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Sites That Help You Add Social Connections

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You have probably already heard me talking about Twiends and You Like Hits, but I just recently found another site that helps you add social connections called Add Socials.

There you can swap Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, You Tube views, and website hits, and it works really well, probably better than You Like Hits for the speed at which you can add social connections.

I mainly use it to get Twitter followers, as that’s what I’ve been concentrating on the most. I take a look at a website for ten seconds, and that can get me as many as seven Twitter followers, cause people can offer an unlimited amount of points for different things, and often it’s 14 or more.

The benefit of a site like this is obvious, you can just click a button all day, and get a huge amount of social connections, without having to worry about the following or like limits on Twitter and Facebook.

I get a bit stuck on Twiends sometimes, as I’ve almost reached the point where I can’t get anymore points, cause I get to the people that are offering zero seeds.

I also use the site to get Facebook page likes, and the same thing applies, you can choose to watch a You Tube video, follow someone on Twitter, like a Facebook page, or view a website to get points, and they can be used for all of those things, just choose the amount you want to offer.

Add Social Connections

I offer a number of services on this site where you can buy cheap Twitter followers and Facebook page likes, among other things. If you would rather not spend all day doing it yourself, just check out the home page if you would like to buy some social connections, or social promotion of your site to my friends and followers.

Add Socials is a great site for making social connections.

While some people may say that these sites work a little like a traffic exchange, and people are only following and liking your page because they want the same in return, that doesn’t mean that these social connections do not result in sales.

It’s the sheer volume of people that you can get through sites like this that makes it work. Once you have 100,000 Twitter followers, it doesn’t matter where you got them from, that’s almost 0.1% of all the people on Twitter.

These sites that help you add social connections do work, and if you want to make it happen faster, or with less work for yourself, just send me a message at to talk about increasing the social presence of your business.

Add Socials can help you to increase your social connections on Twitter and Facebook.

Social Media And Marketing

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Social Media Marketing And SEO

Social media marketing is perhaps the most important method of internet marketing next to SEO and pay per click advertising.

Not every business will benefit from running a marketing campaign on social media sites, but most will, as it’s beneficial for many reasons.

First, let’s look at the SEO benefit of having a Facebook page for example. While Facebook is no follow, (along with most of  the other social media sites), that makes no difference to Google, as you can rank a site purely for no follow links, especially from Facebook.

Google likes to see a natural looking link profile leading to your site, and that means no follow, do follow, and links of all kinds from varying link text.

If you show up on the profiles of a hundred different people, or your Facebook page gets a lot of likes, these are exactly the social signals that Google is looking for to tell them that you are a popular, useful site.

The same is true if you show up on many different Twitter profiles. You don’t want to join every social media site, (unless you pay someone to do it for you), as that will take a big commitment in terms of time, to maintain your presence there.

Marketing on Social Media Sites

The most success I have had personally in social media marketing has been on Twitter. I have tens of thousands of followers, which are random people I got from sites like Twiends, and You Like Hits.

Because my niche is social media marketing, I automatically appeal to the demographic of the people who are following, as they are almost always website owners or bloggers trying to promote their site.

One of the social promotion services offered on this site is cheap Twitter followers for one cent each. I also sell Facebook page likes for four cents each.

I would suggest you do both to start with, and spend a good deal of time each day tweeting, and updating your page with things that you think might interest people.

See how many clicks you get, perhaps leading to sales or subscribers, and then focus your efforts on the method that works the best.

Some people swear by Facebook, some like Twitter, and others like StumbleUpon, Digg or Linked In, but it is fairly random trying to work out which site your customers are on.

Some sites are more for fun, and others more for business, but you won’t know which site will give you the highest return on investment or time until you do the work to find out.

In terms of traffic, I would say I have gotten 90% from Twitter, then StumbleUpon, Google, Delicious, Facebook, Digg, and finally Linked In. This doesn’t really mean anything, except I’ve spent the most amount of time focusing on Twitter, as it’s easy to get thousands of Twitter followers quickly.

I can help you out with social media and marketing in many ways, just check out the home page, order a Fiverr gig, buy some one cent Twitter followers, or get in contact with me at to discuss your site, and how best to promote it.

These are the best ways to use social media for marketing.

Social Media To Promote Business

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Using social media to promote business is one of the most important aspects of internet marketing.

Social promotion requires a different approach depending on what your niche is, and whether your customers are looking for you on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The types of businesses who benefit the most from social media marketing are those who have a widespread appeal.

For example, if your business is offering coupons for half price groceries, or you have the latest gossip on celebrities, you will benefit from having a Facebook page.

It is not all that easy to get targeted likes and followers, (or it can be very expensive to run a Facebook Ads campaign), so the approach that a lot of business people use to promote their site is to just buy random likes and followers in bulk, and hope that they find their customers as a small percentage of that group.

I have personally had the most success on Twitter, as I have tens of thousands of followers which I got from Twiends.

I get my Facebook page likes from a similar site, where you can swap social media connections of all kinds called You Like Hits.

It can take a long time working on those sites to build up a substantial number of likes and followers, so I am offering a service here on Professional Social Promotion where you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook page likes for a very affordable price.

Learn how to use social media sites to promote your business.








How Does Social Media Promotion Work?

It’s pretty simple to understand, you can schedule tweets to appear once every day at a certain time on a site like Twaitter, and you try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

You increase your Twitter followers daily, and so long as you interest people, they will click on your link.

The same applies for Facebook page likes, you increase the amount of people who like your page, and when you post something new on your wall, they will click on it if it interests them.

On both sites, you can also send a direct message to the people that like your page, or are following you, although generally speaking, it’s better to just show up in their news feed.

That way they click because they are interested, which is one step away from buying your product.

It takes tens of thousands of fans and followers before you start to see really good results from this, but it’s not that hard to get those numbers.

I am selling Twitter followers for one cent each, and Facebook page likes for four cents each, (as well as other social promotion services). If you have a hundred dollars, that means you get 10,000 Twitter followers, or 2,500 Facebook page likes, although it does take a little while to build it up to that.

It works really well, depending on whether average people are interested in what you tweet, or a certain percentage of them. To talk to me about using social media to promote your business, send me a message at

Social media promotion for businesses.


Social Media Tools

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These social media tools have helped me a lot to increase my friends, followers, and likes on different sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The number one free social media tool for getting traffic to your site is Twiends. Here, you can increase your Twitter followers by hundreds in one day, especially if you have a new account.

You can buy seeds, but it’s just as easy to follow people for seeds, and these are worth followers of your own.

Once you reach a certain number of people that you are following, you will have to get rid of some of them, and for this, I use the last page of the flush tool on Tweepi, to un-follow those that I’ve been following the longest, that aren’t following back.

You can only follow about ten percent more than are following you, once you reach about the two thousand mark.

I schedule tweets with Twaitter, and this lets me tweet to my followers all through the day. It is a good idea to click on a few of the tweets people send you, or else the whole thing will just fall apart.

These are the best social media tools you can get.






More Social Media Tools

I also like using a relatively new site called You Like Hits to get Facebook page likes, You Tube views, StumbleUpon followers, MySpace friends, etc.

You can follow someone on Twitter to get a website view, or like a Facebook page to get a Digg follower. You get the idea.

Twiends used to work in a similar way to that, and it was so much more effective then, it’s a shame Facebook pulled out.

As far as managing your shares to your friends and followers on different accounts, the best social media tools for that are Splitweet, Hootsuite, and perhaps Ping FM.

I mainly only use Splitweet, cause I have multiple Twitter accounts to manage, and that’s where I get ninety percent of my traffic from social media sites.

I hope you found these social media tools helpful, and if you want to learn more, sign up to the newsletter, or check out the home page.

These are the greatest social media tools you will find.