phones, tablets and others. With the mediums for accessing the websites changing with every passing day, and new web-savvy devices being introduced in the market ever so often, responsive web design assumes an even greater prominence.
  2. Conspicuous and Fixed header file – Again, the concept of this new age web design trend is fairly simple. You create a header file and keep it fixed across the top of your website. The design concept is being actively used to create colossal brand awareness and get the online users to identify and remember the brand.
  3. Landing pages with minimalist design – designing landing pages with fairly simple design, easy to read content and one-click checkout process is a revolutionizing trend in the field of website designing. Selling online is more of smart work than the hard work and with the help of minimalist design pages, you save a lot of time and effort and designing costs, and are able to direct the attention of the users to a single most important point on the web page.
  4. Grand photo backgrounds – A lot of web designers have started following the trend of giving the website a large and significant background. This entices the online visitor and inspires them to remain engaged to the website for long, along with giving the website a complete and professional look (and what more can we really ask for?).
  5. Endless scrolling – Although the concept of endless or infinite scrolling has been around for quite some while, it is now that the concept is finally getting this much prominence and importance. Quite a simple design tweak, endless scrolling eliminates the need for pagination and has become really a crucial element in designing simple websites. Albeit the design trend may not be required for different websites, but if for the right ones, it works wonderfully well.
  6. Circular design elements – Lately, one can see a lot of websites based on circular designs. There are different circular shapes in the background, and the rest of the content is molded somehow to fit into the same. Circles are clean, neat and comply with varying dimensions quite perfectly. In order to revamp your website and give it a brand new riveting look, you should really consider circular designs elements.
  7. A wow-some user experience with detailed illustrations – Although the trends in the world of website designing keep on changing, there is this one rule of thumb that shall never fade out. It basically sums up the utility and purpose of websites – to give something valuable to the users and to be able to sustain their attention. And one can easily achieve the both with the help of detailed illustrations. With having illustrations on your website, one can easily keep a user hooked to the website, and provide them with a memorable experience. However, you really need to do it right, otherwise the website may just become painfully irritating and tedious.

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Chris Miller is online marketing specialist for Xicom Technologies Ltd, a leading web development company offering web development outsourcing, custom software development, iphone/ipad development, android, Blackberry & html5 mobile apps development, it outsourcing & IT consulting services.