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How To Improve Your Social Media Skills

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How To Improve Your Social MediaGuest post by Alex Smith

In a world where the information sharing and distribution is becoming everything, businesses need to collaborate with the social media in order to boost their networking.

Today, social media has dramatically changed the way businesses work to promote their products and communicate with their customers. They are focusing on information sharing, utilization of top social media tools and social networking websites that will help them to penetrate deeper.

No doubt, it has challenged the conventional methods of business expansion, communication, brand building and conversions. Today, businesses communicate more and effectively share business-related information and communicate project statuses in order to reduce hurdles and ensure success.

Marketers are also looking to employ the best methodologies and technology for successful customer relations. For better efficiencies, all they need is to take a well-informed decision that can be easily aligned with your business objectives.

You should consider the following points before jumping to the social media arena:

Develop a Solid Social Media Strategy

It is very necessary to develop a strategic social media plan for your campaign. It will help you in evaluating the rate of success and the overall impact of your efforts on the project in future. It is also helpful in defining an exact and sensible social media strategy and aligning it with the core objective of the business.

Selective Information Sharing

It is vital and essential to define boundaries well before in advance because after going viral, it becomes difficult to control the impact of information. If your project is crucial and needs special attention without intervention, then all you need to is to preserve the credibility and effectiveness of the information.

Comprehensive protection and preservation of sensitive and useful information simply preserves the integrity of a business. Indeed, business as well as social media plan should also have proper guidelines for sharing information.

Capable of Adoption

If your business is not ready for social media strategies then you should first focus to make it flexible and business-based. It is good for effective changes and rapid transformation.

Change resistant nature of business may affect the business culture; therefore proper flexibility should be exercised for the adoption of newly emerging techniques. Readiness of business for change is the biggest part of social media strategic plan.

Today, social media marketing strategies are well adaptive, simple, scalable, sensible and broad areas covering. These significantly include content writing, press release distribution, viral marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization and other digital marketing techniques.

All these techniques collectively foster business promotion and advertising methodologies. In fact, social media marketing methodologies ensure high growth rate, business productivity and greater business prominence. Therefore, it is good to highlight these aspects before plunging in the depths of social media.

About Author

Alex Smith is a ghost content writer and contributing in search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media optimization, article marketing services, online reputation management etc, to help clients getting high rank and generate only targeted traffic from genuine sources.

Top Social Media Platforms

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Social Media PlatformsFirst of all what is a social media platform? I guess you know if you were searching for it, it’s simply a site that is the launching pad of your marketing campaign to use another term.

This post will teach you how to use the top ten most important and useful social media sites to promote your business or get traffic to your site.

I will start with the obvious ones, but I won’t devote too much time to going into the fine details of using each site, as I’ve talked about that in other posts, and you could just email me and ask me specific questions if you want to know something in particular, as there is a lot to it, just on each single site.


Obviously this is the biggest site in the world, apart from maybe Google, and this is where most people spend most of their time online, based on the figures.

You have to have a Facebook page if you’ve got a website or offline business of any kind, but the key is probably not to give it the title of your business, but a title that is a keyword phrase that has a good exact match monthly search volume on the Google keyword tool.

If you don’t give it a keyword phrase title, you will only be attracting your existing customers, and not attracting any new customers.

This is the largest mistake I see people making, and it’s really annoying having to tell someone who’s worked on their Facebook page for years that it doesn’t work, and it never really did, because you got the title wrong.

It could be a way to get people to subscribe to your social list, and get updates in their news feed of your latest posts, but in reality, not many people go back to a Facebook page a second time after visiting it the first time, and unless the posts are super awesome, they barely ever even click on a link.

The only way that works is if you have thousands of targeted likes, and that doesn’t happen unless you’re ranking your page on the first page of Google, or finding some other way to drive that much traffic to it.

You could use Facebook Ads, but unless you’re making an immediate sale when they click on the link, and you have a conversion rate and profit margin that covers the one dollar or more per click, then you won’t be able to afford to keep running the campaign for very long, and will likely lose money.

That’s why the keyword phrase is important, and then you do the SEO on it. I can run a simple SEO campaign for you, or a complex one, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

I can show you proof that I can get you to rank given enough time and money, and depending on the competition.

One of the ways that you can get better rankings is to buy Facebook likes, and you can visit the payment page through that link, or you can just send me an email to talk about that or anything else you want to buy, I can do pretty much anything, or I know someone who can.


Twitter is much easier really, you can try to rank for a large phrase with the title of your Twitter profile, although I personally don’t really bother with that, I just try to get tens of thousands of random Twitter followers, and tweet to them a lot.

Twiends is a great site for that, and I can manage that for you, and save you money or time compared to doing it yourself, and buying points through the site.

You see I log in through your account, and click the button for you, for a few dollars an hour, while I’m doing other things, and I also unfollow those not following you back using Tweepi, and buy you really cheap followers from another site to balance out the follower/following ratio, and you can see what I’m doing as I’m doing it, I can provide screenshot proof, it’s cheap, and it works too.

I have tens of thousands of Twitter followers across multiple accounts, and I get hundreds of unique views a day from them when I can be bothered tweeting a lot through the day.

I highly recommend that you get all the followers on Twiends, and on the other social swapping sites as well, and that you get me to manage it for you, because otherwise it costs more, (perhaps even twice as much, depending on how fast you want it done), or otherwise it takes way too long if you want to click the button yourself for 1,000 hours in a row, seriously. Again, send me an email to talk about that.

You Tube

I don’t get many orders for You Tube views, because I don’t offer as many views as other social marketing sites do, because I don’t aim to give you fake views, I aim to try to help you make a successful You Tube channel with successful videos.

Google owns You Tube, and they’re very good at telling when someone is trying to fool them with fake numbers.

It doesn’t help you to get one million views from a robot, they have algorithms which can see what color eyes the robot has.

It’s more important to get a good bounce rate, and to build high quality natural looking back links to your videos, such as from social media shares.

That’s what I recommend as the best way to promote your You Tube videos, doing a social sharing campaign, which does not produce as many views, but the views are targeted.

Plus, the social links help the ranking of the videos for the title of the video, and that will lead to tons of real views if it ranks for a popular search. Do some keyword research if you have messed up the titles of all your videos as well, which most people do.

A video is about a hundred times more likely to end up on the first page of Google without any back links being made to it at all, just because it has the right title, and appears in the video results section, as the top video from You Tube.

Google Plus

Google Plus doesn’t really appeal to me much any more, but I’d say it was one of those sites that you need to be on, simply because Google own Google Plus, and they’re not going to not give you better rankings if you’re active on the site, and getting shares from there.

They can’t really give you massive rankings either, because that would just encourage spam, the very thing they’re trying to get rid of, but it does have a minor positive effect, particularly if it looks real, and natural.

I do sell Google Plus followers if you want to buy them, although I’d suggest that you don’t spend all your money on that.

It might be good to get some just so you don’t have none, if you know what I mean. I get them from the same social swapping sites as everything else, email me with the link to your profile after paying via the Pay Pal button on the payment page.

Now I could go on and list Stumble Upon, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, and so on and so forth, but I think I made the point, I can get you followers on those sites as well if you want them, (or Linked In shares anyway), and well you need help if you’re going to do all of this stuff at all, because you have other things that need doing.

I can help you with SEO services, like the writing of high quality, original 400 word articles, and I’m having a lot of success in ranking my current client’s sites.

Basically, if you found this article, and you needed to ask which sites were the big social media platforms, then you don’t know enough about the subject, and need to hire an expert like me to coach you through the things that it took me five years of working every day online to learn.

I can save you the time of struggling for years searching through articles on Google trying to learn what you need to know in order to make a few dollars online, and get you to the point I’m at much quicker, which is making a decent living from my site.

Send me an email to talk about your site, my address is



Alternative Social Networking Sites

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Alternative Social Networking SitesGuest post by Sarah Hickson

If you think social media and networking starts and finishes with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then it’s about time you took some time out to check up on some of the latest developments.

Because if you don’t, you’re going to get quickly left behind, and in an already highly competitive and still depressed market, that could spell big trouble.

Now that social media is here to stay as a marketing tool, people are looking at how far they can take it, and some of these ideas are pretty cool.

Mostly theyíre designed to establish you as an authority in your industry, improve the quality of your backlinks and ultimately make you more more attractive to the Google spiders next time they come a-calling.


This is a great site thatís still not being used to its full potential, but with more than 1.5 million visitors a month and rising it is definitely one that is on the up.

Ask and answer questions about subjects and things dear to your business heart. Answering the queries of others establishes your authority in the eyes of Google.

You can also incorporate links to other websites including your own, of course on topic-focused boards on your profile.


A smart way of increasing the number of people reading your tweets and blogs. By forming tribes with friends and professionals with similar interests, each tweets each others posts, thus spreading the word to all their followers as well.

So, if you have 100 followers, your blog or tweet goes out to all of those people. If 10 of those followers are in your tribe, and they have 100 followers each as well, thatís another 1000 people who are going to be able to read your message, without you having to put in any extra effort.


This is a community for small business bloggers to share useful and interesting blogs. If fellow members like it, they vote for it. The more votes you get, the more blogs you can share all the time increasing your online visibility.

That means it’s worth sharing only your best bits of writing. Itís another site thatís getting increasingly popular and, as you should already have the content to hand, it shouldnít take up too much of your precious time either!


This is an incredible website for boosting not only the retweets of your articles but also Facebook likes and Google plus ones. The system works on a credit basis, you can share other articles in exchange for credits and then other users share your posts to get credits for themselves.

There have been a number of other websites that have done something similar but they just havenít got things right and there’s usually been a quality issue but Just Retweet seem to have the idea locked down.

You can use this website no matter what niche or industry you work in but due to the current user base your posts will be more successful if they are about business or technology.


You may think that in certain un-sexy industries such as the packaging industry brands (such as Davpack for example) may struggle to build a social following but sites such as Packaging of the World have over 10,000 Facebook fans so it can definitely be done.

New social media sites are appearing all the time, some may work for you and some not. You probably won’t have time to engage regularly with them all, so keep an eye on what traffic they’re generating and react accordingly.

About the author: Sarah Hickson is a blogger for UK packaging suppliers Davpack, and is a regular user of social media sites promoting her local mums network in her native Nottingham.

Social Media Consultant

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My name is Rowan Casey from Australia, and I am a social media consultant, or another word for it is a social media marketing manager.Social Media Consultant

What I do is take a look at the specific needs of the business or website that a client sends me, and give them advice on what they need to do to make a return on investment, or drive real, targeted traffic to their site and turn those people into customers, or return visitors.

My history is in writing, and by that I mean I started out as a blogger a few years ago. I read other people’s articles, learned what they were doing to improve their search rankings and get traffic, and what I learned over those few years led me to build this site.

What I found was that for the average person, social media promotion provides the largest amount of targeted traffic for the money or time that you put into it.

Article marketing is not dead, but you can get more traffic to your articles if you tweet them to 50,000 people than if you just hope they end up on a Google search with 100 exact match searches a month worldwide.

My Qualifications As A Social Media Marketing Consultant

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been working on traffic building and making money online through various methods all day long, every day, for the last few years, and I know about all the changes in the algorithms of Google, and especially, how to drive traffic through social media.

Some internet marketers tell me that I should have been building my email list over the last few years, which I haven’t barely done at all.

That’s one way to go about it, but I view my list of social connections as almost as good, and I have tens of thousands of them, almost 100,000 followers on different sites, which is something I probably couldn’t have done with an email list as quickly, and with such a small amount of money to put in.

I think I had fifty email subscribers when I gave up on that idea, and didn’t make a cent from them, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that as well.

What I am saying is that no matter what you’re doing, you should be on You Tube, with dozens of high quality videos with different keyword phrase titles that are driving traffic back to your site.

You should pick up all of the likes and followers on all the major social swapping sites, just to be sure that all the good people on those sites are following you.

That’s pretty much what I do, (or one of many things I do), get real random likes and followers for people. Visit the home page, or send me a message via the contact page for more details about my services.

You should have a Facebook page, or multiple Facebook pages that are aiming to rank on not just a Facebook search, but also a Google search, and I can help you with making that happen.

You should know how Linked In works, and Stumble Upon, and Yahoo Answers, Google Plus, Google Local, Fiverr, or alternatively, you should know how I work, because I do know all of these things.

Why You Should Hire Me As Your Social Media Manager

I work for somewhere in the region of ten US dollars an hour. That’s not because my services aren’t worth more, it’s just that I’m competing against people in India, as that’s the nature of the internet.

I know how the internet works, and how to get things done cheaply that really work. I know all the best Fiverr gigs, and other micro job sites, and people who can make you content, voiceovers, website design, music, etc.

Basically, my main benefit as a social media consultant is that if you come to my site through a search like buy Facebook page likes, or buy You Tube video views, (assuming that I’m ranking for those phrases on Google), then I won’t just sell them to you, I’ll try to explain how it works.

For example, I would tell people that the main benefit of buying random Facebook page likes from a social swapping site is that it can help you with social proof, and SEO, if the title of your page is a keyword phrase that people will type in on Facebook, or Google, assuming that search doesn’t have huge competition.

I would let you know that to get targeted likes, the only way is through a managed Facebook Ads campaign, which I can do as well if you have the money.

For the You Tube views, I would tell you that you cannot simply buy You Tube views and have it work, except perhaps through Google Adwords.

You have to buy the things which are going to get you engaged views from people who are really interested, (not robots), and that’s why I charge more than other people for things like social sharing of your video.

For these reasons, I am a social media consultant with integrity, who offers quality advice and services which actually work, based on my own experiences in internet marketing, over the past few years.

To find out more, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar. Include a link to your site, and perhaps your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your You Tube channel, and I’ll do my best to suggest the best possible social media marketing strategy.