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Why Businesses Today Must Consider Video Production

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

The implications of the growth in online videos in the digital advertising industry are huge.

Motion, sound, and sight are indeed of utmost importance to brand advertisers. It can actually pull on the heartstrings as well as entertain people the way banners have never been able to do.

This results to Web video ads being the bright spot in an otherwise tough market for various publishers. Indeed, online video production is becoming a very strong business tool.

Why Video Production Is Important Today

It increases brand recognition – Creating as well as distributing a very professional video production made specifically for the website of your business is very important. This will greatly help you in establishing your services and other offerings within your industry.

Unlike a team of representatives, a video can tell what your business is all about, what benefits you can deliver, as well as connect with your target audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In fact, if your video is distributed to the right networks and channels, your business’ brand, reliability, and credibility can surely increase. With such, implementing a video production is a must these days.

People love videos – People today are becoming bored when they read long blocks of text – this activity is indeed not engaging. On the other hand, videos are way more engaging. When your venture has products and services that need an explanation to convert, delaying a video production as well as distributing it through your web video sites can excellently do wonders for your lead generation, profit, and customer acquisition rate.

It decreases website bounce rate – These days, everyone makes use of the Internet for their own purposes. Hence, you’ve got plenty of target audiences all over the world. And if you add a professional video to your site, the quantity and quality of your online traffic can become a lot better.

It is true that most online visitors leave your site immediately when they won’t see anything engaging. This is called a bounce rate. Know that a higher bounce rate will mean more people are dropping by at your site by do not really get your message.

Placing a video on your site would surely decrease, if not eliminate, such bounce rate. Although it will depend on the length and quality of your video production, it has actually been provided that video content will hold the attention of site visitors longer, most especially if compared to text-only content.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing on sites like: She shares what she learned through writing/blogging.

Video Production Cost

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The video production cost is quite an important expense to consider, when trying to run a video marketing campaign on a site like You Tube.Video Production Costs

A You Tube video not only gets traffic from Google, but also from random searches and suggested video results on You Tube, and one study said that a video is at least ten times more likely to rank somewhere on the first page than any other type of page, all other things being the same.

What that means is that without spending a huge amount of money on SEO, you can often get a video to rank higher, with less effort, so long as you understand some of the basics of how to rank a You Tube video on Google.

Here’s a video I made called Differences In SEO For You Tube Videos, which explains why you need to have a good looking, entertaining video that people will watch all the way through.

The Cost Of Video Production

This isn’t a good example of one of my best videos, it’s just a video I made quickly to try to capture random traffic for the keywords in the title.

What I do is take screenshots and video screenshots of photos and videos that I find online, such as on Google Images.

Then, I make some original music to go over the top, using Cubase, and the basic keyboard and drum instruments that come with that, (I’m a guitar teacher).

I also put in some nice transitions such as a cross fade, ripple, door, or whatever I think would look good, and add some text on top of the photos.

There are some good examples of videos I’ve made for customers on my channel, which you can see by going to the actual URL of that video, and then clicking on SocialPromotionTips.

I don’t claim to make videos of the calibre of an advertising agency, I make videos starting at ten dollars, which look good enough for people to watch them, and get a positive impression, and then click on the link in the description.

It is necessary to have a low cost per video if you are trying to run a video marketing campaign with dozens of videos competing for different titles.

I also handle the promotion of the video, and just the fact I have a popular channel with lots of videos on it and back links leading to it means that the videos have a better chance of ranking and getting views.

I also share the videos with all of my 50,000+ social connections on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and Stumble Upon.

I use other micro job sites to get other people to share the video with their social connections, and this is a natural, safe way of getting targeted views.

If you would like to talk to me about the video production cost on Professional Social Promotion, send me an email, my address is in the sidebar.

Online Video Production Services

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Online Video Production

This video explains what I do, which among other things, includes making cheap videos for people, to promote their site or business.

The payment page is cheap video production, and that page explains all the same things that I’m telling you on this one.

The idea of having lots of videos is to capture different small searches and random searches on You Tube, and divert all of that traffic back to your site.

Even if a video doesn’t rank on Google, or even in a You Tube search, if it’s a good video, it will get shown in the suggested videos sidebar, to all the other related videos to those keywords.

Google have an algorithm which looks carefully at the bounce rate of videos, the amount of social shares, the amount of engaged views, and lots of things, like the click through rate that it has when the thumbnail is shown to people after other videos.

It’s a very complicated set of algorithms, but the main thing is quality, and then quantity, because you may have thousands of keyword phrases which you want to target, and a You Tube video is something like 2,000% more likely to appear in any given search, compared to a regular page.

By that I mean, if you write an article on Ezine, or Hub Pages, or Squidoo, or if you write a blog post on your site, or make a page on your site, the video has a twenty times better chance of ending up on the first page with no back links or anything, because Google likes to show video results.

Everyone likes video, especially if it’s done well, or really only if it’s done well. By going to the actual page of that You Tube video above, you can check out my portfolio of hundreds of videos I’ve made on my channel Social Media Marketing Tips, or SocialPromotionTips is my username.

I’ve made videos like how to get white skin, remy hair extensions, Florida wedding photographer, and many more, although I don’t want to link to them from this post, because it’s not relevant in terms of SEO. They’re all on the channel if you want to check them out.

My prices start from only ten dollars per video, and for that, I take video and photo screenshots of anything online, add some original music of my own composition, and put some sparkly text over the top.

It ends up looking pretty professional if I do say so myself. Good enough to use to make dozens of different videos and pay a fraction of the price of the competing video production companies.

What Do You Get When You Buy Video Production Services Here?

These videos actually work, and especially if you let me publish them to my channel, which has hundreds of subscribers, tens of thousands of channel views, and is a PR 5 channel.Online Video Production Services

I will not only make the video, but then I will promote it to my social connections, to other people who sell similar social sharing services, and get you at least a hundred real, targeted views to start off with, (depending on how much you pay).

To take a look at the other options for making cheap videos, here’s one I made on Animoto, which charges you a yearly fee of thirty something dollars for the most basic package, which leaves a lot to be desired.

Remember, this is a video to show you what not to do, or what you may end up looking like if you try to make your own videos without a lot of experience.

If you want to talk to me about my online video production services, send me an email, my address is in the sidebar to the right.