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Dealing With Account Suspensions On Social Sites

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Account Suspension On Social MediaIn the five years or more that I have been working online, I’ve run into problems with almost all of the popular social media sites, and have had accounts suspended for one reason or another many times.

This is not unusual, and if you are a serious internet marketer trying to get the word out about your product on social media, the odds are you will be suspended by one site or another.

In this post, I will talk about the various sites I’ve been suspended on, what it takes to get suspended, how you can appeal the decision, and whether it’s easy to get your account back.

I understand how annoying it is losing an account, and while you may have lost it for good, there may be a way to appeal to the right people and get your profile back if you follow these tips.

Getting Your Account Back On Facebook

I have to be honest, I’ve had accounts suspended on almost every site except this one. The only time they seriously delete your account is if you’ve been reported as a spammer multiple times, and not just that, they have to check out the offending post and see that it was really offensive or annoying enough to warrant an account suspension.

Facebook understands that a person’s account is their identity, it’s their connection to all their friends, their address book of names and faces who mean something in their lives.

For this reason, they very rarely suspend accounts, and if you’ve done something so bad that you do get your Facebook account suspended, you probably deserve it, see if you can look it up on Google what you can do to appeal.

Appealing Account Suspension On Twitter

This one is really easy to fix, so long as you follow these steps. Twitter has started to crack down on people who follow and then un-follow too many people in a day, and so it’s very easy to get suspended.

What you do is fill out the appeal form with common sense answers, like say that you realise you made a mistake and won’t do it again.

They will then send you an email, to the email address associated with the account. You simply reply to this with the same sort of message, and 99% of the time, they will give you back your account.

Getting Your Account Back On You Tube

It’s only in very rare cases you can get an account back on You Tube, and it’s only for people who have had an account for years in good standing who then made one stupid mistake.

Generally speaking, you can’t rely on this at all, and will lose your account permanently if it’s suspended, 99% of the time.

If you want to avoid this, be very careful to read the rules and regulations, don’t published copied material, don’t publish violent videos or anything which could be seen as pornography, etc.

I managed to get my main account back after it was suspended for no good reason, but I still don’t really know why they suspended it in the first place, as they didn’t tell me.

Appealing A Google Plus Suspension

I had a Google Plus account suspended as well, and again, they didn’t tell me why they suspended me, just that I should look at the terms of service, which didn’t explain anything.

I had to spend a lot of time in Google groups begging for my account to be given back to me, it’s a very annoying thing to have to do, and it’s hard to tell if that even works.

There is a names appeal form for people who have been suspended due to having the same name as a famous person, but apart from that, you pretty much have to just sit back and wait to see if you get your account back or not, and you usually don’t.


There are things you can do a lot of the time when you lose an account to suspension. In other cases, you just have to wear it. The key is to try to stick to the rules and not do anything that’s going to annoy the people running the site.

That’s easier said than done, as I’ve been trying very hard not to bother anyone or to be seen as a spammer on social media, but they always seem to find some detail to pick on you for.

Regardless if you do lose accounts here and there, that’s bound to happen. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spread your social media marketing campaign over multiple sites and using multiple methods.

If you need any help with any of these things I’ve been talking about, I can get you likes, followers, views, shares, make you pages, make you videos, give SEO advice, etc, etc. Get in touch via the contact page, or my email is in the sidebar.

Content Production For A Social Media Account

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Content production for social mediaIf you have a social media account like a Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Plus profile etc, you need to post content regularly on it, or it’s not of much value at all.

There are many reasons why you need to this. For a start, it looks bad if your last post was a year ago, the search engines will not rank the page as highly, and you miss out on all the traffic that you might be getting from your fans and followers clicking on the links.

You can make fresh content while doing SEO for the site, and post quality articles, guest posts and You Tube videos that also point to your site.

Or, you can post photos and videos directly, with a message that encourages engagement, or directs people to contact you.

You can also post content from other people, random relevant pages that might be of interest to your fans.

Whatever you decide to post, you have to continue to do it, because there’s no point having tens of thousands of fans if you don’t say anything to them.

It’s important that you don’t bother your fans needlessly with low quality spam, it has to be of high quality, but it’s also important that you post every page that might result in potential sales of your product.

There is an SEO benefit to sharing your content both from the perspective of the social media account itself, and the page you’re sharing.

Social media sites have no follow links leading out of them, but that does not mean that they are not taken into account when ranking a site.

Reasons Why You Need To Post Content

If nothing else, sharing your guest posts, posts and articles on social media means they get indexed on Google immediately.

If you have tens of thousands of fans or followers, no matter how you got them, (as long as they’re real people), you have the chance to get them to click on your links and look at what you have to offer again and again, for many years or until they un-follow you.

I was recently contacted on Fiverr, (I’m rowanman28 there), and the guy said he wanted someone who could make social media profiles that looked good, get likes and followers for them, and post content.

That’s exactly what I do, except that posting the content itself is a bit of a drain on my time, so that would cost about a dollar per share.

I could do a basic Facebook page set-up for ten to fifty dollars, depending on how much you wanted on it.

I could set up a Twitter profile for the same price, with a quality cover photo, description, tweets, and the initial amount of followers.

I can basically do anything you want me to do really, as I have five years of experience doing all of these internet marketing things, particularly on social media.

If you’re interested, my email is in the sidebar, or you can use the contact page. Send me some information about what you do, what you have done, and include links to your site and social pages, and I’ll give you some free advice.

Social Media Management: To Outsource Or Do In-House

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Guest post by Emma Alice

In-House SEOSocial Media marketing is considered to be one of the best techniques in any internet marketing campaign.

Each and every website, no matter what’s the size or industry wants to publicize and promote it via Social Media marketing campaign.

Social Marketing refers to an extensive marketing which definitely brings positive results.

It not gets finish by just creating a profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In.

At the same time it is important to perform actions or necessary activities on each of your account. And you must keep looking for better applications and ideas to gain more visitors and followers.

Since it brings many visitors, most of the companies prefer to outsource their social media marketing services or hire Social media marketing services professionals in order to save their websites.

Why To Outsource a Social Media Marketing Campaign

We all are aware of the fact that social networking sites can enhance the business of any organization. But promoting on Social media needs a good and a well planned strategy and a high degree of knowledge. So, here the big question arises- whether to outsource or not.

Let’s have a look on the pros and cons of both the options (outsourcing and not outsourcing.


Hiring a company for social media marketing has its own merits. They will have a vast expertise and experience in this field. These companies know about the latest developments, new trends and implements the latest strategies to get positive results.

By outsourcing your social media marketing work to other experienced companies, you can sit back and can handle other business activities. By outsourcing SMM have following you can have the following benefits:

  1. The results of Social Media
    Marketing cannot be achieved in two or three days. It is a time
    consuming process and therefore requires greater time investment.The grater the time investment, the quicker will be the results.
    Naturally you can’t dedicate this much of time, therefore, it is
    better to hire a company and outsource your SMM campaign.
  1. It is not necessary that, if you
    are a business man then you will have strong writing skills. If your
    content is bad and your platform is strong, then it will not bring
    you results. Content is king, therefore it is necessary to focus
    on great content building activities, along with a stong presence on the largest social media platforms.
  1. It has been a short time while
    social media came in the market and it has expanded its wings in the
    online marketing. Most of the professionals have developed
    themselves in this field and is now having a great knowledge.
    Therefore outsourcing this work can save your time and bring
    effective results.
    • Weaknesses or cons

The biggest drawback is that the external professionals are not much familiar with your organization, which might result in poor performance. This weakness can be overcome by providing the in depth information to the external company and by
maintaining a clear flow of communication with social media

Not Outsourcing or in house management

  • Strengths:

If you go for in house services, then it would have many benefits, like you would be having a thorough knowledge of all your products and services, so you can promote it
well and sound like you know what you’re talking about.

This will lead to more friends and visitors. Secondly, you would have unlimited content and resources, and you can share your content in real or actual time with audience.

  • Weaknesses:

There are also some of the weaknesses or cons of in-house management. It is difficult to maintain all the accounts as it takes more time especially if your staff members don’t have experience in handling social media pages.

Lack of knowledge and familiarity with the ever-changing structures or platforms can be a big risk and leads to ineffective results.


Both in house management and outsourcing have weaknesses and strengths. You would be best to look into it in more detail, to decide which of the two solutions will prove to be best and effective for you.

About The Author

Emma is working with SEO Rank Smart an SEO company. She wants to write on current internet marketing topics to spread knowledge for all internet users.

Ways To Promote Your Business On Social Media

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Ways to promote your businessGuest post by Diana Maria

As a business owner, you cannot remain away from the gaze of social media.

The advent of social media has brought about a revolution in the online world and besides being a medium of communication, social media and social networking sites can be effectively used for business promotion.

Get smart and put innovation to work. A range of options exist when it comes to promoting business online.

Use these ways to effectively promote your business on social media sites and you will reap the benefits.

1.) Facebook

Promoting your business online through Facebook is a viable way of generating revenue and spreading your reach.

You can set up a business page on Facebook and highlight special efforts to all those who like the page.

Updating the page at least once a month is a good idea. Additionally, you can post polls in form of questions on the page and ask the readers their comments on the topic.

For example, If the business is related to information technology, you can ask the readers their preference of the laptop models.

Ask your customers to share pictures of products they bought from your website on the facebook page.

This way you will not only instill confidence in the new customers but will make your regular ones feel special and they will connect with you in a better way.

Add a touch of innovation to your efforts and reduce the workload on managing separate Facebook pages.

Allowing subscribers on your personal page is a good idea as this will increase your reach and even your friends and family who have little knowledge of your online business promotion endeavors will connect with you.

2.) Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform that can be used to generate revenue and promote business, the online way. Twitter can be used to tweet unusual facts related to the business, simultaneously you can also leave a link to the product page on the site.

To make your business ideas acceptable and understandable across the customer segment, you can promote small tips on Twitter on the ways to use products or service. Additionally, pictures related to business can be tweeted to those who follow you.

3.) You Tube

You Tube is a video medium of sharing your thoughts and promoting the ideas. You can create a YouTube channel for the business and add videos that help you promote the product range.

You can ask your customers to get competitive. Start a video contest for them and ask them to post videos of your products that they might be using. Share these videos via You Tube with your other customers.

This will help them develop a judicious view of your ideas and let them understand your vision in a better way. Connect with your viewers. Visual contact helps generate compassion and develops a genuine bond between you and your customers.

Post a small video on You Tube wherein you are explaining about the benefits of your product range. Ensure that you update the video every week and post something new. This way you will be able to generate quality feedback and improve upon your endeavors.

4.) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another innovative way of connecting with customers. Have a LinkedIn profile and add the link of the same to your website. Ensure that you update the profile with new links, articles and books that you are reading.

This will create a positive ambiance with the customers and they will appreciate your professional attitude.

Joining LinkedIn groups that your customers might be using is a worthy idea. You can post questions and comments on these group pages and ask your customers to offer their answers and suggestions.

The more you get active, more are the chances of receiving business queries that will eventually stand to benefit your business.

5.) Google Plus

Google plus is a recently launched social media platform that has gained popularity with tech savvy people.

You can create circles in the personal Google plus profile and use the same specifically for your customers and other people who show interest in using your service or product.

Post quality content related to the brand or service on the Google plus profile and ask customers to offer their comments and suggestions.

Every genuine suggestion received should be acknowledged. This creates a sense of trust amongst customers and helps in business growth too.

The multi user chat tool in Google plus should be used creatively to connect with customers. This helps in being updated on various developments and being a step ahead of your competitors.

Social media is a valuable tool and its effective use can help you build up the business. Try the same and see the difference it makes to your business promotion endeavors.

Author Bio:

Diana is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to, a site for the rich, and those who want to be rich.