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Top Ten Mistakes In Social Media Marketing

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Mistakes In Social Media MarketingThis is a list of the top ten mistakes I see my clients making with their social media pages and campaigns.

I see these mistakes a lot, and it’s good to write these things down so I can just give someone a link to read.

Here they are in no particular order, the top ten things that I believe are the biggest mistakes that you can make in social media marketing.

Top Ten Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  • Not thinking about keywords. You seriously have to think about SEO with every single thing you do in social media or on an article, blog post, or anything. You need to give your Facebook page a title that has exact match search volume on the Google keyword tool, your You Tube videos, Google Plus page, Linked In company page.. How is anyone going to find you if they don’t find you in a search? Ads are expensive. Some people use their company name, that’s great if you’re Coca-cola, but not if nobody’s searching for you by your name.
  • Giving all your pages the same keyword titles. Seriously, you’d think I was making this up if you know a fair bit about SEO, but some people continue to give every single page they make the same title, or they have a website where all the pages have the same title at the top. The goal is to rank for as many different searches as possible, on Google, and on the social media sites.
  • Not updating your status enough. If you go to the trouble of getting twenty thousand likes on your Facebook page from real, targeted people, or you get tens of thousands of random Twitter followers and then you just let them sit there, that’s not going to do anything. Sometimes your Facebook page or Twitter profile can pick up click-through traffic to your website from being found in a search, or through and ad campaign as I mentioned before, but the idea is that people click on your tweets and posts on an ongoing basis. Every hour if possible
  • Create quality content. Often a company will hire an SEO company or writers to make pages to boost up the rankings of their site. Some would say that this is necessary to get decent rankings, and that it helps your rankings to publish these spam pages on your Facebook page. Forget that, that makes you look like your business is rubbish. Fire the SEO company that produces rubbish, the way Google is heading spam pages that have a high bounce rate and that are manually reviewed by Google staff will be de-indexed, or punished as time goes on. The goal of Google leading into the future is to rid the internet of spam, and punish those who make bad content for the sole purpose of making cheap back links
  • Seek out friends who share your interests. When I first started out on Facebook, I started looking for people to send friend requests to that shared my interest in article writing. I found a few, and then I just blindly followed the friend requests that came up on my dashboard. I ended up in a group of friends who write romance novels. That obviously isn’t at all what I’m interested in, and there’s not much I can do with a bunch of friends like that. Twitter is different, you can have as many followers as you want, but you want to be selective with your friends on Facebook. Joining groups is also a great way to meet people who share your interests, on Linked In, Google Plus, and Yahoo Groups as well.
  • Trying to do too much at once. I’m guilty of this myself. I find that I try to maintain a presence on every single social media site, while also trying to write blog posts on four different sites of my own, make You Tube videos, chat to people in forums, write guest posts, write articles for clients, fill orders, etc, etc. Don’t spread yourself too thin, and seek help if you need it
  • Be very careful about the help you get. The internet is basically made up of everyone in the world who has a computer. People will make amazing claims that they can do this or that for you, but the truth is often that it’s nothing more than a lie, and you’re lucky if you get half of what is being promised. Often you can get your money back, but it turns into a big argument at times, so try to talk to a person for a while first to get a sense of who they are, where they come from, and ask to see samples of their work or start small before you jump into a big deal.
  • Make a strong call to action. It’s not enough to post Twitter pics of cats with funny expressions on their faces. I see people completely wasting their time by talking about their lives or the weather, or quotes from famous people through history. This is how you use Twitter if you’re an average joe, but not how you use it for business. There may need to be some sort of cross over between a pure business tweet and a personal style tweet, but the idea is to get them to click on the link and visit your site. Anything that doesn’t make this happen is a waste of time in business terms. It may be worth offering value so that people keep an eye out for your tweets, but you should be offering value on the pages you tweet anyway.
  • Don’t try to be fun if you’re not fun. If you’re an insurance company, selling life insurance, or health insurance, there’s nothing fun about that. There’s almost no reason why anybody would want to look at anything you have to say at all on Facebook. Why would somebody follow the Twitter account of a life insurance company? The only way they would is if there was incentive for them to, like on a social swapping site, where they earned points to do it. My thoughts are, pay for a funny professional TV ad to be made and then hope the You Tube video goes viral.
  • Don’t give up. There may be a point when you think that it’s all too much, and that the amount of time you have to put into social media marketing is not worth the return. This may be true in some cases, but don’t forget that social media sites are continually growing in members every day, people are using them more and more as search engines, opening up endless possibilities for new keyword phrase searches, and it takes time and effort for you to be a part of this worldwide phenomenon. You can’t expect to get results without putting in hard work on a consistent basis. Try to think of things from the perspective of the potential customer. What do they want to see?


To avoid making these mistakes and many others, it’s best to hire someone with a lot of experience in internet marketing, (like me), who can help you do things in the right way.

Get in contact with me via the contact form in the sidebar, or by sending me a message at and tell me about your site, and include links so I can take a look at it, and work out a plan that might work for you.

Does Buying Facebook Likes Really Work?

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Facebook likes are something that is important for ranking your Facebook page on Google, and in a Facebook search, and it shows social proof to your potential customers.

However, Facebook likes are not the best way of getting traffic to a business, and buying random likes may not be beneficial at all, if you aren’t trying to compete for a search.

Buying Facebook likes

The reason is simple, Facebook makes it quite hard to get found in the news feed, as you are often pushed out by posts by friends, especially if you are just posting links.

It’s actually a lot better in terms of traffic to buy cheap Twitter followers from a site like Twiends, or I sell them for one cent each, if you’re interested.

Facebook have done a lot of things to try to push businesses into paying for Facebook Ads to promote their pages.

Basically, you don’t have much of a chance of succeeding on Facebook unless you pay for a Facebook Ads campaign, and have a high quality Facebook welcome page that sells your product via Pay Pal buttons or that pre-sells them with a sales video, and gives a link to the payment page.

Buying Facebook Likes

As I said, it can be beneficial to buy likes if you are trying to compete on Google for a search. Many of my Facebook pages are doing very well on Google for low to medium competition searches, and I partly attribute this to the cross-linking within Facebook from the random likes I have.

I also cross-link my pages to each other, by adding them to each other’s favorites, or liking them as the page.

I maintain the pages by posting different things on each one regularly, or at least every few days.

By doing this, making back links to it, and having an exact match username for the title of the page, it is possible to do really well on Google for a Facebook page, and buying Facebook likes does help a lot with the SEO.

Personally, I would suggest that you get in touch with me to talk about your page, your site, and your business, at as buying Facebook likes may or may not be beneficial to you, and I may be able to offer you a different service which works ten times better.

Does buying Facebook likes really work? It works for some things, and not for others. There is no way to get targeted Facebook likes without getting them from a Facebook Ads campaign, and I can set up that as well, and help you get a good cost per click.

Social Media And Marketing

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Social Media Marketing And SEO

Social media marketing is perhaps the most important method of internet marketing next to SEO and pay per click advertising.

Not every business will benefit from running a marketing campaign on social media sites, but most will, as it’s beneficial for many reasons.

First, let’s look at the SEO benefit of having a Facebook page for example. While Facebook is no follow, (along with most of  the other social media sites), that makes no difference to Google, as you can rank a site purely for no follow links, especially from Facebook.

Google likes to see a natural looking link profile leading to your site, and that means no follow, do follow, and links of all kinds from varying link text.

If you show up on the profiles of a hundred different people, or your Facebook page gets a lot of likes, these are exactly the social signals that Google is looking for to tell them that you are a popular, useful site.

The same is true if you show up on many different Twitter profiles. You don’t want to join every social media site, (unless you pay someone to do it for you), as that will take a big commitment in terms of time, to maintain your presence there.

Marketing on Social Media Sites

The most success I have had personally in social media marketing has been on Twitter. I have tens of thousands of followers, which are random people I got from sites like Twiends, and You Like Hits.

Because my niche is social media marketing, I automatically appeal to the demographic of the people who are following, as they are almost always website owners or bloggers trying to promote their site.

One of the social promotion services offered on this site is cheap Twitter followers for one cent each. I also sell Facebook page likes for four cents each.

I would suggest you do both to start with, and spend a good deal of time each day tweeting, and updating your page with things that you think might interest people.

See how many clicks you get, perhaps leading to sales or subscribers, and then focus your efforts on the method that works the best.

Some people swear by Facebook, some like Twitter, and others like StumbleUpon, Digg or Linked In, but it is fairly random trying to work out which site your customers are on.

Some sites are more for fun, and others more for business, but you won’t know which site will give you the highest return on investment or time until you do the work to find out.

In terms of traffic, I would say I have gotten 90% from Twitter, then StumbleUpon, Google, Delicious, Facebook, Digg, and finally Linked In. This doesn’t really mean anything, except I’ve spent the most amount of time focusing on Twitter, as it’s easy to get thousands of Twitter followers quickly.

I can help you out with social media and marketing in many ways, just check out the home page, order a Fiverr gig, buy some one cent Twitter followers, or get in contact with me at to discuss your site, and how best to promote it.

These are the best ways to use social media for marketing.

What is Social Marketing?

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Social Marketing

What is social marketing? If you weren’t reading this on a computer, then it might mean marketing to your friends, or social connections, but online, social marketing means selling a product via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the other sites included in the definition of social marketing might include: StumbleUpon, You Tube, Linked In, MySpace, Digg, and many others, although some of these are also called social bookmarking sites.

The reason why people want to reach customers on social sites is to appear more user friendly, as when people are in a place where they feel comfortable talking to their friends, they may maintain the same feeling of trust when looking at a site shared by a friend, or in an ad that appears next to their news feed.

What exactly is social marketing, and how does it work? This site will teach you all about that.









How Does Social Marketing Work?

It’s relatively simple, you either need lots of friends and followers on sites like Facebook and Twitter, or you need to pay for the right to have access to those people while they are doing their social networking.

Facebook Ads is pretty expensive, and Twitter doesn’t even have an advertising space available next to the feed, so you either need to learn how to get access to thousands of people by making friends with them, or you need to pay for social marketing.

Here at Professional Social Promotion, we offer a range of affordable social promotion solutions. We can get you Facebook page likes, set up scheduled tweeting to our thousands of followers, make a You Tube video and promote it, or provide help with setting up an advertising campaign.

All of these services are available on the home page, but before you order something, you should probably get in contact with me first, to talk about your site, and the best social marketing strategy for it.

If you don’t have the money to pay for social marketing, then you can learn how to do it yourself, by signing up to the newsletter, where you get sent out a comprehensive free internet marketing training course.

This is the question, what the hell is it, and why are so many people going on about social marketing all the time?