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Facebook Page Promotion

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Promoting Your Facebook Page

Facebook page promotion is both easy, and hard, depending on what sort of page it is. If you have a Facebook page with a fairly widespread appeal, it may just take off by itself, as people share it with their friends.

If you make one which has a very small amount of competition for that keyword phrase, and a large search volume in a search on both Facebook and Google, then all you need to do is have some understanding of search engine optimization, and get a few Facebook page likes, and it will take off by itself.

For example, you will want to pick a title that people will search for, and have those keywords mentioned in your description, and in the info part, and in the photos, and all through the page.

Social promotion on Facebook can be very hard to do effectively, without appearing like a spammer, but it can be done.






Social Promotion on Facebook

The problem with social promotion on Facebook itself, is you don’t want to appear like you’re spamming your friends too much, or you may get your account suspended.

I usually just post in my news feed once or twice a day, if I think I have something that has a widespread appeal, otherwise it doesn’t look too good.

I use Twitter a lot more, in fact I schedule tweets many times an hour, all through the day, and this gets me a ton of traffic.

I like using StumbleUpon as well, but I still only share a few times a day to my followers on that site.

If you would like to learn more about promotion methods for Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, plus a whole range of different tips on how to be successful online, sign up to the newsletter, or if you would prefer, take a look at the services offered on the home page, and let us do it all for you.

The pages of a book are similar to those of a Facebook page, because you have to read them.

Free E-books on Making a Successful Website

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This is an excerpt from my free e-book A Beginner’s Guide to Succeeding Online. You can get this, and many more free e-books on making a successful website by signing up to the newsletter on the right side of the screen.

Making a Successful Website

First let me start by saying that I am a beginner myself, and I will always be
learning about the best way to make money online, until I have millions of
dollars in the bank, at which point I probably won’t have time to write e-books
like this.

Having said that, I have learned a lot in the last few years, about the way that
truly successful people go about building a business online.

This chapter is about finding a product to sell, and it is quite an important thing
to get right, if you want to make a lot of money online, cause people don’t want
to buy an inferior, unoriginal product or service.

I can’t give you an idea for a product of your own to sell, but I could suggest that
you find a way to take products that already exist, and buy them cheap, (or
free), and sell them in a package, or special deal.

Take something that someone else is doing successfully, and put your own slant
on it. It’s quite important to choose something you’re reasonably interested in.
You may have a talent for designing graphics, photography, writing, or an
interest in keeping fit, and losing weight.

The truth is, if you have a targeted list of email subscribers in a niche with
widespread appeal, you can find products from Clickbank, Amazon, Google
Affiliate Network, etc, or create your own, and make money from the list over
and over again, so long as they trust you enough to buy.

You might choose to advertise a cost per action link, which pays you when a
visitor simply visits the site, or when they sign up for free, and confirm their
email address.

You might have a referral link which gives you benefit in ways other than money,
such as credits for Twitter followers, or whatever. You would only use something
small if it looked like you were doing them a favor by giving them the link.

The point is, you should make sure it’s a quality product, that there is a high
demand for it, that there are many people who wouldn’t hesitate to buy it, and if
it’s an affiliate product, then you should make sure you get a decent

Quality is the key, and if you wouldn’t try to sell it to your friends and family, then
you shouldn’t try to sell it to other people.

As I said, this is only a short excerpt from chapter 1, you can get the complete version, and many more free e-books on making a successful website, and creating a profitable business online, by signing up to the newsletter.

This page explains how to build a professional website using WordPress, aimed at the complete beginner.