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Factors Which Could Add Good ROIs To Small Business Social Media Campaigns

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Social Media CampaignsGuest post by Christopher Meloni

The advent of the internet emerged to be a boon for the people due to it’s multiple conveniences. It has also been a wide source for the development and growth of the global marketplace. Also apparently, it has provided a robust platform for the expansion of businesses economically.

Not only they have gone global but at the same time they have also found the opportunities to cover maximum possible online traffic for their campaigns as it is the ROI that matters the most.

So when it comes to ROI then you can believe, there are many sources which act in this regards. Meaning, you have the chances to get more number of relevant customers or leads for your campaign.

One of the sources is social media. Known to be the latest trends of connectivity, social media is not just an application for communication, but it also provides a medium for the entrepreneurs to make businesses. There are many companies which are earning some stunning figures using Social Media

There have been assumptions that social media does not prove that lucrative to the small businesses. However, the performance of the businesses could be easily analyzed. No doubt, it becomes hard sometimes to measure the outputs due to huge amounts of data and hence, the output of determining the consequences of social media upon small businesses gets slight tedious.

Even if this is the case, entrepreneurs need not to worry about this factor, as solutions to such issues are also available. They could now monitor every movement of their businesses by implementing the 3 innovative stages of ROI measurements along with the social media through which the SMBs could improve. This would also bring ideas to the entrepreneurs to make necessary moves as per the measurements.

Take a look through some of the same crucial factors depicting about the methods to strengthen social media plans for your campaign.

Analyze The Whole Thing-

When you are about to begin with your planned social media marketing effort, invest sometime considering every included aspects such as comments, favorites, sharing, likes to name some but a few. Setting a particular threshold for all sorts of measurements you would be able to determine the required improvement. Once this process gets completed, you would certainly come to know the difference.

Further, regardless of the size of the business, you are needed to specify the amount of time which you invest. This in return would act as an integral facet to get a good hold of the market with the help of social program. Stick to the same processes, if they are working out else you could switch to some other techniques.

Additionally, there are two tools which could be helpful for your early attempts for measurement. These include-

Klout: This tool is designed to generate the score after observing the combination of metrics, the population of your audience, the relative things which build up your audiences.

Google Analytics: This free yet dominant tool provides a gateway to allow the users to understand about the traffic of website like their incoming source and the associated topics which diverts them towards your website.

Develop Techniques

Let’s face it. The very first thing which you like to see in your social media website is the number of likes and follows. In addition as these both show higher counts, you start feeling better isn’t it? Indeed, all these things could also be linked with the growth factor of your website, but not as a whole. Hence for a boosted development of your social media campaign you need to focus on tactics area wise and then you could freely measure the relative success for that area. Some of these comprise of-

Sales Leads– According to recent research by Dealslands UK, to achieve sales leads you must provide access for the most popular content terms like webinars, reports, presentations and e-books of your site to the customers.

Customer References– This is used to display about the number of times your content has been shared by your visitors through their own networks. Hence, indirectly you get a promoter for the marketing of your campaign simultaneously turning out to be one of the success factors.

Group Development– This is based on the number of times your visitors interact, comment or share something on your blog.

Other than that the strategy which you are using for data review or the measurement could be altered as per requirement.

Performance Testing:

Your social media website is doing well and you are assured of the applied strategies in this regards. But did you know that this too could be improved in terms of its performance through the implementation of testing options. There are several of them such as comparison of channels, content and regions.

The probabilities of success in Social media campaign is mostly uncertain. However, with the applicable techniques and methods you could indeed expect some profitable developments for your campaign.

About The Author

Christopher Meloni is a Marketing manager at Dealslands UK, one of the fastest growing sites in the online coupon industry. Apart from his profession, he also has a passion for the ecommerce industry and it’s branding and likes to explore new and innovative methods of marketing within his field.

How To Create A Strong Social Media Presence

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Social Media PresenceThis post will show you some different ways to create a strong social media presence on all the major sites, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google Plus, Linked In, Stumble Upon, etc.

You may decide that you only want to focus on one or two of these sites, but you are bound to find at least one of these tips to be invaluable.

Generally speaking, you are likely to have the most luck on the largest sites, so I will concentrate on Facebook first, and talk about it the most.

Creating A Strong Facebook Presence

It’s fairly simple to understand what you need to do on Facebook really, get lots of people to click the like button, and then click on a link on your page, and visit your site.

The most obvious way to attract targeted visitors to your page is by using Facebook Ads. A lot of people find that it costs way too much to pay for ads, but there are some ways to help lower the cost or increase the benefit.

One of the things you should do is make a page with a keyword phrase title, a title that has a large exact match monthly search volume on the Google keyword tool.

Many people choose a title for their page that is the name of their site, company, or their own name as a celebrity.

If people aren’t searching for you, and you’re not famous, this is a waste of time, as you will only get people who already know who you are.

By choosing a keyword phrase title similar to what you would use on the major pages of your website, you can rank for that phrase on Google, given that you get thousands of likes, build quality back links and build good internal links to your page from within Facebook.

Then you will hopefully get customers, likes, and readers from new people who find your page in a Google search, or a Facebook search.

Once you build a good fan base, you need to post quality content on your page every day, perhaps multiple times a day, and try to make it interesting, even if it’s just photos of beautiful scenery, or funny You Tube videos, you want engagement, likes, shares, click-throughs and views.

I can easily get you quick likes from real people for a fraction of the price that it costs on Facebook, and without all the time involved in setting up a campaign, or I can manage a Facebook Ads campaign for you, or show you how to do it right.

Building A Good Twitter Following

I like getting my Twitter followers from a social swapping site. There is a Twitter advertising option similar to Facebook Ads, but I never used it myself, and there’s a good reason for that, I have better options.

I use a very large and popular social swapping site devoted to Twitter, and it easily gets you thousands of followers before you know it.

You can target one country of the world, like only get followers from the US, and there are also a few other options like the drop rate, and you can stop adult or swearing users from following you.

I would recommend that anyone get tens of thousands of Twitter followers from me, so long as they feel that their site has widespread appeal to the general population, and that they plan to take the time to tweet regularly.

I’ve gotten great results from Twitter, every time I tweet I get a half dozen views, almost no matter what I’m writing a message about. This is simply due to the fact that I have tens of thousands of followers on more than one account.

You can follow people who share your interests and hope they follow back, but in order to stay under the limits, you have to do this very carefully, as Twitter have now lowered the amount you can safely follow in a day to about a hundred or less, or that’s the limit for new accounts.

There is software you can get that automatically follows people based on keywords and tweets for you, but I would suggest that you get the followers through the social swapping site.

The best way is to give me about five hundred dollars at a time and I’ll give you the best possible deal by buying the largest points package on the site for you, while only taking a small commission for myself.

Being Active On You Tube

People love videos, it’s the most engaging and entertaining form of media on the web. You Tube is the world’s second largest search engine, and where people spend the most amount of time online on any site apart from Facebook.

The videos also rank on Google very easily, without the need for the creation of tons of back links. The bounce rate is quite important, so you need to make quality videos.

If you don’t know how to make a quality video, you can ask me to make one for you for about fifty dollars. I’m not an expert, but I do know how to make a basic promotional video ad.

You can take a look at my channel Social Media Marketing Tips to see what I’ve done, as I said, I’m an amateur, but I have gotten some pretty good results using very basic techniques like a slideshow of photos with text and a voiceover put on top.

If you want, I can share your video with all of my social connections, and pay for other people to tweet the link on their Twitter accounts, or share it on Facebook.

These targeted views and social signals will give you the right signs that Google and You Tube is looking for, so long as the video is good enough for people to watch all the way through.

If you want that service, just pay ten dollars via the buttons on the home page, and send me the URL of a video or web page you want shared. It will likely get you around fifty views give or take, depending on how much it interests the general population.

Getting Followers On Google Plus

I don’t know all that much about Google Plus, as it’s still a very new site, and still evolving and changing, but it is the fastest growing site in the world, and is bound to be quite important to be active on.

I can get you Google Plus followers, and that helps you look good, and gets you traffic when you do posts in the same way as buying Twitter followers does.

It also improves your ranking in the search engine that people use to find new followers. For example, if people type in the name of a person like David, and you are a David that has tens of thousands of followers, you will come up fairly highly on that search.

I generally follow people who share my interests, hope they follow back, and if they don’t, I share or plus one their posts on my home page news feed, and hope they return the favor.


I could go on about how to use Linked In groups to get traffic, or how to use Yahoo Answers, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Instagram, forums and groups all over the place, but you get the general idea.

I can help you do all of these things, as there is a lot of work that needs doing, and it also needs doing well.

I have five years of experience in social media marketing and internet marketing generally.

I am great with content production, writing, SEO, web design, getting likes and followers, pretty much anything you want.

Use the contact form in the sidebar to send me a message, including the links to your site and your social media pages, and let me know what you do, what you’ve been doing, and what you’d like me to help you with.

I can help you create a strong social media presence that will bring in real customers to your site, and make you a return on investment on what you spend, at least over the long term. Get in touch.

Job Searching On Social Networks

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Discover your Profession at Social Networks

job application

Guest post by Christopher Meloni

Job seekers and career builders please pay attention! If you want to enhance your chances of being recruited by the best companies, you should connect with the network of related social sites.

It would prove to be a vital source of aide to the aspiring candidates, who are looking for an opportunity to amplify their career and job prospects.

Social Media Is Not Just For Being Social

Many people possess the belief that Facebook and Twitter are just a delightful pastime. This belief needs to be changed, as now the social networks are proving to be a gateway for building job opportunities.

There are employers, who use these sites as one crucial mode of hunting for candidates. Many aspiring applicants have sent their applications by hunting down the company pages on the social sites.

One important aspect of job hunting is the amount of contacts that you have built in your LinkedIn or Facebook. Nowadays, an ample amount of job hunters are relying on their social network accounts for getting their desired jobs.

If we refer to the statistics, 60 percent of the individuals use these medium to find services and products, 58% of population looks for coupons and promotions, 48% use it for career networking, and the remaining 28 % explore for their job related aspect.

Maximize your Connections

The road to finding your expected job is to increase your number of contacts. Various websites provides safe and amicable environment to the user and helps him to reach the real and reliable people for broadening his job opportunities. According to a survey, the person with more than 150 contacts can maximize his chances of finding work.

Signify your Presence

You have to build your presence on the professional sites like LinkedIn, which is one crucial opening for finding work opportunities. Ample of professionals are using such sites for developing their contacts and business circles.

Employment groups are formed on these sites, which are either job related or field based. Such groups prove to be a salient benefit to the job aspirants for gathering the crucial information, and for the company recruiters it becomes the background of finding a potential candidate.


You have to decide your career path. Explore the future prospects of your development and decide where you want to be in the next four or five years.

If you are using the websites like LinkedIn make sure that you include your phone number, address and your email signature in your bio-data.

  • Link your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter account to your professional network.
  • Keep updating your profiles that would make the recruiters aware of your presence.
  • Do check your Email and Social network Profiles at regular intervals.
  • Reply to the recruiters as soon as possible when they contact you for further information.
  • Mobilize your emails and Facebook profile by using your smart phone.

About The Author

Christopher is a professional blogger. Here, he provides us with the information of using the social networking sites like Zorpia for job search and career opportunities.

Affordable Social Media Management

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social media managementProfessional Social Promotion is basically me, Rowan Casey from Australia, although I work with a number of other freelancers and service providers who I outsource some jobs to.

I’ve been offering my services for over five years now, and have hundreds or even thousands of satisfied customers.

I can do pretty much anything you want including SEO, web design, social media page design, custom tabs, You Tube videos, ad campaign management, social signals of all kinds, and content production.

That’s a lot of stuff to choose from, but let me tell you what I usually do for my long term clients.

How I Run A Campaign For My Clients

social media managerTo start with, I take a look at your website, your social media pages, and your product and current strategy.

I do keyword research, work out what your best phrases are, and give you some advice on the best way to proceed.

I’ll tell you straight out if I think the idea will work or not, and whether you should go ahead with spending money on ads and SEO, or not.

You see, a lot of people come to my site asking to get some cheap Facebook likes, and that can be a good idea for some people, and for others, it may have no effect at all.

Random likes can have a benefit for social proof, SEO, and perhaps some traffic to the wall posts, but if you haven’t chosen a keyword phrase title, there is no possibility for SEO.

If you aren’t getting traffic from searches or from an ad campaign, nobody will find the page, so the social proof doesn’t mean anything.

I usually have to start from scratch and make a new Facebook page for my clients, giving it a title with over a thousand exact match searches a month on the Google Keyword Planner.

I make a custom tab or two that has either a long description and link to the site, a Pay Pal button, an email signup form, or something that will make money when the customer gets there from an ad click or search engine.

I set up a Facebook Ads campaign, and monitor it to check that it’s producing results, and then I build quality back links to the page to rank it on Google, (and in a Facebook search), for the phrase.

I can do similar things on other sites like You Tube, Google Plus and Twitter, or do SEO for a website, but I’ve found that the approach I use works the best, and I know how to do it, and know it works.

How To Hire Me To Manage Your Social Media Campaign

targeted trafficSend me an email at or use the contact form in the sidebar.

Tell me as much as you can about your site, your products and services, give me links to look at, tell me what you’ve done so far in terms of SEO.

I will take a look at it, and probably advise you to either start from scratch with a different idea with a better chance of working, or to hire me to do one of these Facebook campaigns.

The cost is negotiable, but generally around $300 a month, which includes the cost of ads, the SEO, general advice, page design, etc.

You may need to spend more than that to rank for a keyword phrase with high competition, I don’t guarantee results, but I have some pages I can show you which are ranking on the first page of Google for some popular searches.

Also, if you have anything you want to get done like to buy tweets, shares, Facebook post likes, Instagram followers, You Tube subscribers, or anything you can think of, I can do that as well.

Get in contact now and get some quality advice from a professional social media marketing manager with many years experience.